The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles

The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
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The Millennium Documentary
By Conrad M Cummings Blackfoot Chief 12 April 1999 ARR
I am the only legal US Government sponsored royalty, which is King & Blackfoot Chief of The United States and The Americas. I am relating this letter because I am in true knowledge of all major times and places “past and future” within the aggregate of creation “A to Z”. This includes all the major territorial named estates of creation, the original 2000 AD millennium marker”, the “now” great changing of the abyss, true accounts of all major prophecies and etc. etc. etc.
You might say that the present time is very old within the round of that which continues without end. And for that reason many things now exist within a variable of events as markers, allowing for certain options of change by knowledgeable communication, allying with other times and places, making it possible for better selections within this day and time.
For verifications concerning my title as legal but unofficial “King of the USA”, perhaps if you have legal access to classified historical and US Government documents within the Library of Congress, search for "Royal Program", then read and verify the same information that I was at liberty to verify and receive as a child.
“For the Indigenous” perhaps an A to Z account might be verified by the “Council of Indians” of the monitoring council of the Royal Program from the early beginnings of these. United States. Or you might obtain legal US Government verifications by federal chain of command.
King of the USA
A True Historical and once highly classified and secretive event of the times
I was born legal King of the USA from a government sponsored program initiated within the early beginnings of the United States to establish the U.S.A. as one people and one nation legally upon royal ground. This all became effective and internationally government legal upon the date of my birth, October 6, 1942.
The following is in explanation of the Royal Program concerning that appointment.
In the early beginnings of the United States, a monitoring council was appointed to record the selected legal joining of native and visitor until a first legal royal birth could be established.
The “Royal Program” was initiated in our early beginnings for acceptance in world trade and commerce. Primarily because within the early beginnings of the US, all major powers of the world were those of royalty and we could not afford to become a rogue nation.
Soon after the Royal Program began, it was used as a ploy for acceptance in world trade and commerce. This was accomplished by leaking information of the program’s existence at the right time and place.
After leaking knowledge of the program within certain royal circles, the U.S. Government was soon to be visited by a small group of royalty from a few of the lesser powers of the time.
The first U.S. based meeting with these visiting royal world powers was a bit unusual. The beginning high formal ambient of the meeting soon developed into a casual but informal party with “business of the day” being the lesser of priorities. In other words the meeting developed into an event of gay celebration. Because of the nature of this first meeting, these casual events of celebration soon became popular but secretive within the royal powers of that era.
Word traveled fast because of the event of this first meeting and "with open arms" our new nation quickly gained popularity throughout the world's trade and commerce lanes.
The following is a documented account of the "Royal Program" after US acceptance in world trade and commerce.
After US acceptance within the world's trade and commerce lanes, the Royal Program was forgotten by most and seemingly abandoned.
However the program continued as usual until the late 1800s, at which time the US Federal Government ceased funding of the program because of political differences of the time. However with government consent, the monitoring council of that program (known as The Council of Indians) continued funding and maintenance until the program was completed "October 6, 1942". 
Until shortly before this date of “October 6, 1942, the program had disappeared from view for a number of decades with the exception of those that continued to maintain it. Much later when my birth as legal US government king was to be a sure thing, a final meeting of the monitoring council and the federal government convened to determine the fate of that program.
During the final minutes of the meeting it was stated that although the birth marked the completion of the Royal Program, it could not be given full honors as planned or that it deserved “said the federal government”.
Further relating that earlier plans and promises concerning the Royal Program were not expedient at the time of it's completion in the early 1940s. This caused amending of official parameters of the program. However the establishing of royal ground by the legal birth of a king could not be amended.
These things were directly related by the federal government in a final meeting with the monitoring council shortly before my birth was to be a sure thing.
The Monitoring Council then said if the birth cannot be honored as planned, might we honor the birth child with the title of "Blackfoot Chief" which to us means the same as king. To this the federal government agreed and the meeting was adjourned.
In the early 1950s, original entitlements of my royal birthright were being contested. This caused the monitoring council of the already completed "Royal Program" to call a recount. When this was completed, I was informed that I was still legal King and Blackfoot Chief of the United States and the Americas.
The monitoring council of the "Royal Program" was created from the wealthier families of the first citizenship indigenous (The educated and elite of The Blackfoot Indians). Their original name was not allowed for citizenship purposes because it was more than 36 letters in length, like a story and very difficult to pronounce.
Thus the name "Sparks" was selected by the Blackfoot to honor their first citizenship rights as American Indians.
These Indigenous beginnings of the "Sparks" are on of my father's side. My mother was not an Indian but her first name was Oneida (like the indigenous Oneidas of the six nations of the confederacy).
Also the mix of nationalities within my family tree does not relate enough in percentage for me to be legally classified as an Indian by US government standards. However that was not the purpose of my birth. My birth came about from selected legal marriages of native and visitor until a first royal birth could be established from strict laws of ancient royalty.
Things that come with the territory
I was not raised as an Indian and for a long time I had little knowledge of the indigenous concerning my heritage. I do remember my parents being lured to Canada in the early 1950s where they were offered a large some of money for me by some of the indigenous women of the long houses.
It was a very scary and intimidating situation for my family. My parents "because of fear and common sense" said the transaction could not be made at the time of that meeting. They said they would return with me and complete the exchange within a week.
My parents were given a generous some of money for my return to complete the business at hand. However upon returning to the states they reported the incident to authorities but with little success because the incident did not take place on American soil.
Continuing with
Also as a child in older times "primarily in the south" it was not wise to admit to being an Indian or even part Indian, because of dire redneck differences and superstitions. Also young Indian chiefs in earlier times were fair game for indigenous males as an easy feather in their bonnets. Meaning death would be lurking from both sides.
Things I sometimes attend
From my knowledge of past and future events "being the black king of creation or who is the peacemaker and the two white buffalo" I recently effected restoration of the "ozone hole". I announced the restoration in advance to include the anomaly in space in explanation of the event. I entrusted a few friends on a Canadian web site with this knowledge because I was somewhat bored but concerned with the demise.
It might have related as a strange request, however I asked each member of the group for their permission so that I might affect the repair. It’s just my way of securing some things that I attend. They not only gave their permission but encouraged me to do so. I feel that it is safe at this time. However I had ask them to say nothing of my claim should it come about as I said it would.
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
1. The Peacemaker & The Two White Buffalo (Te & Tei’)
2. Alignment
3. Akasic Records
4. Repair of the Great Smoothness
5. Powers of Prodigy
6. God is a tough act to follow
7. The Great Red Crown King
8. Replenish the Future with the Past
9. The Devil in Snowshoes
10. Take my place said God!
11. The magical age of “5”
12. A few things of interest!
13. Very Distant Relatives
14. The UFO Police
15. Vampire
16. Time and Death
17. Death is but a moment of exchange
18. The 7 Major Territorial Marker Named Estates of Creation
19. Times and Acquaintances (with reiterations)
20. The American US Federal Federation of Allied Worlds
21. The Red Dragon
22. American Time Walkers
23. Destruction of the Temple
24. Present times and places of mankind
25. America
26. The Area 51 Chronicle
27. Maximus Rex
28. The 7th Estate
Additions and Reiterations
29. Summary Notes A
30. Summary Notes B
31. Summary Notes C
32. Summary Notes D
33. Summary Notes E
34. Summary Notes F
35. Summary Notes G
36. Summary Notes H
37. Summary Notes I
38. Summary Notes J
39. Summary Notes K
40. Summary Notes L
41. “Life’s Rose”
42. “The Toll of Man”
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles

1. The Peacemaker & The Two White Buffalo (Te & Tei’)
Yes I am The Peacemaker and concerning The Two White Buffalo, “of course I know them”, otherwise the heritage of The USA Blackfoot Chief would not be genuine. They are as one in the entirety of the heritage of Blackfoot Chief in relation to me, “the Estate” and concerning the term “Peacemaker”.
I first met them at mid-day, early in the summertime, early 1950’s, in the front yard of our old Scottish Flag Mansion, about 5 miles S/E of Brighton, Michigan on old highway 16, where I once lived.
The Two White Buffalo
The following is a brief documentary concerning my enchanted friends T & T.
Their first words to me were "Greetings, we have traversed a great distance to see you"! There was a conversation concerning what they were about, their reasons for finding me and what they wanted. I knew nothing of the heritage of The USA Blackfoot Chief or The Peacemaker & Two White Buffalo at that time.
We work for God “they said”! We take care of the Children of Man! These “The Two White Buffalo” are living human beings "Automatons". They are controllers of The Main Continuance Grid or what is the trine, reversed detheriel of the “L” shaped two appendage portion of the 3 appendage perimeter of the Estate, this being the main or primary 2/3rds portion of the Estate. The 3rd and remaining appendage is referred to as the Quartermaster Area and is primarily for the more qualified in free selection. Meaning the many choices of lifestyles and existences as one might choose for learning purposes and otherwise. However you must qualify yourself to accept any of these “more than many” free offerings of Estate.
1st meeting with “T & T” or “TNT”
T and T pronounced Te & Tei` (a French spelling). Their first appearance to me in the early 1950’s was rather unique and a bit exciting. Appearing at mid-day in a white light with a blue tint that soon faded and normal skin tones appeared.
They appeared as two nude, hairless, physically gender-less blue eyed children, appearing to be 7 or 8 years of age and being what's termed as smooth-around, with no hair, no ears and lightly complected. They were intensely reflective in a much more than god like ambient when they first appeared, however I remained calm, looking and listening and telling myself that I’d think about the brightness of the situation later”.
They suddenly appeared about 10 yards from where I stood, walking across the front lawn toward me. 
They have small perfectly set quarter-crescent, shiny satin black horns, well placed just above where the ears normally should be with matching small shiny satin black hooves just below the ankle. It is not to their liking to communicate verbally, they dislike putting anything into their mouths and they do not need to sleep...
And I have been directly informed that they are "the two most powerful beings ever created and that ever will be. Also in relation to The 7th Estate, T & T were created without end as Estate Controllers of the 2/rd’s portion of the main continuance grid. The Estate was also created without end and the more the Estate is used the better it functions.
T & T truly remind me of the biblical relating of the 2 Cherubim that guarded the fires of mankind as depicted in the Old Testament. They more than remind me “they are one and the same”. Rather than slight me for this information “ask God” or believe what you will in accordance to your lifestyle. 
The Tryne Spyder Estate
The original activation of The Tryne Spyder Estate
Concerning activation instructions for the Estate and the two Estate Automatons “T & T” was indeed a very dangerous situation during concerning activation of the Estate.
The two Estate Automatons “T & T” being catalyst’s for the beginning of times within the "reverse detheriel L" of the main continuance grid of the 2/3s portion of the Estate. They “T & T” are Estate Controllers for the main continuance grid of the Estate. They are the mothers and babysitters of "The Children of Man" within the main 2/3s portion of the Estate. And they were created without end.
The Tryne Spyder Estate is the 7th and last of the major territorial marker named estates within the aggregate of creation. This Estate being referred to biblically as the 7th seal, created without hands, created and projected forward to The Last Time Of The Abyss by a *Casting (*The art of the command of substance).
About me
As a part of my existence I’ve been informed from time to time to “go here or go there”. Beginning like this: “There are some things that you need to know and experience first hand concerning these times”. This is most always followed by “However that will be your decision”.
That’s a little strong yes I know, however as I look and listen, this is what I understand concerning some portions of the now.
My immediate family and I became Christians early in the 1950s. For those who might take exception to these chronicles as “strong meat or medicine. May I now set the stage for the next paragraph!
So I’ll relate that such things as “The coming of an Anti-Christ” could come forth as a total reality for some that continually develop an itch to experience such an event. Well, because I’ve heard many say so)! Anyway, know what you want and what you wish for! Always have your fingers in the right light socket and make sure your electric bill is paid in advance. Or possibly you might experience what it’s really like to play Russian roulette with a full clip (Was that too descriptive)?
But and however my direct presence as “The Anti-Christ” for such events will not be possible “Yada, Yada”! Different folks for different strokes “I suppose”! Anyway it would take a space of time to explain the matter and the mystery of it. So possibly some will have a little faith and won’t be so prone to catching the disease most common to many Christians especially in leadership positions. This is known as *becoming religious *(Using the faith to justify personal ambitions as the word of GOD). Yea! So let’s pick on the Christians!
The 7.4 Southern California Earthquake
The USA Blackfoot Chief
The following is a first time experience concerning public humiliation of my heritage as Blackfoot Chief, King of the USA and etc.
Speaking once again of strong meat and medicine or what is Christian terminology for that which takes a lot of understanding. For example, times, places and dimensional connectivity “for lack of a better choice of words” relating to when I effected the Southern California 7.4 earthquake, calling it "to include" time and measurement, about 8 hours in advance with many witnesses.
I am not alone in ability to effect and achieve such things. I am saying so because I’m well versed on such subjects, reasons and consequences. Just to mention, it does involve a corporate endeavor in some form or fashion to ultimately achieve such things. Meaning that I am sometimes connected concerning changes and events by other times and places.
And just how might I explain in expedience to those that have never known or experienced actual control of the animate or the inanimate, as the physical isle of view. As in all you can see, touch, every movement and moment, the largest to the smallest of all things. And what is it like to be another person, an animal, driving an old double headed dragon back into the wilderness, travel in a federation flying saucer or become another form of life in free selection.
I have attended such things and more, remembering that complete memories of other times and places are seldom possible unless you are somewhat strong and experienced in this multi expertise. Concerning these things. for the individual, I have discovered that most would prefer to continue as they were and not delve with these changes 'because of the extream mental and physical stress that can cause problems. 
Relating that I have experienced many times and places and I do know and understand them all to my satisfaction in relation to the now.
Relating to the “why” of the 7.4 earthquake in Southern California, it is one of my “first time experiences” with such things directly concerning the general public. This effecting took place from the small western town of Yucca Valley, where I once lived in the Hi-Desert area of Southern California. This relates to a past time when being humiliated and challenged in public as a liar and a fake concerning my unusual birthright. That of The Blackfoot Chief (Chief of the Indigenous), King of the USA. Yes that status is to most a lot of 'ha-ha' and BS. I have fed gov verifications. Varified by 'Chain of Command' (All is rather Classified and they might threaten you with federal jail time just for asking) or Varifications through the Library of Congress. Possibly begin your classified search with 'royal program'.
For those who need to know concerning my US Government and Indigenous sponsored legal heritage, the public challenge explained in the above paragraph was a definite humiliation at the time and of course it angered me somewhat.
I was a bit naive in dealing directly with the public at that time in relation to the impromptu humiliation of me and the heritage that I represent. Anyway, while proclaiming my ability to the wielding of the powers that be and indeed setting the stage so they would not forget. Well “before I knew it” I had created the event of the 7.4 earthquake, advertising it 10 hrs in advance and to the exact letter of it, directly in the faces of those that were calling me out as they said that what I represented was a lie and did not exist!
So I informed them that because of their disrespect, there would be a 7.4 within a few hours that would rock and roll’em. “I even ask their consent to effect it”! They laughed but immediately gave their consent. And just as quickly I related that the earthquake would come before sun up, measuring 7.4. I said that it would “rock and roll ‘em”! It all came about just as I said...
It has been said that it’s impossible to call an earthquake in advance. And however, just what is impossible, especially when many affiliations exist in other times and places that are also linked to the “now” as we know it. These having unique but simple technologies that can support and effect things within the “now” at any given place and time. As I have discovered that this kind of thing has been going on for a long time and little can be done about it. From people that know somewhat about time and place 'like dualities, dualities of similar etc. Concerning myself, I had been given previous permission to 'effect changes' just by saying so. I had been spending much of my 'normal time' with other places and times during that period.    
There was some controversy later within the media concerning the true measurement of that particular earthquake. For example the measurement went from 7.4 to 7.3 to 7.2 then 7.1. Some even claiming it to be a T-shirts and souvenirs were sold to indulge the tourist population that arrived soon after the demise. However the original measurement was exactly as I had said, being the announcement first through the media as a 7.4. I chose that measurement for the effecting because I could, and because I knew the area would sustain it.
There are those within my immortal family that are in positions concerning judgments and qualifications of those in normal parameters of life and death.  
It was basically the wrong time to pick on the old chief, “Me!”, afterwards I was somewhat embarrassed with mixed feelings concerning my public retaliation. However necessary I thought it was a the time. Although, soon afterwards I felt that I should have kept silent and took the humiliation with a grain or two of salt.
Also because of the heritage, time and area, my name and otherwise was kept from the media and I am thankful for that! I am not interested in searching for the lime light as an antichrist or any other of the special or other great hights that time and circumstance might to offer.
Cosmic Information
There are many dire and seemingly unexplained events of this world and time that are most often effected by good and michefus people from other times and places. This kind of conduct has been counted concerning this era as “The Grace of the Ages” for those that can. Mostly because of the unique placements of times and places within the selected “now”. And there are no laws that can be truly be enforced concerning “those that can”. Relating that The Royal Federal Federation could intervene but it hasn't happened and to my knowledge of the times suggest that it will not.
Continuing with
As a contribution to the expedience of the now time of the millennium, I write chronicles or short story accounts, concerning what I believe should be “common knowledge information for public viewing. This “in time” will eventually bring the more congenial and respected of the times and places, into even more available circles of expedience. This concerns mostly the trine aspects of existences that are most always blind to one another, allowing and presetting continually in expedience for that which is now and that which is to come.
I live in the company of a few friends, relating things now and then concerning what is and what might be possible concerning the greater embracing of common sense.
Concerning the public “my sometimes unusual accounts” once they have been exposed in an applicable percentage to the public over a period of time, particularly this portion of the 21st century, they will enhance in further expedience to those things that we desire most. This I know to be fact within these times because I know the future. I began relating my stories shortly after being encouraged to do so from other times and places. Soon afterwards I made it my mission and this I’ve already accomplished over the past 7 years.
Further meaning that as things are counted and things are indeed counted at times. Well, because I know the basics of the futures of that which “IS”. I am able to identify those things that are counted from “knowledge pre-existing” that is often triggered or identified by turning points as time continues.
“A collector’s greatest treasure is that of real knowledge”
Being a true “Collector (of Knowledge)” in Longevity and Expedience is the ultimate of positions of longevity in retirements within the many aspects of mankind and the forever. Becoming stronger within any lifestyle selection as each and every round of existence is enabled, creating more to our satisfaction within the forever and always of that which we are and that which we desire always. with all that said, 'Upward and Onward' Yall.
May None Parish
 American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
2. Alignment
Concerning the paranormal and what makes the sometimes relating of it so very, very difficult is the thing of actual separations of normal time. Meaning they are close enough to be real in one instance and not in another. So we seek to relate things on a common ground of understanding. As in what might be receivable concerning the many diversities of information to expedience.
Just as many folks do in natural situations of what might be deemed as expedient. Like knowing what store is best for the purchasing of food? And what places are the best for purchasing clothing? .Further relating, just how many real worlds, times and places is it possible to make exchanges within expedient parameters? In other words it’s sometimes possible to support more than one time and reality in accordance to whatever affiliations a group or individual might have.
Anyway the most dangerous of situations concerning affiliations in other places are the ones in multiple settings of trine differences that generally know nothing of one another. And onward into the knowledge of those things that can be contained or sustained in variable cycles for any magical event or events of purpose that is within the parameters of available technologies “of course”! Also as I partially mentioned “to include those things that must be accomplished in places and times separate and unknowing to one another”!
These things that I’ve mentioned relate mostly to places created in trine differences within the 7th Estate. Continuing with: Trine arrangements can be in full knowledge and later we know nothing of their beginnings because of time and the elected changes they have created concerning us. As eventually they are separated in trine and are no longer accessible, preserving all knowledge of accessibility for that which we might be about. However, literal trine situations of knowing are more than less accessible to most because of the “forever” natural lack of longevity in the understanding of them. The 7th Estate for example is shaped like a 3 diminsional '3 legged starfish covered with small 3 diminsional perimids, like in rainbow colors...(much more to know about this)    
The variations of this within the gravity, longevity and strength of purpose concerning those things we have created, forced, cheated and finally made possible as natural exchanges. These things we have fashioned being now by nature and ability being even better in sustaining that which we desire. As “all things are possible” we discover also those things of knowledge within those elected and selected as we “grab hold tightly” and “let go lightly”...again saying that anything can be created simple by word of mounth...when accompained by the force witch might or could be brought forth in the moment (for lack of a beter choice of words)...because I have done this...
The newly formed times from the latter and newly discovered diversities of that which we have began, cannot parish because we contain all things separately in trine aspects. For example as a diamond or precious stone might be cut in trine angles so that one face cannot see the other. Now we can change and/or overwrite times, places and spaces in different ways “furthering in expedience” even more for that which we desire. So time that time and times might continue in easy acceptance of that which has been prepared hopefully in abundance and to our expedience.
Please believe and understand that the above information already exists. It exists within the basic parameters of our present continuance, in trine planes of separately maintained existences that sustain our standards in the knowledge of all things. This is accomplished through corporate groups and individuals in multiple statuses of selected differentials of time and space.
Remembering that some things related within one segment of time may be of a different consequence in another. As in “when” correct diversities of subject information are released to the public, many things to expedience become more steadfast when related correctly. As in the sowing of seeds of truth even if they cannot be accepted until at a later date. This expertise of knowing is a natural consequence of my relation to the “more than many” experiences of times, places and spaces.
Some of the strange prices I’ve paid for things in search of knowledge “within the unknown” are in truth horrendous and some involving eternities in strange places. Concerning the entirety of the relating please remember the many “different strokes for the many different folks”, but most of all “many blessings to you”!
“Further relating”…that the natural flow of things cannot always be allowed to run naturally. Because sometimes the flow has a way of naturally going bad and if this happens someone must be present in knowledge to change or reinstate...or those remaining must suffer the consequence.
There are places of course where religious ceremonies and pagan practices must be performed to accomplish things. However, literal power of the word is the best and most expedient form of command “as a forever rule of thumb”.
Thusly we have what is called “The Tac of Man” or what is: “Talent, Diversity and Entertainment”…and without a continual balancing of these three things in accord with one another “friction” soon corrupts and destroys…From which comes a very ancient saying: “He who controls The Tac of Mankind controls war”...!
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
3. Akasic Records
“Akasic Records”? I call it “The Library”, a very real place of cool, temperate, dark, peaceful and seemingly endless expanse of “quiet” containing the entirety of knowledge, histories and events of all things.
I have spent much time within “The Library’ or that’s what I’ve always called it. I’ve learned much about myself and many things of truth concerning present day controversies and more. There are also the many 'why’s of many things in many creations that sometimes exist in parables and otherwise. However many things of the seemingly paranormal and diverse knowledge that I relate to 'are from hard experiences that sometimes have involved eternities. As I'm not accusstomed to writing but more to mental discernment.
Concerning the Akasic Records or what I call The Library, there have been cases where some have remained within the physic library for to long...and that’s not good…and for some this most always involves a space of time in recovering from dire longevities of exposure in such places.
As an example: During one of my attendances at the Library, I created the following rhyme during short periodical visits, waiting quietly, searching out one or two words at a time until I was able to put together what I had already created in a before time. “Relating that” it’s often quite easy for me to enter into future knowledge when I am there.
As I mentioned, my first creation of poetry was accomplished while helping myself to the Library. This poetry is in concern of the immortal spirit of Man. I’ve always thought it as a work of Art, which I have named:
"Life’s Rose"
We come from the menagerie of masters
As the moments of man
“Not seeking”
But forever establishing the definition of creation 
Copyright, April 12, 1999 ARR
Because of my extensive and progressive knowledge of the future I am often able to effect changes on a cosmic scale or larger. For example: “The repair of our once ever expanding ozone hole”. Yes I take responsibility for effecting that repair.
I announced the repair 2 months in advance on a Canadian interactive web site called “Hotel Mcgillis” which during that time had just become affiliated with the UK web site named “blather”. However the repair was completed 2 weeks in advance. I was informed that 2 weeks was the completion date but I didn’t trust in the complete accuracy of the information. Wanting to be more correct “I ascertained that the completion would be “not within 2 weeks…but within 2 months. 
I’ve also discovered that much truth exist within the many entertainments of the media present day. Also many of these things classified as fiction and/or fact fiction “present day” actually exist as preps from pre-existing times as markers for future selection. It is such a subtle way to inform the public as I learned from my first visit to the future while repairing the great security perimeter usally called 'the plastic' (The Great smoothness). You must also understand that many times and places continually fish for new blood to honor in their continuing expedience.
For your possible interest I can tell you how the event of “round worlds and universes“ as we know them” were first created in 6 months and on the 7th month “Barkers” went about creation to advertise enlistments for what was then called: “The Round World Newity of Reform”.
For this event, there was one basic qualification for entry and that was: “Only the form of mankind would be allowed for the crossing”.
Please remember the positives of the “why’s and how’s” concerning religion and what I’ve related in the above in relation to “a time and place for all things”! I’m not picking on religion “I was raised in a Christian family”. It’s simply a matter of some things becoming less mysterious as time continues.
Things of interest
I am also the 9th and last member of the only successful creation watcher society. That’s not a joke even though I was acquainted with “Adrian Paul” much before “The Highlander” came to.
The Highlander Series tells of a creation watcher’s society. However the real one was a bit more secretive and they never had an actual name until much later.The actual name of this one and only successful watcher society of creation came to be “The Voyeurs of Darkness". However they were more formally known by most as “the brothers”. They departed in the early 1990s from the times and places of mankind leaving one member (Me!) behind to continue the knowledge of things learned and experienced by them. Their existence can be traced in part down through the ages concerning the many historical events of mankind.
I was ask to join and I accepted, receiving by an actual mental linking, a very complete round of knowledge concerning the times and places
 of mankind according their observations.
I was joined in the mid 1980’s, being literally with them for 10 days. They said it had been over 1650 years since the joining of a new member. Of course I was greatly honored and amazed for that nomination and acceptance. The information they passed on to me made it possible to understand more completely that which I knew in part from my own experiences of other times and places.
My life has been a roadmap of paranormal events since my birth in “1942” with Libra sun, Libra rising, 5 planets in Libra and Moon in a zodiac related birth reference (Sometimes called a fire Leo or The Real Leo of American prophecy). Anyway, for all practical purposes I truly welcomed the joining.
In further explanation, the knowledge they presented offered much closure to my own knowledge and experience.
However, they departed from the times and places of mankind in the early 1990s to do their own thing. They said: "We have learned more than we need for that which we desire most".
The basic beginnings of “The Voyeurs of Darkness” came about when Man was first given their freedom as self appointed leaders and estate continuance owners.
And because of this, it was also the beginning of prejudices. Mankind in his newness of authority and position soon began to have friction with even those that created him and granted him freedom. Because these were a mixture of color, wings, tails, hooves and etc.
The Voyeurs of Darkness because of these things and the sacrificing of their accustomed life styles as the “price of entry” they refused to join the creation estates. This was counted as treason by the estate continuance leaders. Therefore they and all those like them became wanted men and hunted forever until their deaths.
So they created and maintained “throughout the ages” the only successful watcher’s society within the aggregate of all creation.
Some say they began with 2, some say 3 members, 2 men and a woman. However, they increased their membership to 8, and then to 9 as I became the last member. There are not 12 members as some have thought, relating mostly to the twelve disciples, but however there are 8 men and one woman. And of these I am the 9th and last member.
To make a very long story short concerning related questions of the entirety of the “now” 9 members relates solely to the availability and accessibility of the many times and places within the aggregate of creation “too and fro. 
I was joined as the 9th member, receiving the knowledge of the things they had learned from great longevities of service as watchers of creation. They related that the “passing on” of their hard earned knowledge was a matter of respect to mankind as their brothers also of creation. They departed to the old world wilderness area in the early 1990s never to return to the normal time lines of Man.
More things of interest
As a “must to read”...meaning, "The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter" a great oracle writer of the time.
I first met Mr. Baxter in the farthest reaches of accessible time as I was repairing portions of the continuance’s “stealth security shield”. I was an eternal child of six during that time because “one” does not age on the top side of the security shield.
While taking a short break during the last leg of repairs on the security shield, I chanced to visit with a clan of people that had broken off from the main body of creation. I had accepted an invitation to remain with them for a few days.
This was in the late 1940s while Mr. Baxter was yet to be born in this time. As a matter of fact it was just as the documents for the “now” existing English novel "The Time Ships" were being prepared by a group of very talented writers and psychics of that time. And of course the novel was later to be published in this time by Mr. Baxter himself.
In this time it’s related that the story was created from notes found in a cave dating back to the late 19th century, first being classified as fact fiction. The “now” completion of that book by Mr. Baxter, has been classified as “science fiction”.
During that time I was involved in the repair of what is sometimes called "The Plastic". This is what separates time and place, life and death as we continue.
I was a child of six during that time and remained so for a few eternities, repairing what is formally known as "The Great Smoothness” in older times. This being the great security continuance sheath which lies stealth from the underside side “26 to 28 ft” everywhere above normal ground level. From the ground looking upward at the plastic, it is stealth reflecting as a one way mirror, creating our sky and universe.
Anyway, I stopped in this future time just before completing the last leg of the repair. I had departed in the late 1940’s, returning after a few eternities when the repairs were completed. It was easy to return upon the same day as when I departed because of the physical laws upon the sheath. It was not necessary to sleep during the repair unless you wanted to return to your place of origin. 
Concerning this future time and place that I visited during the last quarter of the repair, the children of that time referred to me as “Nebogipfel”. They said the name represented a fierce hairy ape like god. I am the same person; however I was not a Morlock or Ape like creature as related in the original manuscript that was later to become “The Time Ships by English Author, Stephen Baxter” of this time.
The people of that time related to me during my visit that the name “Nebogipfel”, was a name given to me by the children of that time. They related this name to the shadowy figure appearing above them “from time to time” while I was making repairs on the security sheath. Upon request I had stopped to visit with them “impromptu for 3 days”.
The last time the children had seen me, I was repairing a tare in the stealth plastic shield “26 ft to 28 ft.” above the normal ground level. On this occasion they ran to the nearest town bringing the local adults to where I was working, telling them they had found their god “Nebogipfel”.
I talked with the adults briefly before I made my decision to visit with them. I remained with them for 3 days, we had some very informative conversations and I returned to finish the remainder of the repair. A more complete account of this story can be found in the following chronicle titled “Repair of the Great Smoothness”.
"The Time Ships by English Author Stephen Baxter” is a story that was “in part” inspired by my visit to this future time. The book had not been given a name during that time. I was informed that a book about the plastic security shield was being constructed by their writers and psychics. They mentioned that they would make it possible for me to receive a published account of that book when I was 56 years of age. They said I would recognize the book by the name “Nebogipfel” that would appear in the book.
They said I would read the book, remembering my time with them and know that they are a people of good intent. This did come about when I was “56”, just as they had related.
There are places in time where Mr. Baxter is aware of my above visit. However it has been my experience "as a rule of thumb" that few have constant memories in link with their times and the traversing of other times and places. To maintain a constant memory of such things requires a longevity in expertise of times and creation estates as a free agent, not sacrificing memories as one continues from place to place.
The USA Blackfoot Chief~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
4. Repair of the Great Smoothness
SHERLOCK HOLMES wrote, "It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. Insensibly, one begins to twist the facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. It biases the judgment."
My Story Experiences are all true accounts and I am very much aware of what is and also of the things that I relate.
Within the aggregate of all things there is a remaining space where numbers run out and cease to exist, which is 1/6 of 1 percent of the aggregate. Within this highly unstable portion we find answers for that which has gone amiss.
This is why the perfection of things change and why we are sometimes able to change what is available to us in a given space and time. An example of this might relate like this, "You have two pieces of rope and you tie them together to make one long enough for an intended purpose". You accomplish this by tying them together with a knot. Therefore you have repaired it for the intended purpose. The knot is therefore the variable and also a good gamble for the ropes continuance in its new length. However it may not look pleasing and perhaps it might cause a problem if you tried to slide something by it. 
Within this 1/6 of 1 percent of the aggregate where numbers cease to exist, nothing remains continuous forever, like our clothes, our colors, our languages, also what and who we are as mankind. As relating to the spirit of mankind and forever as “in god we trust”, we have, we will and we we focus corporately in the creation of many things.
Thus making available that which we cherish even more so in eternal replenishment. The bottom line being we must relate more completely to change and replenish anew or we must continually persevere with things that are not to our liking. 
Repairing The Great Smoothness
Because there were holes in the floor of heaven
Sometimes referred to as "The Plastic” or in older times it was formally known as "The Great Smoothness". This is our plastic security sheath, covering and separating times and places of mankind. It makes possible life, death, the sky, and the universe. This plastic security sheath begins stealth 20 to 26 ft. above normal ground level and is untouchable upward from the underside. It is only accessible from the top side, unless a hole or tare has been created from the top side itself.  
The accidental discovery of the sheath by my mother in the late 1940's led to making necessary a decision to effect repair of the entirety of the sheath. It was obvious that the damage had been done by possible looters.
Further relating that it is possible to view and all times and places from the top side of the security sheath. Therefore the reasons for the elected repair should be self explanatory as it would make it completely stealth and inaccessible from the underside.   
The repair was more than just a lengthy endeavor but involved actually the direct understanding of eternity itself. It was a security repair that was very much needed and long overdue. We know that the repair has made it impossible concerning any direct accessibility by groups or individuals from the underside of our security sheath.
It was such a feeling of accomplishment when the repair was complete, making it impossible for anyone to access the plastic from the underside again.
I did sleep much better afterwards knowing that our privacy was a bit more secure.
I could just as easily say its all "fiction" and leave it at that. However none of this relating is "fiction". And I have no direct way of officially relating the many things that I write as the “gospel truth”, however this story in particular I did learn in it’s entirety with much “hands on experience”.
Being more honest than modest “I am the single most knowledgeable man of the aggregate of creation within a true and definable round. I am also known as the “Black King” meaning knowledge, which is in direct relation to the above. 
There are many things in controversial claims of knowledge concerning the unknown. Further meaning that if we were in more true knowledge of these things, possibly science, technology and mankind in general might have more longevity in expedient directions of discovery than we have previously known. Only time will tell concerning that which I relate as steadfast truths, however it would be to a much greater expedience if that which I relate were received “now” rather than later.
The references for my writing are from a most complete and rounded format of the entirety or aggregate of creation, geologically and otherwise A to Z...or what is past present and future.
“Concerning the usual country, state and world governments”: Governments are rarely informed or trusted in actual creation matters, this being a long standing "rule of thumb" down through the ages.
Continuing with
The following documentation is more in explanation concerning the "Plastic" or stealth-like sheath that lies 26 to 28 ft above normal ground level. This concerns events of personal experiences that I have chosen to relate.
There were only two of us working to repair the damage on the continuance sheath where others in the past “discovering it's presence” had hastily and carelessly created tares in various places for whatever reasons. This hasty plundering or possibly “blunderings” seemed to have been created at some length prior to the time we discovered them. Being in concern about the reasons for those “rips and tares” not being honorable we decided to repair the plastic.
Reiterating...we were even more concerned that these already created "rips and tares" might be used as entrances and exists to this time and others. All this we know was possible from our prior experiments with Time on/and/under the Plastic before we began the great repair.
And it was easy to ascertain that any past security concerning the sheath had seemingly never entered into the plan of its original creation and purpose other than the natural effect of its placement. If there were any actual plan of security concerning it, it must have been long ago and long forgotten.
We elected to repair the damage done to the sheath no matter how long the repair might take because we knew how to live and work on the plastic without time being of dire consequence. We could enter the sheath in any particular place in time and remain for any duration upon the sheath and return to the place of entry. We learned about the sheath and how to repair it literally from trial and error. We learned how to make repairs "by hand" without leaving a seam or an incriminating mark that could be detected from either side of the continuance sheath.
Once the repair was completed from the top side of the sheath, it would make re-discovery impossible from the underside. We also conducted experiments moving objects from one time to another. From this we discovered that it sometimes caused drastic changes related to increasing violence and discord among the "now" of the times from which the objects came.
These "simple" but effective experiments were easy to confirm because of the changing events related through media or radio broadcasts concerning everyday current events of that time (late 1940’s).
It wasn't what I would call "fun" and it was a bit trying at times regardless of the "forever' aspect that being upon the sheath afforded. The project from beginning to end became a great dedication of concern and responsibility for what we had undertaken.
After our seemingly time-less research "learning about the sheath" we set about repairing by quarters until it was completed. During the first quarter of the repair we worked together for companionship, learning and helping one another from time to time.
As we became more experienced we decided to separate, each being responsible enough for the solo completion of a quarter. This left one remaining quarter to be completed.
I was "6" yrs of age..."there was no physical aging on the plastic and my adult partner during this unusual event was my unusual Mother. Mom and I conversed briefly before the last quarter of the sheath was to be completed. She related to me that she was tiring of the crusade and needed to get back to her everyday desires concerning life at the old farmhouse. She related that she would seal up the last remaining dimensional tare that extended through the 2nd floor hallway ceiling of the farm house before she returned home for the last time. This was where we first gained access to the plastic.
My adult partner "Mom" and I had worked together for a very long time on the Plastic and we were both very much adults concerning one another and what we were about. For purposes of returning home (beneath the sheath) no matter how long we were gone, we were always able to return back on the same date and time from which we had departed. It had been my wish to stay and complete the repair of last quarter.
She related that I didn't have to complete the remaining quarter because after a brief inspection of it, it appeared to contain no breaching and there were no visible signs of life beneath it. Anyway, as far as any temporary inspection of it might have revealed. “However” she stated: "I know its important to you that the repair be completed as planned". Meaning we had first decided to inspect and cover everything. As we adjourned "this" our last meeting, I went my way to complete what we had firs deemed necessary for that completion.
We never knowingly allowed detection, engaged or gave acknowledgment to anyone during our repairs. However, we would occasionally come down in different places when no-one was present to acquire simple tools and things we needed for those continued repairs...
Friends of the future past
"Unknown to me" some children at the far end of the last quarter that I was repairing did see me during portions of those repairs. This had occurred on occasion "from Time to Time" in this particular place at the far end of time. It resulted in rumors of a great hairy ape like god creature the children called Nebogipfel that appeared in the skies over that area from time to time.
They were actually seeing my shadow 26 to 28 ft above normal ground level as I was closing a few breaches in the plastic. This created a number of years for them to develop their unusual story.
Please understand that time on the sheath "from place to place" is not as much of concern as the more lengthy difference that presents itself in contrast beneath the sheath.
As related to me by the adults of that time, their children had many stories concerning a strange figure they had seen from time to time from the fields in the skies of that time. This figure that they had named "Nebogipfel" was a kind of God to them…and this figure of course being yours truly".
The Story Begins
They were much like our children of the late 20th century as they were playing in the fields of their time. I didn't see them at first because I was busy with the repair and the proximity of the tares in that area made my presents more available.
I still have no memory of seeing anyone "ever" in the fields below during that time. And because some of the adults had been complaining because of their seemingly made up stories, they ran to the nearby town “on this occasion” to inform the adults so they could confirm it. Saying they had seen their secret mystery god "Nebogipfel" in the skies over the fields once again.
The adults came immediately and haled me, asking me to come down. However I was cautioned never to acknowledge strangers during the repairs and I could have easily covered the tare quickly "as usual" and vanished from their site. But I was impressed by the love and concern they were showing. Because of this I untied the long rope from about my waist of an old field jacket that I had appropriated while searching for tools during other portions of the repair.
I lashed one end of the rope to a torn edge of the breached plastic and ascended to the tall grassy field where "to my surprise" they caught me gently in their arms as I climbed down the rope. I was only "6" and small for my age. I had been a child of six for a very long time and I was hoping it was not going to end because of my decision to stop for a visitation.
I stayed with them for three days, sleeping most of the time. They had a security guard with me constantly. They gave me a complete physical exam saying that according to their "Atomic Saliva Test", I hadn't eaten or had anything in my mouth, not even my fingers, for at least 6 months.
They said that when they first created their "Atomic Silvia Test" (they called it) they had no practical reason for having to go beyond 6 months and therefore it wasn't accurate beyond that length of time.
They related that I was in excellent health. Although they were more advanced than my now time,  they were still "in the dark" as to how it was possible for someone to work and exist in a "forever mode" without sleep, food or water and without attending to normal body functions. Later on they may have discovered the reasons. I was going to explain it to them, however as I began thinking it over "I didn't really know where to begin".
However with the confirming results of the atomic saliva test and some psychic investigation into the matter, they began to research and document the occasion because it was in positive link to them concerning a number of things in controversy during that Time.
They wanted me to remain with them and not return to my time. They said they did not wish to intimidate me concerning the matter and my decision would be honored. I choose not to remain with them because I was dedicated to completing the repair work on the Plastic.
They gave me one small cup of black coffee after placing me in one of their dwellings with a security guard. After drinking the coffee I soon went to sleep. They did not feed me or give me anything more to drink for the 3 days that I remained as their guest...I was only awake for about 4 hours of my 3 day visit. They said that they didn't want to upset my chemical balance by feeding me because I had elected to return to the plastic.
Referring to the plastic, they said they had reason to believe that “something of that nature” existed but didn't know exactly where it was or how it existed.
They related that to the west of their creation was a great abyss and that it was impossible for them to exist within it. They said we have one enemy "The Trolls" and they can exist in the abyss. Further relating that they had an atomic war with them shortly after they first arrived for possession of the land on which they then lived.
Further relating they had won the first conflict with the Trolls for rights to the land. They said there would be a final conflict with the trolls and they had only a fifty-fifty chance of winning. For this reason they ask me not to cover the area were the abyss joined their occupation at this far end of time.
They said when the trolls come for the last time and we know they will “although we will know well in advance of when they arrive” as a matter of pride we would like to physically be able to see them coming!
They said again that they had only a 50/50 chance of winning the next and final conflict with the Trolls for rights to the land. Further saying: "they will come anyway"!
Concerning my repair of the plastic, they ask that I not cover the area to the west that bordered the abyss. Because that was where the Trolls would come from for their last stand concerning rights to the land they had occupied.
They related that my job on the plastic must be important, saying to me: "Therefore it will be your decision should you cover the area or not "They said". I made it a point not to cover that area and stayed at a distance from it to ensure that I would not.
They remarked at one point that I had the continence of a 26 yr old male however I was only a child of "6". I understood it to be a compliment and I received it as such.
I had lived for more than many years on the plastic "but for all practical purposes" I was still only a child of "6". I had made that my life and I accepted it in that light. I do remember it all very well and it was not exactly "a piece of cake" as I sometimes make it sound. I do know that I have never experienced so much time in strife and loneliness in the form of a man child as I first blindly endured the great longevities in the first beginnings of those repairs.
By the time the repair of the last quarter came into view, I was well seasoned concerning the matter. The repair of the last quarter was quite lengthy but I welcomed the challenge and as I’ve related it was rather interesting.
I was indeed "6" yrs of age for a very, very long time. Because once you conquer your desires "on the Plastic" concerning the need to eat, sleep or give heed to bodily functions, "the body doesn't age" as long as you remain on the Plastic. Also concerning a tolerable mental state for this adjustment, at first requires also a lot of practice, paying attention to what must be accomplished, fueling incentive to continue from feelings denied and learning to endure because of prime dedications to the task at hand.
In truth I had actually been detained for the 3 days without prior consent "allowing me to sleep for the most part of that time". They did inform me of this later, because they were creating a surprise for me! The surprise being an "Atomic Heat Sealer created for me to aid me in my final completion of the repair work.
It was light gray, about 4 ft long, 8 inches wide and 4 inches deep, ultra light weight and attuned to my senses so no-one else could use it. It had a long slit in the bottom where it would attach and draw to the plastic, stretching and sealing without leaving a seam. Before the gift of the Atomic Heat Sealer, all of this I learned to accomplish by hand. The Atomic Heat Sealer made the job effortless and required only 1/5th of the time.
On one end they added a continuously changing Kaleidoscope that could easily be viewed through the open clear plastic lens at its lower end. They created this for my amusement "they said", adding that should I want to take a break, I could amuse myself with the kaleidoscope. But normally I never took breaks during the repairs. Concerning the kaleidoscope they said: “So I would remember them and know that they are a people of good intent”.
They said: "We are going to trust you with this"! We are only asking that you to do one thing concerning this trust. Saying, when you have finished repairs, leave the Heat Sealer on the plastic and do not take it back with you back into your time. Saying further: "We have ways of returning it to our own Time". It’s a matter of security with us "they said"!
I once stopped and looked at the continually changing patterns of the kaleidoscope sometime after returning to the repair. What a fascinating toy I thought. I then made a mental note to indulge myself later when the repairs were finished. When my work was completed I did so. I then left the Atomic Heat Sealer laying on the endless Plastic as I had been instructed...and returned to my Time of 1948, 11700 E. Grand River Rd. (old highway 16), about 5 miles south east of Brighton, Michigan USA (It is “now” primarily a ski resort town).
The mechanics of the repair
The plastic will replace itself when it is pulled or stretched to accommodate the distance from one edge to another. It being possible to stretch and attach one edge to another "without a seam" by binding, pressing and holding the two exposed edges together “making sure they meet evenly and touch in the same way” then suddenly "letting go" of both edges at the same time as it quietly snaps together without leaving a seam.
It takes a bit of practice to get the knack of it "not to mention" that the "Plastic" is exactly like cellophane in physical signature. That is to say with the exception that it functions like a one way mirror reflecting the sky and beyond in a combined effort of forever and always. It separates time from time allowing a day by day signature of life, death and rebirth so long as it exists.
Reiterating that the plastic being the thickness of cellophane and of the same/same similarity signature. However because of dimensional placement and attributes it creates a one way mirror 26 to 28 ft above normal ground level. From beneath it, it sustains what we know as the natural creation of things and reflects one way "upward and onward" creating our sky and universe.
Beneath this plastic (where we exist) it is stealth and untouchable unless a tare or opening has been created from the other side, exposing it to the "now".
Once on top of the Plastic, it is indeed a kind of neutral zone with semi- twilight visibility being no-more than 10 to 12 ft in any direction. It boarders, covers, protects and segregates the times and places of mankind, even separating individuals in many remote privacies "one from another".
Also making possible the thing we know as "life and death" to continue without dire concerns of actual perishment and unwanted invasions from one another. This would involve dire conflicts without death, generating old beginnings of actual hell fire and brimstone situations of much evil that most always relate in perishment irreversible forever for more than many.  
More about the friends I visited in the future
They told me of the time they came from and why they departed and moved to the place where they were at the time of my visitation. They said that beginning experimental applications of atomic energy with its destructive and sometimes uncontrollable forces was the reason that first drove them from the mainstream of mankind to discover the place in which they then existed.
They talked about how they lived, about their profound knowledge of atomic energy, saying "We first learned its standards for the purposes of war”, adding that they wished it were possible for them to have learned the peaceful standards first. Saying we still do not yet know all the peace time standards but we have been learning about them.
My visit had inspired reason for them to research and document the occasion giving way for construction of a book concerning their ideas about the plastic that I was repairing" they said". And it was related that this was normal protocol of their time for conveying information and knowledge to their public.
They maintained they had the best psychics and writers in creation as they know it. They stated that they were preparing a book concerning the plastic that I was then repairing. They said that when the book was completed they wanted me to receive a copy of it.
They said: "You will receive the book when you are 53. They said not to be concerned about this "we have ways of making it happen"! They further related that I would come to a bad state of affairs at the age 53. Saying further that they picked that particular time of my life for me to receive the book because "they said" we thought it might offer some comfort for you during that time.
During that time when you read the book you will remember us and know that we are a people of good intent". Later when I was 53, all came to pass as they had said. I did read the book, remembering them and indeed it was a great comfort to me.
They related that they couldn't trace my life beyond 57 yrs of age, saying they didn't know what happened to me after that. They said I wasn't dead but I was just no-where to be found. The added reason concerning the “why” of this is because of the now presence of the great tributary flux effected by the “now” last changing of the great abyss.
This I learned from the “The Voyeurs of Darkness” after becoming the 9th and last member. They are the only successful watchers society of creation and we have been around much longer than the TV Highlander series. However I am acquainted with Adrian Paul of that movie and concerning the TV series.
Concerning this last changing of the abyss, it is called “The Green Arrow of Creation”, meaning “something passing once”.
About the book my future friends were constructing to convey their ideas in relation to the plastic, reiterating “they said” they would make it possible for me to receive a copy of that same book when I was "53". My date of birth is 10/6/42. The name of that book came to be "The Time ships" by Stephen Baxter, published in this time of our late-20th century.
However and unknown to them during their time...The tributary flux effecting mostly the estates of mankind, beginning on or about the year 2000 AD, extending 26 to 28 years to the farthest branching of tributary...and which concerns “endings and/or continuations” within the times and places of mankind, relating to the approximate 30 years needed to complete the final changing of the abyss.
My friends I visited at the far end of time related that I would recognize the book they were creating by the name "Nebogipfel" that would be in the book. They said: "This is the name our children gave to you after seeing your shadowed figure "hi in the air" over the fields many times before we discovered your presence
Saying once again, that I became acquainted with these unique people during my solo completion of the repairs on the remaining quarter of the Continuance Sheath/or Plastic in the late 1940's of this time. They were in orchestration of the original document and placement of the information which was later completed by Mr. Stephen Baxter for the novel “The Time Ships”.
It occurred to me much later as I was reading “The Time ships” that it was so unique that the spokesman for that time was none other than the author “Mr. Stephen Baxter” of Today. You must understand that some things are just around the corner and true understandings of many situations are sometimes more than a one way street. Anyway, I will further attempt to explain?
As I was reading the novel I recognized Mr. Baxter as the spokesman from the future time of my visitation and from his picture in the back cover of the novel “The Time Ships”. Once again, you must understand that because of the last changing of the great abyss, beginning on or about the year 2000 AD, causing a great tributary flux lasting 26 to 28 years at the outer most branches.
This in turn has caused the time I visited concerning Mr. Baxter to exhibit possibly even more of a “4 to 5 way-split” as a kind of branching of dualities of similar. The “flux” effecting of course “not just Mr. Baxter” but many times, places and people “in many ways” of mostly the creation estates of mankind.
To totally explain what is not accepted as present day knowledge “concerning the above” might require a great deal of time, space and schools of special learning depending upon strength of character and expertise. Anyway, I am familiar with the differences of such things as in the above! And should this document reach the time and place of the real Mr. Baxter in full memory concerning the above relating, then all is well, and possibly all is well anyway.
However from personal acquaintance concerning these things I am also aware of the many truths of these differences.
They lived in one of the most remote and farthest reaching areas of time under the plastic. They are indeed as they had said "A people of good intent", steadfast, peace loving, and kind hearted.
The Blackfoot Chief~Conrad M Cummings
Ending notes
The following account is in further confirmation concerning the book that I was to receive when I was 53. And that I did receive "just as they had said"!
During the late summer of 1995, I relocated from California to Springfield, Missouri which is the center of the world Bible belt.
In the Springfield area during that time stores had began to take all diverse reading material off the book shelves because of a religious conflict in that area. I was looking for a good science fiction novel to bide my time. However I could find none because of the condemning conflict concerning science fiction as immoral and perverse materiel. I finally found one science fiction novel that someone had dared to leave on their shelf and only one. And of course that novel was “The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter”.
After reading a portion of the novel, it was easily recognizable as the same book related in the above story...because of the name “Nebogipfel” that I recognized when I began reading the book...Recognition of the name immediately restored my memories of times past concerning them.
The Time Ships Novel contains many things directly related to the plastic security sheath that I helped repaired in the late 1940's.
The manuscript for that particular novel was placed within reach of this time to be found and later published. The details of this were not mentioned to me during any of the conversations with those instrumental in the original creation of the manuscript. These things were later defined in this time by Mr. Stephen Baxter himself. Because of dualities of similar coupled by the great changing of the abyss I believe that the majority of past memories are less to be present concerning the Mr. Baxter of this time. Even so, the Stephen Baxter of this time should be commended for his written contributions as great prep for those of present day and onward.
The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter is indeed as strange and interesting as the Charing Cross Rd bookstore account of how English author "Stephen Baxter' had been given some unclaimed manuscripts by the owner of a small secondhand bookshop, situated just off The Charing Cross Road in London, that had been bequeathed to him by a friend as 19th century fact fiction...and then given to Mr. Baxter because of his great interest in 19th century fact fiction...The remainder of this information is better defined in the Editor’s Notes at the beginning of the l995 Harper Collins Novel "The Time Ships" by Stephen Baxter.
Thank you Mr. Stephen Baxter for editing your novel: "The Time Ships"...! The Novel being great prep "especially in these times" and is written in a style that I relate to as: "Very Well done"!...And just to mention "The Ending" of the Novel suddenly and very nicely becoming the beginning of a Love story.
Dedicated to Mr. Stephen Baxter of the United Kingdom
The following is for the more concerned and/or advanced within the aggregate of creation.
Relating the latest in actual Creation News...Concerning the fate of a small expanse of our forever security sheath or that which exist stealth as our security perimeter "upward and onward" 26 to 28 ft above normal ground level.
...relating to this "Time" as a marker being in proximity Times of the original marker millennium year of 2000 AD...It has been in direct knowledge that portions of the continuance sheath have been taken as security coverings for some of the smaller, secretive, but very wealthy and newly erected eternal estates…
Apparently no police action was taken for the appropriation of some portions of of our plastic security continuance. Therefore what was taken must have been of little importance, other wise dire consequences would have developed for those appropriating the plastic. Or possibly it hasn’t yet come to the attentions of the builders.
"Concerning any profound importance of this knowledge"..."3" of these estates are rather outstanding, each one being individually owned/and/or maintained by small but very wealthy groups or "individual corporatists" that have broken off from their original beginnings.
These smaller but new and usually wealthy creations exist in proximity of the long "finger like" peninsula, formally in relation to the following geological named creation places within the aggregate.
These are The Big Red Crown Territory, The Tower Area and The Area of the Ditch, jutting out from the vast Desert Territory of the old Creation...This "finger like peninsula having the Wilderness Area on one side and the endless Badlands on the example this is similar to the way Florida is attached as a peninsula of North America.
Because of the quick fix construction of these New estates with their appropriated continuance plastic in thrown over tent like coverings, securing their perimeters "all being basically in a row"...The plastic coverings "of course" making it possible for these new creations to exist as forever life sustaining continuances...
And because of the "thrown-over" effect of the tent like coverings sustaining these places from normal detection, the area has been dubbed: "The Row of Tents"!...but is most often referred to as "Tent Row"... !
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings 
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
5. Powers of Prodigy
­My immediate family had just moved from the southern states to the country side of the north area of Brighton, Michigan. Brighton was a small town during the late 1940s. As of 2005 it’s become somewhat larger and quite famous as a ski resort town. Brighton is about 50 miles northwest of Detroit. Shortly after moving to this area we were given care-taking rights to an old Scottish flag mansion farm about 5 miles southeast of Brighton for as long as we desired to live there.
I was quite prodigy at the age of 5 “for example” I could talk and understand better than my parents, including all our friends and acquaintances. However I pretended to have limited speech with only a child’s understanding, because I didn’t want to jeopardize my privacy.
My sister was 1 year and one day younger than me however she was not born prodigy like me. Even so we usually conversed telepathically because she didn’t understand the concept of verbal communication.
One day I ask her if she wanted to learn how to speak and she replied that it would mean a lot to her. It took only 5 minutes, teaching her how to pronounce a few words, and then she could speak and understand enough for limited communication. I cautioned her not to let the adults know until more time had passed! I didn’t want to be prodded and examined by a bunch of crazy doctors.
Sometimes I would throw my food on the floor as soon as it was placed before me “as a test” to insure that I had control of those about me. For a time this seemed to offer some security in knowing that I wouldn’t be discovered as the child brain.
I did not like or want my fears to become realities because of my great strength of thought. And I was very much afraid of being hurt and abandoned in death for a great duration should anyone chance to discover my secret. My mental abilities were indeed great, but of a private and positive nature.
I knew those about me were a continuation of life, death, and rebirth. However with a closer look it appeared to be more like a kind of perishment irreversible for them in the end. It truly appeared that no one would or could return for the needed comfort of life in any way. As time continued it was leaving literally a wake of barren perishing souls with just as many new ones awaiting and eager for the experience. Unfortunately, later to be consumed and cast aside for the actual reasons of time itself, there being nothing or no one on watch to say differently.
However things of this nature are no longer exist as a factual demise.
My prodigy was great enough for me to cancel my own expanded intellect with one thought. I did so within a few years after becoming more knowledgeable of the more inportant things at hand.
My actual time forward was 250,000 years before replenishment would be necessary. The problem with this was that I would be alone always no matter how many people might come and go. Because there was and there still is no-one with that amount of substance.
Also, I had less than 6 months to decide wither to continue as I be forced to take a step down and live with much less just as those about me.
I had two choices during that time concerning this. The first of these was to live “on and on” in the presence of much unending brotherly ignorance and seeing everyone dead and gone in parishment time after time. Or maybe join those about me in this seemingly forever dirt level existence and possibly perishment irreversible.
I was a child with a super adult mind and I genuinely wanted to love and share without being alone in the great wake of the “forever” that was before me. So I decided to have possibly some real acquaintances, attempting to joining those about me because I cared.
Because of the great measure of prodigy at my disposal, giving much consideration to a choice that I must make one way or another, I decided to join completely with those about me. I easily canceled the difference with one thought. It felt like pulling the plug on intelligence itself. And within the space of a moment it was made so and my abilities were no-longer present.
Just being honest “the difference of the loss made me very angry” not realizing the great difference in intellect that would be created. However what was done was done and it hurt. It took approximately three days, and an amount of unwanted perseverance to recover and adjust to my lesser abilities in my newly joined surroundings.
However time and sharing continued to ascend gradually in accord to that which was and now “is” in an onward and upward fashion until this day.
The USA Blackfoot Chief~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
6. God is a tough act to follow
If you could view "not just the future" but a future of special interest where you do not just travel there, but you bring it to you? Or maybe later you decide that it never existed, but actually it did and now it does "sort of thing".
Can you possibly follow such a concept? Or where at some point you must abandon logic and follow the curves “like a child in a dream” simple and easy, hoping that it won’t be necessary to dissect, picking the soul of it for some kind of understanding.
And if it’s in your nature “like me” you might set about to offer truths from past experiences of future viewing.
I have chosen this path to accommodate a better relationship with and for my fellow man. I am proud and honored to make a difference in this way.
Even so “there is a time and place for all things” including the how’s and why’s of each and everyone. Speaking of the “how’s and why’s”, many in this time “because of new knowledge” appear to be truly mindful of all things, relating freely one to another, creating many new and closer dedications of exchange.
It seems that we are directly within an area of much true “but sometimes controversial” knowledge of the past, present and future. Mostly because of older differences concerning what might be true in “one time and not in another”, causing ignorance to always abound in stealth parameters. This of course makes it very difficult for expedient exchanges.
As preventative maintenance we must now continually upgrade and this requires also a cross referencing “when possible” for a more truthful understanding of all things. Because of the now greater diversity of things, to remain in any surety of knowledge concerning time and place.
In some fashion concerning the above relating may I continue to entertain you?
During a time when I lived in the hi-desert of Southern California, I sometimes walked to different places by following catacombs that were like staggered winding staircases going right through the dirt, rocks, hills and sand. These passages are mostly stealth and impossible to find unless you have entered by chance. And you must proceed in an upward direction within the terrain if you wish to return the accustomed geological “now”.
These times and places that I had occasion to travel to in this way would be almost impossible to travel to even in a star ship or time machine. Relating to any direct measurement these unusual but traversable catacombs are a definite signature of the old abyss. However the old abyss began to change on about the year 2000 AD.
Concerning the above “If one knew a little about the catacombs, possibly you might also know some of the short cuts created by them”? These many natural appearing open spirals of semi stair cased passages make it possible to walk to places of impossible distance without concern to the normal parameters of time and space. There are also many other long seasoned and accomplished ways of bridging any gaps of time and distance.
Further relating that because of my affiliation with other times and places concerning my eternal heritage of Blackfoot Chief, I am sometimes able to influence or even directly effect (make happen) by simply saying so. On occasion it’s sometimes a simple matter.
It also helps when a window of opportunity is open, or available for an opening. Sometimes to take care of business or literally restart the “now” which unknown to most has been done many, many times before and for many reasons.
I am in complete knowledge concerning a basic round of the major territorial marker named estates of creations and creation itself, concerning an outlined account of each. Things of this are definite signatures of my knowledge ability and heritage all of which seems to be right on schedule.
Also for the past 15 years I’ve been researching for a more definable relating, my more than many story account experiences concerning The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles. This collected and mostly “hands on” knowledge has made it possible in the creation of a most complete and steadfast account of the aggregate of creation and onward.
As we become more familiar with time and dimension we will soon discover the actual proof of civilized flat world realities, to include “more than many” great diversities of time and estate. This of course relates also to the many hells, heavens and etc. Some being in long established times and places of eternal existence that are played over and over, sometimes in great multiples of many eternal lifetimes, “like icings on a cake” of the many cherished times and places of creation.
For the advanced or more qualified individuals concerning the condo section of the quartermaster area of the Tryne Spider Mag (or what is the 7th Estate); “Any time, place and lifestyle can be had for the asking.
However “concerning the above paragraph” for those that participate, it is not wise to hold more than 5 *chips at one time (*chip = an entry into one continuing “time and place” of existence).
Qualifications for chips is not a dollar issue, the only rate of exchange necessary in obtaining a chip is that you must qualify yourself. This event of service can be found in the condo area of The Tryne Spyder Mag (The 7th Estate)..
If you don’t quite understand what this all means, then think about leaving this time and place as you know it and selecting a few places of your “now” conscious choosing. This might concern time and/or experiences that you might like to attend as a natural lifetime or even as “many lifetimes” concerning the "whatever" of any choices you might have made.
About me, well I’ve chosen to be where I am! And when and if I get up the courage, I might even roll up my sleeves and show you my tattoos. Yes I love you too!
Would you find it easier to watch a movie or would you prefer to live it? And did you know that each time a movie is played and viewed by the public it becomes more steadfastly established as an actual reality.
Sometimes spaces of time that are not complete can be terrible gluttons for cataloging anything within the reachable isle of view. From this they will incorporate especially a continuing movie every time, making it a genuine reality from the same movies that you and I see from time to time. This is another side effect concerning the abundance of dualities.
Just being slightly aware of such knowledge can and usually is more than enough to sustain anything in forthcoming expedience to any and all concerning selective change. These are some of the things of exchange “among us” that shift constantly on many levels, often allowing us to see just how green the grass might or might not be on the other side.
I have come face to face with some of these things and I’ve also lived some of these things…And ha, ha, Yes, I’ve made it through the rain, well some of the rain anyway, concerning most of my direct face to face experiences of such things.
These attested true stories are my cause and testimony, informing you that there are much and many things within our reach that can be ours just for the asking.
This is for all those who need to know…
The USA Blackfoot Chief~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
7. The Great Red Crown King
When I was a child of 5 in the late 1940s, while seated alone in my highchair, 4 people made portal into our farmhouse kitchen. As they entered they were saying “where is the great red crown king”? Where is he? Then another said: “There he is”! He’s the baby “over there” the one in the highchair! Then someone said: “What are we going to do”? He’s just a baby!
Those were the exact words of the conversation as they entered. Some were dressed like wealthy hippies from the 1970s. They seemed a little scary at first. I was quite prodigy at the time but I was still only a child of 5. On the first visit they talked mostly among themselves for a short time and then departed.
They had come to seek revenge from the old world on "The Great Red Crown King" (as they called me)…concerning payment for magic P.R.E.P.S. (Prepared & Readied Entity Preparations of Service). These were workers from a small family of the best tech experts of that era.
They worked for a man they called the boss. However without the boss’s permission they had taken it upon themselves to break the law, using a door to make portal for their own reasons.
The intruders had illegally crossed time to locate me and yes, there are laws in many places concerning “Time Travel”. The intruders were workers whose job it was to prepare such things as magic preps, create technologies and applications. They had taken a personal interest in an old revenge upon me (The Great Red Crown King of times past) for unpaid debts owed to their boss for Magic PREPS. These debts were incurred by the court jesters who had appropriated the temple seal and charged many things in excess just before the crossing into round world.
Two of the workers had worn some of the remaining blood stained clothing of the murdered jesters. The “still” hard smell of the dried darkened blood caused a seemingly past and fearful ambient to accompany their first visitation. Slowly “memories” began to emerge of when I was one of the great kings of that era.
Then the old memories began to rush within my conscious mind. I was quite prodigy as a child, but I still couldn’t afford to entertain all my past memories at that time. However the memories I did receive left no doubt as to my previous existence as The Great Red Crown King. I forced myself to stop thinking about it because it was too soon to receive and fully comprehend.
Entering through a bright glowing light from the blind side of our back porch they would come. The porch was 12 ft from the ground “at floor level” with no doors or openings to the outside because it was a greenhouse built long before we moved to the old farm. Also the greenhouse porch was well made and had no outside door.
On the 3rd or possibly the 4th visitation, these workers that had been portaling into our old farmhouse were surprised to find my parents and a relative or two setting about in the large dinning room that was a part of the kitchen, joined by an eating nook as a bar with stools placed about it.
One of the lesser knowledgeable workers said as they entered: “Oh no! What about these people? They can see us, we’re going to be caught and then we’ll be stuck here forever”!
One of the 2 leaders immediately hushed the group and said: “Don’t draw so much attention to them, they can see us but they cannot comprehend us. And just at that moment someone else said: “what about the child, he can see us! Then the speaker and another leader both related in tern: “They can see us, this is true, and except for the child they can only comprehend us if we allow them that luxury”!
And when they get tried of our presents they will leave the room “he said”. And sure enough, as I watched, I saw my parents and relations began to get restless, making excuses for things to do and they all departed from the proximity of the room.
I was hoping they would remain because I didn’t particular care for the company of the intruders and I wanted my own revenge for them being there. However I found myself becoming interested in much that they were relating to one another. It was much the same during all the visits, they would began talking among themselves and paying very little attention me. I was aware of this and also the nervous attitudes of the less informed of the company. It was easy to understand that concerning the majority of the visitors, these adventures in portaling were a first time event.
I was a baby of 5 and I was born actually more than just a bit prodigy. Meaning I would have understood very little in relation to the visitations and what they represented if not for that prodigy. Also each time they appeared they were limited within the amount of time they could remain. And if the portal time had been exceeded they would have been stranded in this time. They were truant from their place and time of work, leaving no one to know of their where-a-bouts because they were trespassing.
The duration of their visitations was normally 15 to 20 minutes. I heard them saying so on a few occasions as they reminded one another when it was time to depart. The duration of each visit being slightly different concerning the amount “of fuel” they were able to steal or scavenge. They referred to the bright portal light they entered through as “The Door”. I believe the fuel thing was all about whatever source of plutonium or uranium in some kind of preparation that was used to fuel “The Door” or portal for their intended purpose.
My Dad and my Uncle were not aware of the visitations. Even so, much later after the visitations my Dad and my Uncle talked about seeing a bright glowing light as the intruders were departing from their last visitation. They had almost stayed to long on the last visit and all had made a mad dash for the portal with only a few seconds remaining. For many months afterwards my Dad and my Uncle still talked about the bright glowing light they saw coming from the back porch of the old farm house. Even way back then they believed that the light must have come from the opening of a door or a gate in time.
Also on this last visit there were 6 or 7 workers, including 2 foremen from their time and place of work. They had been talking to me (I pretended not to understand), telling me all about their newly created and impossible to own magic crown which had been brought into this time on a crown carrier by two workers dressed as jesters.
After the arrival of the huge gold crown they began talking to me as though I was an adult. They began with: “If I was such a great king, then I could take the crown from them if I wanted. Although I was prodigy, I was still only a child of 5. I didn’t talk to them but I understood completely all that they said. And of course they had no idea of knowing that I was anything other than an ignorant little bibber. Also I would never have acknowledged in any way or given them the satisfaction of knowing my true position.
I remember becoming very angry at first because they kept referring to the crown as something that I couldn’t have, showing me all the precious stones, emeralds and etc. that no one could afford. They also related on the special purity of the gold used in making the crown and how they had spared no expense in its construction.
I can still remember the fine enchantments of jewels and precious stones being so exorbitantly arrayed upon the great gold crown. They were again daring me to take the crown, but denying me the opportunity of any close proximity with it. The continued tease was beginning to anger me so much that I could feel a heavy red flush coming on. Just then one of the workers began to panic and stated loudly that they were going to be stranded forever in that time and place.
He was saying they had only 24 seconds to make it to “*The Door” *(the portal).
Anyway as they were in close and hurried procession, they passed close enough for me to almost touch the big crown.
The great solid gold enchanted crown was segregated in the center of the crown carrier with one man in front and another in back holding the carrying poles. As they passed close to me in the highchair I saw a silent chance (created by the ambient of the situation) that promised me that the crown would soon be mine if I didn’t hesitate.
The ambient of the situation was offering a guarantee of success if I could only find the courage to apply myself 100%, physically jump from my highchair and take the crown. I didn’t know how this was going to be accomplished if I succeeded. However I knew that I must forget about injuring myself because of the big jump that I must take to even reach the crown. However I put that out of my mind and jumped from the highchair reaching out to grab the crown.
Just as I felt myself leaping from the chair, reaching to grab the crown “everything stopped” and suddenly I was back in my chair as though nothing had happened! However the great enchanted crown was gone and I knew it was mine. I was sure that it was somewhere in reach and I knew that I must wait until my visitors departed before I could examine my prize.
The visiting committee was still crowding one another as they pushed toward the portal. The two crown carriers started yelling: “The baby has taken the crown”! ”The baby has taken the crown”! Then someone screamed “How”? We don’t know came a scream from a crown carrier, it’s just gone and we don’t know how or where it went! Another screamed, what are we going to tell the boss, what are going to tell the boss?
Never mind what we are going to tell the boss another retorted, let’s just go. Go! Yea, let’s go shouted another! And they were gone just as the portal light blinked out, making everything seem dark for a few moments from the flash of the closing portal.
The workers had created the generously arrayed and enchanted crown for their devious visitation. It was greatly overdone in arrays of enchantments that even their boss could not afford. What a totally expensive and over done monstrosity of great wealth! And to think that it was all mine! And that me “a child of 5” had taken the great magic crown and beaten the intruders at their own game”!
I waited for 5 days after the intruders departed and then closed my eyes to meditate on the whereabouts of the crown. To my surprise, within a few seconds I had located the crown. Then suddenly just as I was thinking of how to get to its whereabouts, “I was casually but suddenly within a temple of light”.
It seemed as though the temple had been possibly forgotten or abandoned for a very long time. However, within the temple were many ranks of royal wearing apparel made of finely woven light. Some of these included many suits of male, from surfs to kings, boots, buckles, helmets, breastplates and etc. All of these things were lying upon an altar in the elevated central portion of the large “T” shaped temple of light.
The crown was never physically visible to me after it had disappeared. However the strength of it continued as a key, opening the door to its content and reality of its purpose. The crown was created without the normal or usual punctuations of royalty. The crown maker had created it to his own personal specifications and not to those normally tailored for royal positions. The crown was to be returned and dismantled after the workers had finished with their strange visits of revenge.
 Anyway, the strange visitors never returned after that last visit.
The workers, employed by a man they called “The Boss” created expensive magic preparations that were sometimes requested by the wealthier estates of that time. They had also created a few human prototypes from person with great technological minds. These were small and greatly resembled the alien pictures from the Area 51 event.
In this same era of the old world great magnitudes of boredom arose creating a great need for change.
And for this much needed change, major estates within the old world formed a corporate. This corporate program was called “The Newity of Reform Round World”. The program was “of course a success” because we now have round worlds and universes.
I know this relates from a biblical standpoint of “The world was created in 6 days and upon the 7th day God rested. Although the last sentence is quite true, might I relate that it has been my pleasure to relate these things in a much less mysterious fashion.
From the physical time of the above mentioned era, the original world and universe was created in 6 months by a “*Casting” *(The art of the command of substance). On the 7th month Barkers (talkers) were sent about to estates within the older times of creation, advertising for the crossing into what was called “The Newity of Reform Round World”. 
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
8. Replenish the Future with the Past
There are different forms of time concerning the past. From real experiences I am relating examples of this within the following account.
Two “now’ government security friends of mine "Mark and Mike" from the live and living 24th century (2342 AD) visited me during an experimental campaign to possibly enhance the inanimate. This took place in Joshua Tree, California 92252 during the late 1970's.
I kept meeting them on occasion while driving alone in my car. They would always appear in the passenger’s seat in a bright light with crossing grid lines showing the contours of their bodies. A few months after they began appearing in my car they ask me to join with them in an experiment concerning the longevity enhancement of substance within the “now”.
They began by taking measured amounts of substance from the quantum or twilight past of the 1970s. This was done in a two fold experiment, importing substance from the quantum past of the late 1970s, to the “now” of the late 1970s...and to the “now” of their year 2342 from which they came.
Assisting them became one of my monthly chores in the late 1970's.
This was accomplished from the desolate quantum past of also the late 1970s, Joshua Tree, Southern California. And for some duration this transportation of substance took place at monthly intervals.
When it was time to do a little work, they would open the main road “Hwy 62” into the a dead twilight portion of the past at midday, just as I would enter the city limits of Joshua Tree from the 29 Palms, California direction. The first time was “impromptu” as I entered the city limits of Joshua Tree.
Each time they stopped me, they would have gunny sacks of substance ready to be moved into the “now” of the 1970s. Some of the substance was for my time and some went to theirs. The substance and the reasons for it were briefly explained to me in the beginning of our relationship.
The point of entrance and exit was at the intersection of “Sunset and 29 palms highway” Joshua Tree, Southern California. This would happen once a month while entering the city limits of Joshua Tree, from 29 Palms (The Marine Base town of Desert Storm).
The distance of travel from the point of entrance into the past, stop, load, turn around and return was usually no more than 35 yards. Relating that I could breathe, touch, move things and even drive my car in to accommodate the situation and drive back into the active 20th Century as though nothing had happened.
There was never anyone present on the highway or otherwise when these things would occur. I was never there for more than 15 or 20 minutes. I was cautioned to always return the same way I entered or possibly become lost forever in the strange sandy twilight.
I have gone into the live and living past on occasion but never into the actual quantum past…until the event of this experience.
There is more to know concerning this story within the remainder of these chronicles.
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
9. The Devil in Snowshoes
While visiting friends in Morongo Valley “hi desert area” Southern California, late 1970s, suddenly it began to snow heavily and within a short time the snow was above the axels of our vehicle. My lady and I had just purchased a new 1978, very large, fully customized, Dodge 351 maxi-van with 16 inch wheels and positraction. However large and sure footed the big vehicle was, it had suddenly become stuck in a snow drift as we were climbing a hill in this famous hi-desert canyon area.
Seemingly out of thin air “or so to speak” appears this man in a grey suit with no tie, stepping out of what appeared to be similar to a 2003 Monte Carlo. He waived to me saying: “Hello there Michael” as he was getting out of the vehicle that obviously came from the future. Did I mention that this was during the year 1978?
As I approached him, my very rich common law wife and her two children were watching from the Van. He said: “My name is The Devil and I’m from a future time”.
I said: “This may seem like a dumb question, but do you have any I.D.”? He immediately displayed the open contents of his wallet as he handed me his driver’s license. It validated that his name as being “The Devil” and it was dated far into the future. The license was just a bit smaller than the usual plastic ones of that time. He then said: “The license and the name are legal where I come from”, speaking as though he were in a security position of some kind. Then he said casually, I needed something to do and I happened to notice that you needed a little assistance and here I am!
It was too early in the year, the sun was bright, the sky was to blue and it was to warm for snow! And in Morongo Valley, California, snow is a rare commodity especially at that time of year. The snow came in heavy wet flakes and soon created large drifts erratically here and there.
Just to mention “concerning this kind of erratic weather behavior”  it is not uncommon with dimensional occurrences such as this one. “I’ll bet you didn’t know that”?
Also “The Devil’s Car” came equipped with a most elaborate set of elaborately meshed double linked snow chains on each wheel just for the occasion!
We talked for a short time then we stopped, just standing for a least five minutes just staring at the snow. The sun was still shining brightly in a clear blue sky with a few bright clouds as the snow began to stop falling. Then the visitor broke the silence, saying: “Are you sure you’re alright”? He then said: “Possibly I might be able to push you over that snow bank”?
The big Dodge customized maxi-van was heavier than a freight train, but even so it had become stuck in one of the uphill snow drifts on the paved canyon road!
His much later modeled vehicle from the future was extremely powerful and easily pushed me up and over the hill to safety. As we all looked back to see if he followed us over the hill “he was gone”! My family at that time “didn’t really want to believe the sudden snow thing and the visitor’s unusual appearance. When I related to them concerning the conversation we had, they seemed amazed but calm. We were all thankful for the assistance and said very little to one another afterwards concerning the matter.
It was a beautiful sunny day, there was a sudden heavy snow fall and a man suddenly appearing from the future with a genuine I.D. saying his legal good Samaritan name was “The Devil”. However don’t be too amazed because he did relate during our conversation that such name choices were legal in his time. 
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
10. Take my place said God!
"I am not God" maybe you are, or am I or possibly we all are from time to time, “for lack of a “duh” better choice of words” but I have met him and I am honored to have been with him in many forms. The following true story example is in confirmation of one of those times.
As a warehouse worker he was everything and more than I could have imagined, being more down to earth than one might think. Concerning this I had issues and questions of which I had been seeking answers to for some time. I already had much experience in leaving the time in search of other things. I was no stranger to this area of expertise.
Anyway as I departed our normal time line I encountered a small group of men “that I had seen before”. They were near a mammoth structure like dwelling located in a neutral zone where others like me “for many reasons” would congregate from time to time. I remembered asking these men during a previous visitation, if they knew where I might find God. They had only laughed at me, saying nothing as I walked away.
I was in my late 20’s and very stubborn in my pursuits. As I encountered them on this occasion, they very plainly ask me in a very sober manner if I was still looking for God? Getting my courage up “I replied yes”! Then one of them said: “you’ll find him just around the corner of that building over there” as they all pointed in the same direction.
As I rounded the corner and started to speak to a man near the entrance of the large warehouse, he raised his hand and said; "I am well acquainted with your reason for being here" then he said: "Take my place" and I did so!
”Taking his place” began with moving furniture about in the warehouse where he had been working alone for god knows how long (ha! ha! No pun intended!).
Suddenly I became as him, and in the same understanding, all within the same moment that I agreed to take his place. I understood my position as I began moving the furniture about within the warehouse.
This I did for a number of months, moving, changing and rearranging furniture within the huge warehouse until I was sure that my time there was no longer necessary.
I then returned to myself, knowing that I no longer had a reason for being there. Peace of mind being my forever reward during the many days that I was in the big warehouse. After some duration of time and work, I knew that my time had been fulfilled and I no longer needed to reside in that position. My life being no longer troubled because my troubled issues had been resolved.
I returned from my place of refuge within the neutral area of that place and time “remembering and accepting” the new light of freedom that was mine. After returning to the 20th century, cutting short my almost daily visitations to other times and places. Then I began to remain within the proximities of the 20th century because I was becoming too much of a loner. I was then able to end my restlessness, becoming more of a home body than an unprofitable adventurer.
For Those Who Need To Know
The spirit itself without a flesh born body is quite vulnerable and can be easily injured or caught in parishment irreversible. That is to say, unless the spirit itself is confined within a security parameter directly for that purpose.
There is one such place for those that might elect to live in that fashion. It is located within one of the many gates of "The Lost Highway Eternity" (which is also one of the 7 major territorial marker named estates of creation).
Living in the spirit “with or without” physical parameters of comfort and security is called...or rather nick named "spirit living" and is usually regarded as a bad joke and a disgrace by most of those that are in knowledge of it.
The Lost Highway Eternity is the largest eternal man made estate in the aggregate of creation with ports of entry from 1978 through 78,000 AD+ with 10 year gates. Its shape is like a half moon crescent lying mostly on its back, tilting slightly upward as the times ascend. It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as “The Stairway to Heaven”.  
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
11. The magical age of 5
I was 5 years of age when my very pretty and magical aunt ask me if she might grant me a wish! Thinking of what I might want, I said yes, because during the week before I was having the most fun ever for a child of 5.
Anyway that’s what I believed! So I told her that I would like to live that week, over and over, for ever and ever and she immediately said "Your wish has been granted"!
During the time when she granted my wish, we were both seated on the bank of a small river tributary in the Southern US. She was torturing a crawdad with a stick to expel from it that which was necessary to make something happen.
I had just arrived and seated myself upon the bank of the river, when she said: "Quickly tell me, is there anything that you really want? And that’s when I told her I wanted the live the past week over and over!
Well, I did live the same week over and over and after the forth week I began to get very tired and bored with the same things happening "over and over" again!
So I began to search for my aunt down by the crawdad hole on the weekends, because I was obligated to remain within the parameters of that particular week.
There was only one day out of the week when I could visit the crawdad hole and hopefully see her.
Upon the 5th week I found her there once again and related my demise to her. She said yes I remember and saying to me "Is that still going on"? It was truly hard to get her attention at first because she always seemed involved in other things.
I related again that I had been living the same week “over and over” and it was getting more and more difficult to endure. I let her know that I was trapped within the forever of the wish she had granted.
Suddenly she understood what I was relating and said, "Oh no" please you must understand that reversing the wish might not be possible. She then said, “Oh, if I can only find that same crawdad. At that point she began to search the water for the crawdad.
We were on the river bank for 2&1/2 hours, the day was very hot even in the shade, and we were sweating heavily. She kept repeating, we must not give up, don't give up and we can't give up! Finally she said "as the heat was totally tearing both of us apart", it worked, it worked she shouted!
Then she said “you know I couldn’t even find the same crawdad that I used before” and it worked, it worked! She must have been quite experienced, and I know the task was more than difficult. I was also thinking that distinguishing one crawdad from another must involve a lot of expertise.
After my unusual experience I never really wanted to hear or know anything about granting a wish for a very, very long time!
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
12. A few things of interest!
I began relating my experiences of knowledge, places and spaces as a suggestion from the only real watchers of creations.
Some call them "The Brothers", “The Underground”, The 9 Horseman and etc. I know them as The Voyeurs of Darkness. Anyway, they are the only real
watchers society, in all of Creation. I am the 9th and last member. The 8th member was chosen 1650 yrs before me.
I was chosen as the 9th member to remain within the time lines of mankind because I am The USA Blackfoot Chief of Creation. I was chosen to receive the knowledge they had learned to be passed on to the times and places of mankind.
Being chosen as the 9th and last member making it possible to continue the knowledge of the things they had learned concerning the many times and places of mankind. This concerns a lot of unique information that cannot readily be obtained in forthcoming times and onward.
They said that they had learned more than was necessary for that which they desired most. Further relating that they departed the normal times and places of mankind to live as they desired and not to return “they said”!
I am in knowledge of what they learned during their time as “the Voyeurs of Darkness”. For example, many true accounts of creation histories (past and present) and many things unknown by any in this time and onward.
Other things of interest
I just finished viewing the movie: “Invincible 2001 with Billy Zane”. Anyway, as possible food for thought concerning the relating, I have some live experience in similar diverse things as portrayed in the movie and others of similar content.
Some of these events were on a real life plane in spaces lasting for 2 to 3 months at a time. These things continued on unique occasions within the space of 2 1/2 years. Some of which was very interesting, however, I must relate that most of it wasn’t what one might call “fun”.
I’m relating this to you because I want you to know that things of this nature do in fact exist. Also it’s more than possible to become involved with any number of these diversities in this particular day and time. However I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!
My European adventures
Way back in the mid 60’s I was a European car salesman in the Tours, France area. I worked as a sales representative to the US Military Posts in mostly the Chinon area near Tours, France. Also I was stationed in the Chinon area with a US Army engineering battalion, 1965 to 1966 prior to becoming a foreign car salesman, selling European cars to the US Military.
Later I moved to Wurtzberg, Germany “The Cathedral Town” of Europe where the masks of Comedy & Tragedy” originated. I worked for Chrysler and then for Ford, selling automobiles to the US military from an appointed office in the US Army PX in Wurtzberg.
I found plenty of time to travel and visit most the historical points of interest in Europe during that time of the early 1960s. I liked visiting Stockholm and Holland most of all. I’ve been there many times.
I spent some time in London, visiting “Big Ben, 10 Downing St, Changing of the Guard, Piccadilly” and etc.
Also I was able to visit North Africa, spending a few months in El Jadida with North African Royalty student friends that I met in Tours, France in 1966. I also spent a number of months in Spain, Turkey and Greece.
Before all this my time belonged to The US Army. I was with one of those “terror, trial and error” James Bond programs way back in the early 1960s. We could do anything we deemed necessary to ensure the security of America. We were the very best then and I hope we are still the very best "now"…as a country having the very best "no holds barred” security on the planet.
And of course, just so you know, American security at that time also included links with other times and places. Some refer to this as “Black Ops” security.
I mean, do you think that life and death security measures concerning our universe, world and country should be accompanied by A Queensbury Book of Rules? Do we really believe the public should be notified "straight away" concerning all of our most covert tactics to protect them, the nation and the world?
Some day we will hopefully be ready for such a complete a sharing of knowledge as some of the more advanced creations incorporate. That is to say if the round incorporates it.
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
13. Very Distant Relatives
My Dads “DOB 1907” within this time lives in a veteran’s home in Southern Illinois. He has been a Christian for many years and knows nothing of himself existing “also” within another place and time.
For 2 years or more “my same Dad, but from a future time and alternate existence was paying large sums of money so that I could visit him periodically in his future time. He looks and talks like my Dad from this time except he’s a bit more healthy, steadfast and also very rich.
The planet he lives on is covered entirely by water and is about five times the size of our present earth. I was informed that it’s a famous federation fishing world. Also, sophisticated space flight is common but time travel in normal parameters is against the law.
This large water world has a number of cities built on atomically grown pylons because the waters are so deep. The waters are always rough with huge waves that rage continually and the oceans are very cold. The barges that dock in these cities are normally about 5 times the size of The Queen Mary.
On this enormous water world my Dad is rich his wife that is even richer. During this time it was related to me that my Dad was also bisexual in that time. This was related as more common in that future time. However I am not gay or bisexual.
This was related to me by some of his gay friends that were always present to talk with me or instruct me when I would arrive. However in this time my Dad is not bisexual and neither am I. I was never there for more than 15 minutes at a time, except for my last visitation and that lasted 45 minutes.
For a long time they let me think that it was a dream. And always when it was time for me to return they would bring one Marlboro cigarette and light it for me. Usually after the first puff I would find myself waking up in my bed, thinking about the where I’d been. The one puff Marlboro thing was to make me think that it was a dream.
They confessed this to me later on. They knew that Marlboros were my favorite and they could only be obtained at a very high price from the underground of that time. The visitations from "here to there" took place in Southern Illinois where I was staying in the mid 1980’s.
I was a bit ahead of my abductors in knowing that it wasn’t a dream. Well, because it has seldom "if ever" been a cause for me to light a real cigarette and enjoy it while in a dream. Also I was in my early 40’s and already had much experience in the paranormal realms.
However on my last visit they told me all about the very expensive and illegal portaling which they used for the contact.
The last visit lasted approximately 45 minutes. It would be the last time they could safely make the portal without possibly dire consequences from the Federation “they said”.
During the last visit they related many things concerning my Dad and the Water World on which he lived. I had been outside viewing the towering waves, the giant commercial barges and the large pylon supported city on previous visits.
They ask me what my drink I preferred and I told them “scotch and soda”. They made me a scotch and soda, gave me a piece of chocolate cake and a whole pack of Marlboros to smoke if I needed them. They apologized for their security in not informing me that the visits were real when they first begin.
My related Dad from the future was also knowledgeable of himself being in this time. However, my dad of this time being alive and well, but knows nothing of himself in this future time.
My dad in the future had somehow discovered he had a son in another place and time and because of his interest and concern had arranged for the very expensive and illegal visitations.
Two years was quite a stretch for the time to time visitations, but in truth I really didn’t mind. I did thank my Dad and his family from the future for their efforts and concerns about me. I’ve heard nothing from them since that last visit in the early 1980’s. 
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
14. The UFO Police
I’ve had 2 direct encounters with UFO’s. The first time I found myself traveling with an intimidating loner cowboy for a number of days. Being forced to accompany him on one of his vandalizing expeditions but I was able to escape later in my own time.
What a creep he was, he had a ship all to himself and a million places to go...and all he had in mind was hustling unsuspecting folks for scant amounts of money that barely kept his ship mobile.
He was very dependant on hard drugs that seemed to only make him stupid, forgetting his responsibilities for days at a time. But stupid or not he was always on the lookout for fuel and someone new to scam for a few bucks. On and on and up and down the cycle went without cease, like a boastfully boring movie that had become very worn from to many replays.
I don’t know where or how he found me. I remember waking in his small but nice UFO. I played along with the sketchy search and find relationship gaining a little trust until he stopped in a recognizable place and then I slipped away.  
On the 2nd occasion I was picked up by a small dull silver three seater ("3 back to back") of the elite of the Forces of Light. I had been shot in the head by vandals while sleeping in my apartment in the hi-desert of Southern California. In short I was murdered for less than two dollars in change. I do not remember any pain, but I do remember lying with my head in a pool of blood “transfixed” and unable to move.
Most cannot and do not want to remember death or deaths that they have experienced from time to time. Then there are those like me that can and do remember. Relating that practice makes perfect and sometimes with a little expertise it’s actually easy to understand such moments.
I remember very plainly the conversation related by the police concerning me being shot in the head with 38 and robbed. Their conversation awakened me to that moment but I could not move or speak. Then everything went black and I awakened in the small federation saucer.
I was being transported to a duality of similar in an alternate aspect of time and place. As soon as the transportation began, the hard dried blood from the injury began to fade and I was just like new within minutes! It took a number of hours and a few long and boring stops before we arrived at the new destination.
One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen was the wild raging fires created in the view port from the full accelerations. There was a very slight bumpiness on scant occasions, but other than that, the ride was totally smooth, as if we were not moving at all. The ride did become a bit boring after a number of hours; however I was able to sleep “off and on” during the trip.
Speaking plainly, I have experienced many forms of death, not just day dreams or ideas that seem to be real, but actual hurting, ouch and bleed to death events that were quite real and memorable.
Later we stopped and stayed motionless within a kind of great blue and smudge white area while the vessel remained as motionless as the area itself. I went to sleep and soon after awakening we had stopped again in an even larger expanse of the chalky watercolor like spaces
Sometime after we departed the strangely colored scenery, we stopped to converse with some hippy like people of a time similar to the one I had come from. The three men talked with these people for a time but they made it a point to avoid any local authorities.
Before they made this first stop, they each adorned black baseball caps with the word POLICE written in thin white block letters on the front of the ball caps.
On the left pocket of each of their white short sleeve button shirts was a gold badge like insignia with the words FIRE DEPARTMENT plainly embossed.
However I couldn’t make out the remainder of the pocket crest and the other writings on it.
In between stops I could sometimes sleep, however the overflow of mental energy was usually so quietly intense that I had to join it, seemingly becoming part of vessel.
The mental linking seemed beyond all my comprehensions and understanding than I’ve ever known, being soon lost within its gravity each and every time the linking began.
I have tried many times to remember more about the linking. I kind of understand the immediate and overwhelming "now" intellect of it, however it relates as so much more than human. Also the true measure of it was in everything but quite elusive and impossible to relate verbally. I still think about its unusual height of intellect it from time to time.
My death had occurred in the area from which they had taken me and they were relocating me as a part of their job expertise within the Federation, but what Federation I don’t know? I believe it was something like “The American Federation” or the American Federal Federation and etc. The federation pilots related only briefly among themselves with occasional thoughts of good will that were meant to comfort me, allowing me also to listen in at times to their mental linking’s while we were in motion.
They returned me to what appeared to be the same time and place, however the apartment where they had picked me up was somewhat different than the one to which I was later taken. The area was primarily the same. It’s like looking at the same thing but from a slightly different prospective or rather being in a “same, same” similar place but on a seemingly different level.
In further explanation, what might be referred to as “duality differences” created in cut off situations of new beginnings that continue on, each continuing gradually in slightly different signatures than any parent realities because of free choice being slightly different in each continuation. Although in truth few have the expertise to be aware of any separation splits of place and time.
For lack of a better choice of words “In the twinkling of an eye” dualities are created from different intensities of light and form as they ricochet off everything much the same as sound waves. But just so you know, these things are usually a natural effect of time and place unless otherwise enabled as such.
It took some time for me to become accustomed to being earth bound again. Soon things that didn’t seem to fit at first slowly began to make sense. While I was thinking about the unusual incident and wondering what would happen next, my UFO federation friends quietly departed and I’ve never seen or heard from them.
Whatever their true titles and job expertise might be, I would like to personally thank them for their help and concern of my well being.
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
15. Vampires
I'm most always writing, creating a picture or surfing the net. I am a married, retired 61 year old male and I also work 5 days a week managing vending services for federal & state facilities.
My writing is somewhat unusual, however it's readable. My story related info and strange tales are all quite true. And if you are knowledgeable concerning what is sometimes classified information, “I’m also The Peacemaker & Two White Buffalo” (Promise of the Iroquois) government sponsored and legal but unofficial king of the good old USA.
I have much experience in portal and visitations to and from this time within the guise of my present name, time and existence. Meaning also that I'm acquainted with the pasts, futures and etc. of many times and places.
Sometimes things become corrupt or when change might be needed within this time and etc. Anyway, in relation to this I sometimes make contact with other times and places for things that I wish to inspire should I desire to do so. That is to say, whenever a window is open or opened!
Establishing the Ozone hole to a better prospective was one of my late but necessary endeavors. I am not in a habit of standing on a mountain and shouting my decisions and accomplishments to the public. However during that time I needed some extra incentive to correct the ever enlarging ozone hole. I really didn’t like the future of things to come if such a correction wasn’t effected.
I did forecast my decision to effect repair of the ozone hole “in advance” to a few chat friends on a Ca & UK web site. This occurred during earlier times of the UK "blather" and "Hotel Mc Gillis" Canadian website.
I told them the restoration of the ozone hole would be accomplished within two months. However, it was accomplished within two weeks to include the “anomaly in space” which I said would be in scientific explanation of the change.
I was first informed by an affiliated source that it would take two weeks for the repair.
I questioned the time from which I first received this information because of the great dimensional difference of the source. I had discerned that it would take two months to effect the shrinking of the ozone hole. However my original source of information was more correct when they informed me that it would take a few weeks.
I even ask permission from the members of the Ca & UK chat website before I felt comfortable enough to begin the effecting with them in knowledge of what I was doing.
Because I know many futures A to Z, becoming more concerned I called to those in a neighboring stealth, eternal estate where "space” had actually become their last frontier" and they caused the repair of our Ozone hole.
The "Anomaly in space concerning the repair" came about from the incorporated closeness of the estate responsible for the repair. Their situation at that time was one of remaining incognito while passing through, soon to close their doors forever to the remainder of creation…”they said”.
They have an eternal "20" throughout their continuance and I sometimes use it in my true story goes like this: Many Stars to You (many lifetimes)
I also ask them to be in concern of a future event of a meteor that knew was later to come in contact with the earth. 
And because of the dimensional closeness of the 5 dualities of similar “including us” I wasn’t exactly sure of which one of the 5 might be affected.
There is an event of a 30 year tribulation which is truthfully a 26 to 28 year creation tributary flux beginning on or about 2000 AD.
This means that time will branch out like the limbs of a tree until 2026  to 2028 AD at the outer most branches of tributary. At this point the new Abyss will have completed itself. It’s called “The Time of The Last Abyss” because it is the last time the abyss will change.
Concerning these things it is difficult at times to always know correct markers of change in relation to time and place while in tributary. Also during the tributary flux, traveling to other times and places will result in parishment, to include the use of psychic talents in looking beyond a continuance.
“Vampire” defining the blood as the miller of life
The mind is most always very quick to create and establish while in Free states of selection. Accordingly we tend to receive and understand that which is via another place in time where life has been also.
Whoever gets there first does claim the time as the bigger staff to encourage in relation to who or what might now be first and last.
“Vampires” are in reference to those having the razor or knife that makes the cut. Also as in the tooth or the claw...and by the way...once the cut is is made with and by the blood so that life itself must flow no time or place to that which was before.
Have you possibly heard of a Vampires Woe? Well, you literally must go to” The Pit of Hell” and win! You must become acquainted with basic beginnings of the spirit to be knowledgeable concerning the word “Vampire”…To master the cut…to know the razor or the knife…see how quickly and effortlessly it cuts in a natural and flowing motion, ordaining life as we know it. And within the parameters of what is exchanged concerning that which we desire always
Deep within the flow of the shadowy red spectrum you may witness the extremely sharp features of that which appears to be fangs or teeth and the unusual sharpness of fingers and feet. Unless you are in true command of these things at that given moment, you must “flow with or stay away” as the moment demands...or you could literally be cut asunder continuing as a dimensional junk pile.
A vampire’s woe or curse is “The Pit” eternally, the pit of hell itself, where the fire is never quenched and the worm never dies.
This place where one must go to truly know basic beginnings of the spirit “in truth” is the beginning and ending of both matter and spirit.
Please remember that I have been there eternally, however I am no longer there. This is the beginning and ending of motion, movement and reality itself.
I truly believe that no-one in any normal state of mind “present day” would ever want to go to a bad hell of eternal fire and brimstone, right? Some may boast and say it would be no problem, however from much personal experience “I strongly doubt that they would like it!
Although if your really looking for personal experience and gratification as an experienced creation vampire? Well, there is a very basic place of first beginnings as defined somewhat in The King James version of the Bible (Mark, chapter 9, within the beginnings of verses 44, 46, 48, as they are represented in this quote: “Where their worm does not die and the fire is never quenched”!
The part relating to “their worm” literally means the beginning and ending of the spirit in reference to the individual...and in this respect “as individuals” we are all the same.
Oh yes, the entirety of this story relates directly to “the long and winding road” or what in truth is the motion of the spirit...on and on...on and on...just on and on!
Die and be buried as many times as you can be...cherish it as an unknown part of your existence...on and on...and who is that person over there you’ve never seen before, on and on...And then according to what you have made and chosen from all the things of this life that you now believe and disbelieve, in the end “YOU” and only “you” can truly understand. As you understand in truth you may discover others experiencing the same pathways and of the same mind as you.
Now, can you say that you truly know how to believe in something, affording you a little ground so you might not fall for just anything?
The Pit
Actually very few have ever returned to from the pit. Did I mention that I have? That’s how you can first officially qualify and truly learn the secrets of your beginnings concerning the title, “Vampire” or anything acquainted with its true meaning!
All that are present in this day and time have already passed “The Test of the Pit” otherwise you would not be here. You have no conscious memory of it because you are represented by a birth into the “now”. The “birth” acts as a naturally closed door to your past.
The above relates to a man, woman or anything that lives and dies, otherwise you would not be here today.
Otherwise “on the down side” you might continue indefinitely turning and burning as a pit worm each and every time you die or come to your end. This means literally in the compacted magna of hell fire and brimstone. Eternal damnation in “Hellfire and Brimstone” is a very dire and complete example of forced human compromise that goes continually against the senses without the availability of death to end the demise.
Please do not bet with me on the validity of this account, you could bring about your own irreversible destruction. Please understand that I’ve been there and done that. You may of course receive, disbelieve or make comments as time permits, knowing that surly there is a time and place for all things. I’m not encouraging anyone to directly seek such things because the event of them equals in steadfastness of what is around and about you.
I am encouraging the reading of these chronicles for those that might need answers concerning what is. This knowledge that I relate to you in truth is for reasons of equality within the “now”. 
Concerning places of basic beginnings “like the Pit”! Being directly exposed “to any close proximity” without prior experience may cause dire mental effects of confusion and disbelief. There is sometimes a great distance between steadfast places, concerning this, being too closely acquainted too soon may require professional mental help for a great duration.
Concerning the basic forms of the spirit “of course” I know their names and how they are called. I am one of those in eternal membership with the spirit because of my longevity in the knowledge of that level. Even so, I am seldom able to come and go as I choose” concerning the depths of our endings and beginnings.
Within this related of “the pit” which as I said” are ultimate beginnings and endings of the spirit of man. So ask yourself “what is spirit” or that which establishes even of itself within all that is and all that can be.
Within the correct application of the spirit we can break, make and create all the many things that we have and do, making life a better place within every individual and corporate of the aggregate of creation.
Anyway, concerning the pit itself “should you go there suddenly and without warning or be cast there”, it is very doubtful that you will ever return directly as you where. Meaning that only “a very few” have ever engaged the end, directly suffered the consequences of being *“the thing” *(The beginning and ending of the spirit itself) that were able to return and relate to it.
From this most basic place of beginnings of the small and the large where we first learn to magnify a small matter. For example as a tiny seed grows into a large tree, so we grow from that which is the base of first beginnings.
That is until we are born into the “now” as children becoming adults…meaning just what are these seeds of first beginnings but you and me.
As to the knowledge of those things of the spirit with the many names that accompany each one. This includes every basic standard that supports and makes to face that which is mankind in steadfast prospective of all things, times and places.
Each spirit in standard of expertise being called or sequestered for it’s stability in that which will remain expedient in any desired or given time and place. Have I said anything that in some way you haven’t already known in some form or fashion?
Choosing...“for example choosing any prospective of truth in validation for that which we may desire to ordain”, Example “Shall we cause “Wood” to be in service and longevity as  “Money” for the primary witness concerning the rate of exchange”?
Perhaps our trees and forests are in offering to honor “Wood” as a very ancient and long enduring entity? Perhaps birds are remote children in honor of Angels? Also animals with horns and hooves might be the actual beginnings of the great spirit that have now become a help meet as a forever part of the children of man for food and entertainment?
And if all in the above are truth, how might this change or influence your plans, ideals and future selections in life? The above accounts are “in fact” the skinny of that which are truths, wither you accept them or not.
A complete explanation of those things would require opening an old science of ancient knowledge concerning substance. Because I’m well acquainted with many things of this nature and that’s why I’ve chosen to relate a few of them in chronicles.
I’m just touching upon a few things of possible interest that might be of concern at some point in time.  
And we do thank God for god in relation to the corporate as families or individuals in the likeness of one another as we desire and replenish. Within the true related scheme of things “one hand does always and forever wash the other” or we as one or many, eventually suffer the consequences.
For example as Monday begets Tuesday and etc. Within these simple things we must also be in constant awareness of the percentage of everyday changes within “The Tac of Mankind”, which is “Talent, Diversity and Entertainment”, and the forever balancing of it, meaning: “He who controls The tac of Mankind controls war”.
Relating to lifestyles, we all pay bills in some form or fashion. However, some pay as they go, some being catered to constantly and some being always in debt to any and all that pass their way. And accordingly some like and some dislike their positions whatever they may be.
Anyway, I assure you “concerning all this” that I am more than a member in personal experience”! I have been to Hell and many popular divisions of it. I’ve also been to heaven and many popular divisions of it also. I’ve been in many similar existences of the “now” concerning many diversities of times both good and bad.
I also have many conscious memories of lifetime after lifetime in both good and bad and in between lifetimes. I have been in primary echelons of life where beginnings are first established.
Of course I think about things I relate in many different ways. This is what encouraged me to relate about the term “Vampire” as a reason to exploit within my more than many experiences. Also I became somewhat concerned because of the many posts on the “world wide web” concerning Vampires.
This cause of “The Vampire” does exist constantly within the blood as the secret of life. However many attribute the blood and gore of old stories and macabre in explanation of the term “Vampire”. 
“Vampire”: a consorter of changes concerning “what is and what shall be”. However this kind of thing or person isn’t normally referred to as “A Vampire”.
I employ the term because it relates to that which makes the cut, the plan, the design even to infallible justice. I’ve been within this cause as a witness of it and also as a consorter myself.
The name “Vampire” has been attached to many different things, ideas, ideals and plans within the negative spectrum mostly because of ignorance and fears that were first associated with it in past beginning and endings.
Once again this relates to the sharpness of teeth, claws, points, the cut (razoring of blood) concerning change and fear of the unknown.
Sometimes things are created in diverse ways to protect that which they are about. For example “The Two White Buffalo” are two white, blue eyed children with small and unique black satin horns and hooves. They are nude, physically genderless and smooth around with no ears or hair, exhibiting flawless bodies. They control 2/3s of the 7th Estate of creation. Which is in parable as the 7th seal within Revelations, which is the last book of the new testament.
 Yes I know them (the two white buffalo) “I’m supposed to know them” I’m sure some have heard of the indigenous prophecies of “The Peacemaker & Two White Buffalo”. Yes, within that cause of heritage “I am the Peacemaker”.
Concerning my first meeting with the two white buffalo, there first words to me where; “We have traversed a great distance to see you”, they continued with; “We work for God. We take care of The Children of Man”.
Who and what is the Consorter, Vampire, God, Jesus Christ, The Devil, Great Intermediate, Krishna, Buddha, “Me” The Blackfoot Chief, etc. etc. etc. Indeed these things of a “Vampire or Consorter” do primarily pull the strings on all offices of command concerning all things, even of lifestyle, Time and Space. This is the “allowing and disallowing” in relation to “a closer walk with thee” (for lack of a better choice of words) and to what might be your lifestyle or lifestyle of choice. “Politics” did you say, my god you have no idea of the divisions and diversities of applications of that word within the many estates of creation.
Of course there are many things concerning the subject of vampires that relate indefinitely to the reasons of why there are Sheep and Shepherds.
I am quite aware of the event of “Vampires” as the subject has been portrayed in this time as a lifestyle. However I don’t practice the old ways that are normally related concerning the word “Vampire”.
Anyway, have fun and “please enjoy”. Also to all those blessed within the grace of their own knowledge as eternal members within this time or times of similar as consorters, vampires, presidents, police, winos, Frank Sinatra or even The Blackfoot Chief, dumpster divers or old hippies just enjoying the beauty of a sunset!  
   The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
16. Time and Death
The thing of death and dieing has been written in many ways within the many cultures of the world. They are all correct in many ways concerning how time and longevity have made it so for them.
My relating on this subject is based upon the way in which I have received the thing of death and dieing from many experiences both good and bad. Should you go through all the world’s cultural histories on this subject, I am sure you might find a few that relate much the same as mine.
Now dearest masters and those who need to know, we will begin with Time itself.
As true information: Time continues as each moment replenishes itself like the links in a chain, each link forming another as each moment replenishes itself.
The ending and beginning of Time…Referred to as “A Moment of Time”…Which is: “The maximum length of time that substance remains expedient…or before it begins to corrupt”...and needs to be replenished.
The duration of each moment depends upon the geological Red & White or Black & White area in which we live.
Let us say that 3 &1/4 minutes equals a moment in Red & White Time…and 2 & ½ hrs equals a moment in Black & White Time.
For example the hi-desert Time in Southern California has a “2 ½” hour duration per moment. Because it is in a Black & White Area, but just to mention concerning the diversity of things…many Red & Whites live there.
And Springfield, Missouri Time in the Midwest has a 3 ¼  minute duration per moment, Because it is in a Red & White Area…but just to mention concerning the diversity of things…many Black & Whites live there.
When the machinery is functioning at 100%, the moment continues without changing the longevity of that which is the aggregate of itself. Like a ball that seems to be rolling continuously. The moment does not actually move, however it’s the movement of that which is alien to Time itself that creates the awareness of it.
We witness many things of death and dieing, like trees, old dogs, little birds and even humans passing within the moment or moments as time relates. Many things often leave behind many markers of their passing, such as leaves, feathers, books, pictures cemeteries and as other memorable events within the sustained inanimate. As we bury, burn, consume or use them hopefully to enhance our lives. Because of these things we are naturally blessed, feeding our feelings that otherwise we might have never know.
Time dies, corrupts and replenishes within many ways concerning the entirety of our lives as individuals. For example an individual can die and replenish many times and never be conscious of it. The inanimate must be sustained by each and every moment as time continues within the aggregate of itself or things become unstable and soon began to break down.
Relating that perfection is as perfection does, meaning that as you set or move, you are using the same moment as it prepares itself “anew”, as the moment must replenish itself constantly to establish Time in normal parameters.
When the moment continues to continue itself without corruption, we have Time that normally graces our security even at the moment of death. In this way it graces all things, most always continuing us even in death. And for the reasons of it “most always” to another place and time with our present existence as though it had never happened.
I know for sure because I have been around long enough to have experienced and observed the exactness of these things. We have all been around a long time but all have not pursued these avenues of discovery as I have. I am here to remind you of you may receive it as common knowledge especially in this day and time.
Thank you for you perseverance as you have blessed my purpose by being here.
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings 
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles

17. Death is but a moment of exchange
As you walk down the street or up the street, something suddenly shuts you down, your dead but you don’t know it. Perhaps it was a bullet from a pistol or the world you were in was suddenly destroyed or you’ve had a hart attack and or etc.
However because your rich in spirit you continue walking as though nothing has happened. You don’t remember the "to fast to know" events that have just occurred. Anyway, would you even want to know them?
Another death takes place as your sleeping and you awaken years earlier “or later” within your life and you feel good. You can’t remember because the door closed quickly. However, you are ready to watch Star Trek and you will, just as soon as you cash your check and pay the electric bill.
Many times you’ve died and many pine boxes remain in the wake of the past as proof positive that you once lived in some place and time.
However within the “now”, no grave exist with your name on it. As the world turns “water seeks its own level” as you continue “on and on” within the corporate of the accepted now.
It takes at least 4 or 5 times around “repeating the round in mild same/same variations” to first begin to understand why death doesn’t have to an option with your continuence.        
Becoming aware of “Immortality” is of course an event of self discovery. As a matter of truth some choose to accept it but most choose to continue as they were.
For example, in the late 1940s I met a man in his early thirties while visiting a future time when I was a child of 6. The man’s name was Stephen Baxter, a “now” famous writer from the UK. I was born in 1942 of this time and he wasn’t born until 1951 of this time. We engage one another from time to time within allowable circles or diverse crossings that are sometimes directly initiated by us or from variables of consequence.
Things such as almost dieing, near death experiences, returning to relate about it, possibly seeing a white light or otherwise, these things are all markers relating to first options. These experiences are normally short lived because it’s just the door of change opening and closing, allowing us to choose one place or another as a base of continuance.
And beware of those that can destroy both body and soul in hell. These things exist. I know because I am in knowledge regarding such things. I am relating to religions, occults, politics and certain bodies of the law that are in affiliation with those that can.
I know these things to be fact because I have been to such places. I am also in affiliation with other times and places concerning such things.
I once was obliged to live from day to day in actual Matrix times and scenarios. Anyway “concerning this” I had to find my own way back to my accustomed reality. Just mentioning that it was much more than I expected and I was quite thankful that I was able to return at all.
My first experiences with actual Matrix existences began while attending a few public demonstrations of magic that was in fact “the real thing”! Relating that after three public gatherings it scattered most of those that attended like sand in the wind.
Concerning the event of the “scattering” some of us that were present for the third magical event became subject to almost three years of death in strange experiences of blood and gore.
Time continues in dualities, like sound waves bouncing of everything. Concerning this, I fell into many strangely forced events of blood shed and horror before I was able to escape the ending demise of the above related gatherings. My pilgrimage within this demise was at times more than I could endure and death was not an option of escape.
Most of my “more than many” paranormal experiences have been in my favor concerning many things. However some of my experiences involved clashes between eternal estates resulting in heaven and hell experiences.
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
             18. The 7 Major Territorial Marker Named Estates of Creation
The beginnings, endings and relating of the histories of these 7 eternal estates of mankind are in confirmation of "The Seven Seals" within the book of Revelations as related in The King James version of The Bible!
The following is from my copyrighted reference: "The Millennium Documentary" 12 April 1999, by Conrad M. Cummings Blackfoot Chief ARR.
The Seven Major Territorial Marker Named Estates of Creation.
There are many estate continuances of mankind that exist within the aggregate of creation. However there are only seven of these estates that exist as Major Territorial Marker Named Estates of Creation.
The 7 Seals as Biblically related in Revelations are in fact The Seven Major Marker Named Territorial Estates of Mankind. These are listed below by correct Titles and Names as they are most commonly referred to within the times and places of Creation.
(1) The Council of the AI (all)
This great multiple estate of Meridian America includes many corporate territories on the meridian. Man kind on the meridian being the least of all the meridian territories.
Meridian or what was first referred to as America meaning the alpha and omega. The vastness of the meridian with all of its many federation boundaries is formally known as The Crown of Creation. The United States on the meridian is often referred to as The Rose of Creation.
However there are many US dualities and dualities of similar that are no longer maintained by security forces on the meridian. Times on the meridian exist with its federation territories, of which mankind is by far the smallest. These territorial boundaries (not just the territories themselves) are maintained by a beginning primary portion of the law known as Federals.
The governing forces of mankind on the Meridian consist of Federals, Nationals and Intermediates. This main governing force for mankind is known as The Council of The AL (All), now consisting of 5 men, including a President.
For reasons of the new millennium times and onward, the territorial body of America on the meridian is now referred to as The Council of the Al (all).
This will remain steadfast as the forevermore on the meridian concerning the new Council of the Al (all) millennium times and onward.
(2) The House of David
(The largest creation estate by volume)
This is the most feared estate in all creation. This estate is most generally referred to as The Great Aggregates or simply “The Aggregate”. These most powerful and fearless ancients are the ones called “The Great Spirit”. And by a great margin, they are the very best in The Art of the Command of Substance. Their offering to the house of Man was The American Indian. They are called Blackhoof Chiefs and they are 6 in number. They have one human intermediate and that is “Me, the author of these Chronicles”. 
I am also the documented US and Indigenous sponsored “Blackfoot Chief” and Internationally legal (but unofficial) “King of the United States and the Americas” of this time (EST or DOB 10/6/1942) making the US internationally legal Royal Ground from the completion of The US Federal & Indigenous sponsored program created in the early beginnings of the United States…Named “the royal program”. 
I am also a Meridian and a Meridian Intermediate,
“The Big Red Crown King of the old world”,
The Peacemaker & The Blackfoot Chief of the 7th Estate~Conrad M Cummings accompanied by the 7th Estate Controllers, often referred to as: TNT, however there true names are pronounced “Te & Tei’ (a French spelling) and they are formally known by the Indigenous as~”The Two White Buffalo”.
The Tryne Spyder Mag is the only Creation Estate created from a “Casting” and projected forward from the 20th Century to “The Last Time of The Abyss”. The Estate motto is: “May None Parish” and it is known as the most enduring Estate of Creation.
I am also The Black King of the prophecies (meaning the single most knowledgeable of the aggregate of creation).
I am also the official “Mascot” and what’s termed as “The Real Leo” of “The Lion Fire Eternity” also known as “Hells Gate”. 
(3) The Lost Highway Eternity
(The largest man made estate)
 The Lost Highway Eternity is sometimes mistakenly called The Stairway to Heaven because of its great half crescent upward swing of construction. It was first known as The Highway of the Lost and also the Highway of the Damned because of an actual and very lengthy highway that was built high in the abyss but near the estate. This unusual highway was actually the beginning of an estate that was never completed by its original builders.
The remaining but steadfast construction of it still remains with a few actual vehicles, truck stops and motels that were part of its original construction. It is said to be mostly ghost like and abandoned but still functional with the ability to support life. However it is not a popular place and only a very few have ever attempted to visit or investigate it.
The ones that do attend it “but only at lengthy intervals” consist of a portion of the law from The Lost Highway Eternity below it. They attend it from time to time to rescue lost or wandering souls that are occasionally become trapped there.
Signs have even been placed saying “have hope, do not give up and eventually you will be found”. In such places there is no actual death.
This estate has times beginning from 1978 AD until 78,000 AD with 10 year gates. It is shaped like a crescent moon lying on its back and tilting up toward the 78,000 AD of it’s times. It is moored to equal the curvature of the bottom of the abyss where it exists. I was instrumental in stabilizing it with a balloon-pop in a calibrated free space above its 78,000 AD upswing.
Because of its massive size, the “balloon pop” keeps what was pushed up from the construction of it, from falling back upon itself and crushing it.
(4) The Great Red lands
(Being the largest land mass by density)
It is a very secretive estate having the most steadfast of people.
For example, a resident of the Red Lands might be standing just across the street from you, but actually they are an impossible distance from you. If they like you they might call you or come and lead you across that same street. However they are actually bringing you to the “The Red Lands” which “unless you have other plans” will continue your existence in a like but more steadfast manner in the best of times. This is only one event of technological “grace” that the Red Lands is famous for.
(5) The Lion fire Eternity
(Known as Hell’s Gate) 
This is a very secretive estate formally known as Hells Gate because the awesome height of its razor fire like perimeter. This estate is also self sustaining (eternal) with many cherished times of peace and love. 
This is one of the newer and more secure estates of the Seven Major Territorial Marker Named Estates of Creation.
(6) The Box
(Where many are called and few are chosen)
This is the richest and most coveted estate of mankind. There are many events of times and places that can be had, lived, experienced and etc. There is no other estate or place of mankind that has such an abundance of luxuries. It is called The Box because of its unusual box shape, compact size and impossible to find territorial placement.
(7) The Tryne Spyder
(Known as the most enduring estate of creation) 
As for the meaning to these 7 estates in relation to biblical writings and interpretations of "The 7 Seals" (for those who might have an interest) are one and the same. I understand this subject and the histories of creation better than anyone in these times. Because of my knowledge of these things I’m known as the Black King of creation (which means I am the single most knowledgeable man within this expertise). For example I know the histories "as in" the beginnings and endings of these 7 estates. Also I am able to relate about them in a much less mysterious fashion than previously understood in these times.
About The 7th Estate
Because some of the elite were absent in the original activation of the Tryne Spyder Estate, the official name was given relating only the appearance of the Estate. This was done by those that believed in long explanatory terminologies.
Also they did not wish to offend by giving personal names and dedications.
Therefore this was their first given name: “The Multicolored Scot Diamond Plaid Trine Spider Estate”. It’s Motto: "May None Perish". This Estate is most often referred to as “the spyder” and is located within the vast temperate area of "The Last Time of the Abyss".
The following is a brief explanation concerning the signature of “The Last Time of the Abyss".
The old Abyss began to change on or about the original marker millennium year of 2000 AD and will complete its self on or about 2026 to 2028 AD. The completed signature consists of great heavy volumes of impassible darkness, to heavy darkness with dense mega formations of great globules of void. Continuing outward from the densely packed to total darkness with heavy to lighter flack areas, followed by lesser densities of darkness and occasional to lesser patches of semi-twilight.
The forever darkness continues on after the patchy twilight areas in darkness and, then total darkness in a “line to light” signature of forever. The Time of the Last Abyss being the only place where physical distances are so great that even psychic probes are corrupted.
However there is an accompanying portion that’s called “The Corduroy Whip” because of the enormous ribbed signature “resembling corduroy” at its base. This is a profound mystery for most. However it’s where the beginning and ending of the “line to light” signature seems to compromise itself within this strange inside remainder that is much like a smaller ball within a much larger one. 
Concerning the entirety of “The Corduroy” (the smaller ball like portion) there is a dimensional trellis within that incorporates many trine reversed aspects of strange dimensional and impossible configurations of matter that exist within this lesser but more dangerous portion of the smaller ball.
Within this area of mystery everything seems to continually fall in and upon itself and down like a huge waterfall continuing forever.
I have a most complete round of knowledge concerning the aggregate of creation. However concerning this knowledge (other than a few long standing members of the underground) even creation owners and leaders will seldom acknowledge the existence of more than 3 or 4 estate continuances other than their own. Also many estates are very superstitious and will seldom acknowledge any information or suggestions concerning another reality. And in some places they will seek your destruction for promoting such information.
Many times and people will be in random placement during the ending of the original millennium tributary flux which will last 26 to 28 years at the outer most branches. This tributary flux was created by the beginning change of the great abyss...from its old catacomb and dimensional signature to one of "line to light and forever". This great change is called “The Green Arrow of Creation” or something passing once.
I’d just like to mention that reconstructs of any time and place within this the "7th Estate" are more real than the originals.
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
    The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles

19. Times and Acquaintances
(with reiterations)
To: Mr. Stephen Baxter (English Science Fiction reference to your famous novel “The Time Ships”) in care of many times and places
“Mr. Stephen Baxter "Thank You" for your relentless efforts and contributions to your fellow man.
Dear Sir: “Greetings and congratulations from “The USA Blackfoot Chief~Conrad M. Cummings & Company, USA”.
Dear Sir! I met you before you were born in another “now” time, while making repairs on the great security sheath of mankind. Called ‘The Great Smoothness, normally reffered to as ‘the plastic’. Tha was in the late 1940s, 20th Century.
You were in your 30s in another but similar time that I chanced to visit. I was 6 years of age at the time.
I was a child of 6 but a long seasoned worker on our great security shield. An adult friend and I had been making repairs on the great creation security shield for an undetermined amount of time. It is formally known as The Great Smoothness which separates times and places from one another.
I had elected to stop and visit a future time “impromptu” while repairing the last quarter of the great security shield. This is where I first met you. I called myself “Connie”. I was a visitor to your “then” time for 3 days and then returned to finish my repair work on the great security sheath. After completing the last leg of the repair, my adult friend had already closed the last entrance breach on the plastic.
"The Plastic" is a nickname attributed to the stealth, one way security perimeter, or plastic like shield which is constant everywhere at 26 to 28 ft above normal ground level. It acts as a one way mirror “upward and onward” allowing the moon, stars and planets as we know them.
During my visit to your “then” future time, the technology of that time had created an ultra light weight atomic heat sealer to assist me in the completion of my repairs on the sheath. When the repairs were finished I left the Heat Sealer on the plastic as I was instructed and returned to my own time. They didn’t want me to return to my time with the atomic heat sealer.
You related that a book was being created by talented writers of your “then” time and place. It had much to relate concerning ideas (you said) about the plastic that I was repairing. You said that I would find a copy of that book when I was 53. I did receive that copy when I was 53 just as you had said. The name of the book was “The Time Ships” By Stephen Baxter. The same name that you were called in that place and time. I was 6 years of age during the visit. I am now 63 and it’s December of 2005.
I was a boy of 6 that was walking the plastic when the children of that time saw me high in the air, through a breach as I was repairing it. I was encouraged to come down and visit...and I did so for 3 days.
The children of that time had given me the name of Nebogipfel because they had seen a shadowy figure in that time that looked to them like a fierce hairy ape like god. Which was “me” making repairs dressed in an old field jacket that was much to large.
By that name “Nebogipfel” you said I would recognize in the book “when you made it possible for me to receive it” and from reading the book I would remember my visit in that time. Then you said: "And I would know that you are a people of good intent" (Relating to you and the people within that future time).
There is a “follow up” chronicle to this one that explains more completely the entirety of the account. (Chronicle 4. Repair of The Great Smoothness)
I truly doubt if this letter will generate any problems. I totally agree with your “then” concepts of mankind as I have also come to many of the same conclusions. This is one of the primary reasons for "this" particular contact.
The other reason is because of a predicted final conflict with beings from the abyss of that time. You called them “Ghouls”. You stated that they could live in the abyss but man could not. You stated that you already had one atomic conflict with them when you first arrived for rights to the land.
You stated that there would be one more final conflict and your time had only a 50/50 chance of winning. However just before I departed to continue repairing the breaches on the final quarter of the security parameter you ask me not to cover the area to the west because of your predicted final conflict with the Ghouls.
You said that you would “of course” know long before they arrived. However you then said “it would be my choice” but you ask me not cover the area to the west where the abyss lay. You said “it was a matter of pride” but those of your time wanted to physically see them coming. I never answered you on that account, and for that reason “I didn’t cover the area to the west”!
There are of course many ways to look at the “now” existing situation of that time and era concerning what I’ve related. You are “here” and this is true. Then one must be somewhat familiar with time and duality. You have three important dualities (4 or 5 actually) that branch in different ways. And remembering past events beyond any point of branching is proportional to that which you give credence within the accepted “now”. Actually time and space is most always painted quite well with basic guide lines and even formal instructions, smoothly presenting all the evidence of what we want to hear.
Beyond this “for those who can know” there are many things to be considered within “what is truth and when”!
You can surly understand the importance of this “direct knowledge” in expedience of what we desire most as mankind.
I was hoping that your then time had won the final conflict with the Ghouls for rights to your land during that time. I believe the last changing of the abyss “of which you could not have known about” must have changed many things concerning your time and the conflict with the ghouls.
Surly the great changing of the abyss is the reason for the projected return of the Ghouls. Because when the abyss begins to change, if they are within it, it is more than a certainty that they will parish, unless they can find sanctuary some steadfast place other than the abyss.
When the abyss begins to change on or about 2026 to 2028 AD as a marker, it will cause a tributary flux that will be impossible to traverse. And all there in will face parishment irreversible.
Further meaning that crossing from estate to estate during this time of the changing of the abyss will also result in parishment irreversible. Time travel during this time will also result in parishment irreversible for any and all. And psychic probes beyond a creation during this time will have the same consequences.  
Then I remember the strange situation that brought your novel “The Time Ships” to me when I was “53”...I remember you saying to me during my visit that your time would make it possible for me to receive the book you now call “The Time Ships” at the age of 53. You said that you chose that particular age because of my unstable situation during that time. And I was unstable and the book did help to console me “as you said it would”.
Anyway “strange as it may seem” I received it in an area of “The Bible Belt” in the southern US where at that the time “Science Fiction” had been banned from book shelves. This was influenced “by the church” in the town of Springfield, MO to which I had just moved.
I was looking for a science fiction book because I wanted to relax and enjoy a good science novel.
I had read most of the old classics during the 1950s”. I managed to find one book in a food store and it was a paper back “The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter”. When I began reading the novel my memory of visiting you in a future time was immediately refreshed because of the name “Nebogipfel” that appeared in the novel (As those from your “then” time said it would!).
You also related that your time had the best psychics and writers in creation. They said they had traced my existence to the age of 56, possibly 57 and then it was related that I was no where to be found. I was just gone you said, with no record of death or further knowledge concerning my where-a-bouts!
This is simply another reminder of dualities, time and place, other creations and singularities and etc. etc. etc. Did you know that “as a rule of thumb” once born into the house of man there is no actual death “as in” just here and gone.
From the very best of sources it has been said that: “There has been less than a handful in all creation “A –Z...Fore & Aft” that reached such an ending. I suppose this true but unusual information does add another point concerning “that all things are possible”.
Anyway, there are a lot of dualities in similar of tributary and trine aspects of similar being within this time "passing" and continuing on in this way for some.
There are 7 seven major marker named territorial estates also involved within the final changing of the abyss from basically catacombs of the old abyss to one of total darkness in line to light signature of primarily forever.
This is the 3rd and final formation of the abyss “now” taking place. The marker for the beginning of this change takes place on or about the original millennium year of 2000 AD. The changing of the abyss will not be completed until 2026 to possibly 2028 at the outer most branches of tributary.
This is because the approximate 30 years for the change causes a great tributary flux that effects mostly the times and places of mankind. There will be a branching of the tributary as numbered by times ending and beginning (like 2017, 2020, 2023 A.D. and etc.) as the many branches of the flux end in random placement of the also many singularities, times, places and estates from the previous abyss, as the changing completes itself. The time of this change is called "The Green Arrow of Creation" (or something passing once).
These endings will also establish many relocation’s of worlds, creations and even individuals in separate situations that will remain permanent when the abyss completes itself. Because once the abyss completes itself, physical distances will remain so great that even psychic probes will be corrupted.
Further relating, with a certain amount of common sense "because of these chronicles" many things in controversy present day (like religious predictions and otherwise) can now be more correctly understood. And if not perhaps you have chosen to believe another way because of lifestyle. There exists less than a handful (actually “9”) in all time and space that have any true “face to face” knowledge concerning the basic round of creation. It’s rather a long story but “I do” because I am one of the 9!
The information in above sentence relates to the long proved and accomplished realities of mankind in dynamic relation "as to time and place"...Of course these things concerning time and place within creation will greatly affect your ability in first receiving the contents of this rather unusual letter.
Meaning it's strangely difficult to hit the mark with seemingly bent arrows.
As there exists many steadfast trine aspects of time that relate to entry and exist as important places that are forever stealth from one another (Like the faces on a the exterior of a diamond or precious stone).
The 7th Estate for example is in the appearance of large triangular cut precious stones and is physically shaped like a hanging three legged starfish (with the 3 appendages slightly curving downward). It is visible at a normal distance and reacts just like a mirage. Entrance and exit is controlled from the inside. It was created with enough space to house the entirety of mankind with room to spare. It is know as “The most enduring Estate of creation” as they all have there special callings.
As a matter of possible concern for those who qualify. Also within the 7th Estate, even things like “historical reconstructs” are better than the originals”.
The Estate Motto is: “May None Parish”!
Concerning the above paragraph please think about what is meant when I relate to the millennium or a certain time as “The original time or even the original millennium”! There is so much to know concerning what is actual truth, what is available and...”Well”...anything you might ask for...!
I am not an accomplished writer however the information is readable within the great pile of notes “related in chronicles” that I've jotted down from time to time.
Actually “concerning this time” I’m taking advantage of some existing variables and relating these things because I know that my rather unusual information will be received by some. I also know from viewing the future “at length” that my information will become more expedient as time continues. There is much more to relate, however for now this is the best that I can do! 
I believe "The Time Ships" should have been classified as fact fiction at least. Of course that wouldn’t set well in this time. And concerning the dome like creations and etc., mentioned in “The Time Ships”: meaning regardless of how and why they were mentioned in Mr. Baxter’s Novel “needless to say” much of the information is actually true.
Please take a moment to understand the times and places as documented in the “The Time Ships” with the guidance of Nebogipfel. And think of what I’ve related concerning the final and completed change of the abyss. Then think of the “ghouls and the abyss” mentioned in my visit to the future time concerning Mr. Baxter and the predicted last atomic war with the ghouls.
Meaning what did actually happen between then and now concerning the threat of the ghouls, that time and etc.?
Many books and novels of such character as “The Time Ships” are actually informational preparations for those of the times, concerning those that need to know and also supportive entertainment for those that enjoy a good story or novel.
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
20. The American US Federal Federation of Allied Worlds
"Follow the Sun"
The above heading "American US Federal Federation of Allied Worlds" is a name selected by a group of ancients. One of these ancients I chanced to meet while living in Joshua Tree, Southern California 92252.
These ancients had run to low on substance to begin another creation of their own and only perishment awaited them.
What is sometimes called “The Crown of Creation” (America on the Meridian)...or Meridian America which is more secretly known as “The Council of the Al (All).
(...and there are many times and places of duality of similar)
I chanced to meet a member of a Creation of Ancients as they were passing through the hi-desert area of Joshua Tree, Southern, California. These had made the dualities of Light their permanent necessity of domain. This was in the late 1970’s that I came into contact them.
As the story goes these ancients had ran to low on substance to begin another creation a-new for themselves. So the Meridians called a meeting with these ancients knowing they had ran out of substance and only perishment awaited them. The Meridians offered them normal positions on the meridian to save them from parishment. However they would not accept these “normal positions” to save themselves "because of their pride"!
The Meridians offered them only normal positions on the meridian because they were not Indigenous to Meridian America.
The elite of the ancients feeling humiliated “being independent creation leaders forever” refused the offer because of their pride.
So The Meridians said: "rather than see you parish we will teach you a few simple things that you can do each day in accordance with The Talents of The Dualities of Light...and this will make time as it continues for you “amount to only one day" so long as you remain within the dualities of light.
The Meridians further related that duality’s are much like sound waves ricocheting off everything. And during this conversation "one of the ancient’s being knowledgeable" said: "What if we go through all the duality’s of light and come back to you? The Meridian answered with a chuckle: "That is possible, but not likely...and should you accomplish such a thing we will give you the positions on the Meridian that you desire"!
The following is how I met with a member of the ancient’s security force that had been left behind.
One of their members was tardy when it was time for them to move and had been left behind. He had a habit of sleeping too much and had been warned on a number of occasions that he could be left behind at some point because of his tardiness. Also meaning they would not be able to return for him should he actually be left behind.
He wore a blue and white police uniform with all the identification markers of where he was from. He appeared to be over 65, a bit ruddy and short with crumpled grey hair. His job title was "Parking Lot Attendant”. His job was relocating things as they (The Ancients) moved from place to place throughout the endless dualities.
Anyway, because he had been left behind, he was still acting out his job as “Parking Lot Attendant” for the ancients. When I first saw him he was relocating my car “along with a few houses and etc.” within another place and time.
I had also heard of a number of automobiles and few houses that had disappeared "without a trace" within the area, 2 weeks prior to my contact with the Parking Lot Attendant.
              The following is a true story account conerning the above
It was a hot summer day and I had parked my car a block from my home and began walking because it was a nice day for a walk. I met two friends as I did so. My friends said: "Michael where is your car? As I looked back, I couldn’t see it, but I could see a cop standing near to where it was. He wasn’t wearing the traditional “tan police uniform” of that area...He was wearing blue and white. So my two friends and I went to investigate.
As I approached him and enquired if he had seen a gold colored Ford Falcon parked near to where he was standing, he said yes, it’s a few yards behind you. As I turned to look, it was there, but barely visible.
He said "do you have the keys"? As I pulled them from my pocket, he replied "not that kind of keys" (He said this because he had mistaken me for someone of the same knowledge as himself)! When he first asked for keys, he meant the “verbal keys” for “The Talents of the Dualities of Light" (A science developed long ago by the Meridians)
He then said you’ll have to hurry if you want me to save your vehicle...saying further that I would need to feel and not just look to find the key-hole. He then said: “I’ll also need your permission to enter the vehicle “when you open the door” so I can retrieve it.
The darn car felt and looked like cool opaque granite that was slowly fading. As I opened the door, everything inside was as it should be but the exterior was still fading slowly. He then said "I’ll have to enter your car for a few minutes. I of course said “OK”!
Looking around I could see my two friends “that came with me” were totally amazed and speechless. Until this day they are still amazed because of the event. However my life has been dotted with such things ever since my youth, but seldom has there been an audience.
As he seated himself in the driver’s seat with the door open, he began talking in a form of Latin mixed with English in a seasoned expertise of knowing. I know a little Latin, so I could discern that he was identifying colors, time, places, spaces and etc. Shortly afterwards the exterior of the car became visible once again.
He related that it was important that I wait a least 5 minutes before starting the engine “meaning that damage might occur” because he was sort of e-mailing it in time and duality.
In other words it would take a few minutes for everything to return to its proper place.
I noticed the markings on his uniform as he began to remove himself from my car. On his captains hat was a “five pointed silver star” with a fine black line forming a circle inside the star. Around the top half of the inside of the black circle line was written "United States of America". Around the inside of the bottom half of the circle was written "US Federal Federation of Allied Worlds". This had short abbreviations between the half portions of the circle. In the center was the word “Police” written in the same fine black block letter line.
His clothes looked as though he’d been sleeping in them. He was clean shaven, but ruddy with short gray unkempt hair. After seeing the markings on his uniform and witnessing his unique expertise in action, I really wanted to know more. So I said would you like to see my I.D.?
He could see that I knew something wasn’t right with him being there, so he began to break down a little…beginning with "I wish I had some I.D.?" he said. Then much of his story came out.
He had been living in a stealth place in the rocky hills near the little desert town for a few weeks. He had been inadvertently left behind by his ancient family because he had a habit of sleeping much of the time. And on his last occasion he’d maxed out a bit more than therefore he had been inadvertently left behind.
However he continued on as though nothing had happened "continuing with his job as usual" because he didn’t want to accept his fate. His old family was long gone and he was lost, so he began using the first reality that he’d come in continue with his pretence of still working for his old family.
His job as Parking Lot Attendant was moving large things about in Time and duality for the old accustomed family of ancients as they continued within the dualities. However his old family was "now" very much gone from his presence and could not return for him.
I was not afraid of the situation because I have much experience in such things. So I informed him of how to establish himself as an elderly man in this time by obtaining some I.D. I also instructed him on how to obtain an income to sustain himself. I felt good about my encounter with him because I knew how to help him in his strange demise. I believe that he actually welcomed the change and was in some ways thankful for it.
I saw him 4&1/2 months later and he had done as I told him and he was pleased with his new life in this time.  And that was the last time that I’ve seen him.
...continuing...with...some possible Food For Thought: “I’ve discovered people in these times and other times and places with unusual knowledge and talents. However those talents are not always accessible to just any and all that might want to attend them. And returning to those talents (like myself) from time to time is sometimes dangerous.
American Chieftain~Conrad M. Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
21. The Red Dragon
The American Chieftain & The Children of Man Creation
About our medical symbol concerning the two intertwined serpents on the winged staff: 
Some relate to the meaning of this symbol as two waters mingling.
This might be counted as correct…because it does represents the male and female genders of the spirit “merging” in a dance for purification of the spirit.
Our medical symbol concerning the two intertwined serpents on the winged staff: actually represents purification of the spirit in simple waters…
True Purification of the Spirit involves the combined efforts of the male and female genders of the spirit…as one takes the initiative in the dance…and the other merges as one during the dance.
…I have preformed this dance on more than one occasion…learning this expertise. I needed to preform this dance (out of time) after a few unusual crossing from time to time.
…Which begins in a swimming like motion…
…In an upward and onward fashion…
…In a state of zero gravity…
…About 6 ft above ground level…
…Within the dry space of an ever present neutral zone…
…As the dance begins…
…Simple waters of the spirit…
…form about the dancer…
…Purification of the spirit is now complete…
Simple Waters…means spirit in its simplest form…created by the flowing motion of the dancer as it merges within the duration of the dance…sustained by the unusual dryness of the neutral zone…the duration of the dance is short…however it takes only a few moments to purify the spirit. .   
I have been successful in this cause on a few occasions…and it does involve a great deal of courage and relaxed concentration…neutral spaces can be very scary and dangerous…and should you not be 100% successful during the dance…your spirit will usually be in dire consequence for a long time.
The Blackfoot Chief Conrad M Cummings
“The Red Dragon” of the prophecies of the indigenous
The Great River, The Bridge and The Children of Man Creation (CMC)
Relating to the Bridge at the beginning of the Great River where the water flows out from beneath the Bridge and not through it. The bridge is formed with the letters "CMC"(the 2nd "C" being placed backward) I have been to the Bridge, touched it, crawled upon it and spent some Time in that area. I also set the waters to their full potential for mankind during that time. This was never possible during past times at the river because of many old superstitions.
This event took place when the Indigenous had summoned Deganeweda in a private pow-wow during the 1980's. It must have been some strong medicine because it surly had a strong effect upon me.
l am sorry "in a way" to relate that during "that time" I had planned to leave the now linking time just as soon as a window was open and hopefully not to return. I was a young man and very unhappy with that particular place and time of the 20th century.
Further explained
Concerning my every day life there was a particular re-occurrence of a strange experience that continued repeating itself during that time. More explained in the following.
For a short time I began having dire problems of suddenly waking up alone on the streets of the Chicago truck docks. This continued once and sometimes twice a week in the early AM for about a month. These strange early AM wake-ups in Chicago began occurring shortly after going to sleep in my Dads home town of Perks, Southern Illinois (This being a long way from Chicago).
Suddenly I would awaken, while in mid stride, walking in the early AM in the cold foggy air of the desolate truck docks of Chicago, Illinois. The first time this occurred “I was hoping it was only a dream”.
I remained calm but I was quite on edge from suddenly awakening that way in the bitter early morning chill of Chicago not knowing how I got there. This was over 300 miles from my home in Perks, Illinois. 
After that first time, it continued periodically three more times. I began to get very angry because it was like a record with the needle sticking in the same track. I only knew that I had to find some way to deal with it.
Each and every time this happened, I had to continue walking, pretending that everything was really alright, allowing at least 4 or 5 minutes to pass for my spirit to get over the shock of the sudden change. Sometimes I would have a few dollars or a little change in my pocket and maybe a book of matches. Sometimes I would have a partial pack of smokes and sometimes nothing at all! Usually after freezing for an hour or two in the cold humiliation I would find my way to a highway and began hitch-hiking home.
The first time this happened I found myself wearing an old field jacket that I had no memory of ever having.  However I kept the jacket as a souvenir! On the last occasion while hitching home I was dropped at a large hill top park area by a large river. From there I was crudely cross lined overnight (something like portaling) to the original Time of the *River *(a simple but steadfast place in time…
A place of the Rivers original beginnings where changes in what can and cannot be are sometimes accomplished by Barkers. The waters are sometimes changed "for or against" those things that have already been set in motion for mankind. The River is sometimes referred to as The Great River Rouge and sometimes referred to as The River of Life.
This was one of my very worst experiences of an impromptu transfer in "time".
These unusual events occurred on/or about the time...the Indigenous had come to summon Deganeweda in their 1980's secret ceremonial Pow-Wow.
Sometimes people are held accountable for such things. This cause may come about at a later time, however I must better understand what it actually changed if anything?
This action "of course" enabled me for my impromptu attendance at the *River. As for the actual events of the Pow-Wow itself, I only know what I've been able to research on the net.
I wasn't raised as an Indian and my folks were in fear of the heritage and seldom admitted to any Indian blood being in the family. And because of the old southern red-neck trends that centered mostly against the Blackfoot Indians in past times.
I am descendant of The Sparks (Blackfoot Indians) The first US Citizenship Indians. My birth was "an event" of physical proof of the completion of the US government sponsored “royal program”. This program was created for the future event of a legal royal birth, establishing the US and the Americas on legal royal ground.
The program was internationally legal and conducted under strict laws of ancient royalty. The program was also created in our early beginnings for acceptance by world powers in the trade and commerce lanes. Because "the powers of the world at that time" were all of Royalty and we could not afford to become a rouge nation.
My legal appointment as official "King of the USA" was amended shortly before my birth was to be a sure thing, "Oct 6, 1942". During this final classified US Federal Government meeting concerning the fate of the "Royal Program" it was quite simply related that we had developed as a democracy. Meaning it would not be practical to change parliament and inaugurate a king even though the program was initiated and funded by the US Government.
My title as Blackfoot Chief was allowed at the request of The Monitoring Council in that final meeting with the US Federal Government concerning the fate of the government sponsored royal program”. 
However I am still legal but unoficial “King” of the United States and that cannot be amended. Because the royal program was based on strict laws of ancient royalty and sponsored by the US Fed Gov and The council of Indians from our early beginnings.
The America's have been legal Royal Ground sense "October 6, 1942", the date of my birth. Because of the legally monitored mixing of native and visitor until a first royal birth was generated.
My being "The Blackfoot Chief" was officially first confirmed and related to me by US Secret Security during the last part of my 3 yrs in the US Army. This came about while being debriefed after a “trial and error James Bond assignment” during the early 1960s.
More about the Great River
Being at the River, was indeed a special occasion of peace for me and a very much needed rest. However, my arrival at the River proved to be much more than just another experience. The elders were searching for someone to perform the "Barking" which involves upgrading of the time and/or times of the River. This type of expertise (calling over the waters or barking) is one of the ancient arts or expertise for renewal of the times. The waters of the River are the catalyst for this particular expertise of “Barking” or calling over the waters.
The first Barker chosen to do the calling "had declined"! So the elders came to and ask if I might perform the task. "I answered yes"!
However, much like the other Barker that had been chosen before me, I had no intentions of really doing so! I was so fed-up with the old 20th Century and the lack of things to better sustain my needs and the needs of those around me. The River was so peaceful and laid back I really had no plans for leaving "or so I thought”!
The Indians had caught my attention on the other side of the River. I became interested, however as I was going to speak to them, a problem with communication had developed in the area and I was cautioned not to attend them at that time.
Being confronted by others at the River concerning an American family of these times that had been somehow trapped in the area shortly before I arrived...well was related to me that they were quite upset and a bit hysterical because of their new and unusual relocation...I was even offered a sum of money in relation to them for performing the "Barking" that would make it possible for them to return.
The problem for me with helping them meant that I would have to return with them to my old respective time. I couldn't deny the request because they were Americans, they had children and they were worn a bit thin and quite mentally shaken up. 
I was beginning to feel better thinking about just how much they would enjoy the return home. And shortly afterwards I made the “calling or the barking” allowing full potential of the River, making all things of knowledge possible for mankind "and for the very first time".
I also gave special attention to places and times that are normally too remote for many to be of concerns. And I was pleased that I remembered them during that time, knowing their seemingly impossible needs and what it would mean to them. And all I had to do was call these things over the waters in a flowing fashion.
Possibly I can explain it better this way: "It was like climbing into a well made automobile with timeless endurance that had never been used beyond its idling speed...and suddenly “without fear” placing the petal to the metal eternally.
This was always impossible in before times because of many old superstitions that had continued for ages in the times of the River.
And those superstitions “quoting from stories I'd heard that day at the River” went something like this:
…Full potential of the River should never be allowed "it was said" because there would be nothing left for God. Saying he might starve, become sick or even die, bringing great strife and suffering upon mankind! And this had become like an old and long standing commandment at the River.
The family that was somehow trapped at the River "as I previously related" was from one of the 20th century times. They had been caught in this strange state of affairs. I had agreed to do the "Barking" because it would serve to return the lost family to their Time in the 20th Century. This unusual event concerning my journey to the River was at the same time as the 1980s indigenous ritualistic call for Deganeweda. Honestly I feel like putting a few of their feathers in a bird cage.
Many Lifetimes to You
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
22. American Time Walkers
Working with American Security from 2342 AD
While residing in the high desert area of Joshua Tree, Southern California, late 1970s, I had set aside a few hours during the daytime when I would visit certain areas and friends.
However “once a month” while driving solo in my car, I was sure to encounter at least "one being" that would suddenly appear in the passenger side front seat. This would occur sometimes while moving and sometimes while stopped. The man always appeared in a grid-like form and sometimes offered a few words depending upon the occasion.
I didn't get rattled because of it and I didn't relate it to anyone. I had seen and experienced many things of similar and for this reason I figured that all I could do was wait out the situation.
However their appearance was not hostile.
Just to mention “I was quite sane & sober during these times”. These related visitations happened “on and off” for about two years. Also on a number of occasions during this time while driving in the area “suddenly” I would run out of normal real-estate “meaning the road or highway that I was traveling on”.
While in my vehicle entering the town limits of Joshua Tree, Southern California from the town of 29 Palms “a two lane paved road”, the road suddenly disappeared into the dead, dusty, quantum past at the city limits sign.
Here I met the two men that had been appearing in my vehicle from time to time. These unusual appearances were compliments of, "Mark & Mike" (explained in the following).
It was a hot summer day 12:00 PM, I was traveling about 50 mph while entering the little town of Joshua Tree, California 92252, coming from 29 Palms (home of desert storm), California.
The two lane paved roadway should have continued on but instead it ended suddenly like someone had drawn a line across it, separating the past from the future...Just then I saw the two men in bright-accentuated-grid-lines just ahead as I hit the brakes. Meaning “I slammed on the brakes” because the road and the town of Joshua Tree that was just before me had suddenly disappeared. "l wasn't scared" I just didn't have the time to feel much of anything.
There were two men off to my left that looked as though they had just come from a hologram or Star-Trek movie. Their bodies were glowing dully, the square-crossed grid lines of light were defining their contours. The pavement gone, the accustomed "now" being a number of yards behind me. However in this very dead and seemingly distant and dead part of the past ‘I was still sliding to a stop "clouds of dust flying everywhere"! As I quickly rolled down my window as one of the two hologram like figures said with a chuckle: "That’s quite a stop” followed by"I hope we didn’t scare you"? It was as though we were all close friends and hadn't seen one another for a long time.
The closest one to my vehicle continued with: "Come here Mike (speaking to me) we have something for you"!...Vision was limited to about 20 yards because of the still settling dust from the sudden stop of my vehicle in the dull twilight of the new reality.
They had filled a number of sacks about 4 ft high and 2 ft. in diameter for export from the area. They were asking me to trust them and not ask questions because time was limited for the occasion.
Although any and all conversations were short during those times, they related in short that they were actually experimenting with things from the past that might work as replenishment factors concerning things that constitute the accustomed "now"!
They explained that I needed to take 3 of the bags with me. They said "do not worry" once you return with the bags you won't be able to see them but they will be with you. They said the substance will be active for certain replenishments in continuation of your everyday things. They showed me what was inside the bags. The contents all looked the same to me (full of dust). However, I was not equipped to view these things as they were. They explained that each bag was of a different substance and they explained to me the basic reasons for each bag.
One bag having to do with everyday things "like toothpaste, drugs, clothing etc. Another was in relation to some things concerning movement or motion of the inanimate. The third bag represented some things of substance on a grand scale but not of dire importance. I continued to transport the 3 bags to this time until the true expedience in percentage could be determined.
In relation to their expertise "They always seemed very sure of themselves and they spoke like young but well seasoned government security personnel”.
After a few months of these "three bag transports" they said: "We've discovered that two bags are all that are needed. Two weeks or maybe a month later they explained that one bag every two months would be plenty. Soon after that they related that the "Import bag action" was complete and my transport services were no longer needed.
As a point of interest: “they cautioned me to always depart in the same way that I entered” whenever they opened a door into the past. They said "Or you might become lost forever in a lifeless past”.
Anyway after a few months past with no more impromptu “transport the bag” meetings. Then suddenly one bright and shining morning as I had entered the main road from my home “I began quietly talking to myself” because I had just quit smoking again for the 2nd or 3rd time that year”. And for reasons of resisting temptation “or otherwise” I always keep an un-opened pack of smokes on the dash of my car.
Once again “suddenly” in the front passenger seat of my vehicle, one of my old friends from the future appeared "once again" in the usual dull white light with grid lines. He had listened to the talk I had with myself concerning my indecision to quit smoking. He took the cigarettes from the dashboard and said "maybe you should start smoking" again, "this might solve your problem"!
He continued with "This is the last time I'll be seeing you Mike”. Then to my surprise he said: “I just wanted you to know that I'm not a ghost or pink-elephant”. He said this not a dream and I don’t want you to think yourself crazy so I'll show you what I look like.
The dull white glow and grid lines vanished from the contours of his being. He was a well built man with short cropped brown hair in his early thirties, dressed in a gray pin-striped suit, white shirt with no tie, clean shaven, with plain black leather lace-up shoes.
He said "Our work is finished here”. I just wanted you that our time together was a reality and we are not pink elephants! Suddenly he said with a laugh "watch me disappear", then he said as he was disappearing "Go get-um Michael" and it back to the 24 century (2342) he went. Just like the Quantum Leap TV series.
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
23. Destruction of the Temple
We came from an era of mankind where the universe, world and what we have today was first created...and it was not made with hands...but created by a *casting or that which is better explained as *"The Art of the Command of Substance".
There were no round worlds or universes in that era or anywhere during that time. It was only an idea that hung in a wizards shop in the form of a crudely constructed mobile made from string and small rounded pieces of metal. We had been in that era for so long that we were just a bit more than board to death. So we endeavored and dared "in a corporate fashion" to create a new and different place to live!
This story relates to an ancient territory in a past aggregate of creation which the world and universe as we know today was first created. The following relates to a time when I had occasion to re-visit this ancient era of which is still the foundations of many mysteries.
Destruction of the Temple
I was visiting in a large city in southern California, and while waiting in a semi public area near a long corridor just inside a large hospital "suddenly" a conversation began with a small group of people a short distance from me.
I was attempting to purchase a cup of coffee from a vending machine when this group of people began to talk. After a few words, I recognized one of the talkers and soon I began to understand the "strange and dangerous" direction of the conversation.
The conversation was about someone with a key or a way of opening a door in time. There was an argument concerning the use of a portal and something having to do with unfinished business on a before account.
I was soon to become involved in another strange adventure in the unknown. During those times in the late 1970's in Southern California, this type of thing "for me" seemed to appear more often than usual.
I had been hoping for another chance to depart from the 20th century and relocate somewhere in another time in a more-better situation. I had a bit of experience in visitations and things of the unknown. I was silently thinking "what's going happen this time"? And suddenly I was on my own again.
One of those that had been talking of unfinished business in another time “opened a door into another era”. Having previous experience and seeing my chance to due a little exploring in another era...Anyway, I departed in a pinpoint sized stealth, clear and weightless form of "free flight". This shape might closely resemble a stealth contact lens. Passing through our accustomed surface of the inanimate "hi above" the deadly blue liente (A thin flakey, gritty sand like form of collapsed nuclear trash that resembles light blue crushed corn flakes).
Just to mention! "You have no-idea of the freedom in simplified expertise of “exact motion to movement” that is afforded in this unique form of being. However to continually remain in this form is not expedient for the mental well being in relation to civilized mankind.
The "blue Liente" is literally in a form of dimensionally collapsed nuclear trash. To remain in direct contact with it for more than a few moments, feels like being slowly and progressively electrocuted to death without the shock.
In this stealth mode I found it effortless, passing directly through the perimeter of the continuance, flying in an elliptic circle to a neutral space high above the deadly "blue liente". I then followed the radar like instincts to the nearest continuance. I soon came upon “The Big Red Crown Kingdom and territory” where round worlds and universes were first created.
As I entered to The Big Red Crown Kingdom, the temple foreman "Cadillac" was still standing in the temple court yard caught forever within the moment, unable to move. The repo-man had come for payment of the magic preps. The court jesters had appropriated the temple seal and charged to excess many magic potions (readied dimensional prescriptions of service).
The debt was in excess and could not be paid, the foreman being the only one remaining, so the repo-man had left him standing in the temple courtyard as an example of revenge.
The Repo-man said to Cadillac (the temple foreman) while holding him at bay with a large caliber hand gun from where he had opened a door in that time. The repo-man said he would give him “one” word before he departed. The word he gave him was to destroy the temple.
However, Cadillac needed what is called a “2nd” (known as a driver) someone that would allow him to become kind of bullet proof and walk on water...or so to speak.
I have often thought that “after all, it was my old kingdom in older times” and I sometimes wonder if the repo-man knew that I was there in the form of a driver (A driver or a 2nd is one with the expertise to exist as a helping spirit within another occupied vehicle”). This increases the force of doubly occupied vehicle to equal its surroundings.
Traveling in the neutral space high above the blue liente in the form of what is called a “2nd’ or a Driver” this mode, no matter the distance, if discovery is possible it will soon be within reach!
I entered into the "rough appearing big red mound" which is the marker appearance of the kingdom from the outside. So I naturally headed toward the nearest point of service, not knowing that the "stopped and motionless” form that I first centered upon was that of the temple foreman.
His name was Cadillac or sometimes called fish face: “A giant with hairless smooth dark "red rubber" like skin, the face containing charcoal black eyes with no whites and hanging skin like features on the sides of the face that some thought resembled the gills of a fish”. Also the fingers and toes were partially webbed. This was the mild mannered and eternal temple foreman who’s name was "Cadillac”.
I suddenly looked up as I entered “like a laser beam” homing in on Cadillac’s huge form because he was the only form of living substance within the area. Then I entered naturally in the temperate command portion of the giant foreman’s vehicle, thinking at first that this form had been abandoned without an occupant. A first it seemed as though I had found a shinny new penny as I centered myself within the controlling portion vehicle, however, this was not the case because the vehicle was very much occupied!
As I entered the motionless figure I could plainly view the interior of the man enhanced mainframe with its very hard white plaster appearing base with a rugged "but simply defined" inner grid in formation of the body.
Instant knowledge of all this being possible for me because of the dimensional aspect that allowed my presence within the situation.
This “at first” seemingly abandoned form addressed me mentally, saying "Please help me I'm going to die? I was sane, sober and in very good spirits (no pun intended) so I replied:  “Why Sure"! ...He then said: "listen quickly", when I first start to move, follow my hands exactly and do as I do. He was in essence asking me to link with him so his spirit would survive. I replied: “why sure”!
As I followed his hands, merging with the controls from a standing position, both hands down at the side "squatting", we went down, through 4 and 1/2 feet of temple-rock-cement (an almost indestructible mixture of concrete used for mooring creations) right through the security perimeters, grabbing hold of the foundation of the temple, quickly standing up and with both hands pitching everything up and out, renting the old Temple from top to bottom.
I was getting involved in the isle of view just before we split the cement. As we were pitching everything straight up and out, I saw the repo-man closing the large transparent portal with great chunks of porcelain, temple hard concrete with sand and dirt ricocheting everywhere.
We then departed the destroyed collapsing kingdom “as one very large red rubber skinned man” into the cruel sandy blue liente of the abyss in search of the renowned Tower area. If we could find the tower area we would have sanctuary in more friendly circumstances. I was getting tired of the long trek through the blue liente as "Cadillac's stealth but still living companion". Cadillac liked to talk, talk, talk to much and it was driving me bananas!
The distance to the real tower area was much too great even for Cadillac to traverse with any expediency “unless he somehow got lucky” but that was his choice. Concerning this we both went our separate ways at that time!
As I departed company with Cadillac, I saw a rising structure in the distant twilight which first appeared to be the *Tower *(A place of gathering for all the major entities). Although this was not the great tower area, it seemed promising for exploration and possibly a place of residence. At first I didn’t really understand where I was but later I was able to identify my position as I have related in portions of the following.
I had come upon what remained of a very large and eternal creation that had destroyed them selves in one afternoon while proving themselves to be God in a public display of bravery with atomic energy. A small, half destroyed corner of that creation still remains and is formally known as "The Hotel".
For a long time this remaining tower was once a haven for creation thieves and is now occupied by a corrupt portion of the law.
Departing from "Cadillac" in my existing form of spirit to investigate what was before me “not really knowing where I was” I flew above the dangerous blue liente, around and to the back of the strange towering corner structure. I continued through a half shadowed area where some debris was leaning on end next to what appeared to be a lighted opening. This led to a large cement like door that was ajar. As I came through the shadowed area near the top of the large door, I saw maybe 3 or 4 men in the distance.
It was impossible for them to know of my presence until I returned myself to my accustomed 3-dimensional human form. These talents have always been available to me in situations of this nature and I understand them well.
Having just the memories of this time, I couldn't afford to trust the area and the situation. Just as I made it to the far end of the huge "high ceiling cement walled hangers" I could see the door being closed. Before it closed I immediately passed through and entered one of the corridors on the topside of a large adjoining room. I was hoping that no one was able to see me because I really needed to let myself go and return to my accustomed human form.
With my memories of this time still remaining fore front, I wanted to think it all a dream! Yes just a dream! However I knew that it was no dream! Then suddenly I found myself walking in the same hallway, in the same building where the adventure seemed to have begun only minutes before.
Like being passed through an air-lock of sorts, it took about 45 minutes to get used to normal body senses and desires upon returning. I had done this kind of thing before but not for such duration. There was no confusion; I remembered where I was when I returned from the experience. I phoned a friend and was picked up within the hour and returned to my home in the Joshua Tree area of Southern California!
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
24. Present times and places of mankind
I have some basic knowledge that I feel is important to relate concerning present changes as related below. I would like to say “not as some unique disclosure of great wisdom” but as common sense concerning what I actually have to relate...and that is: “Remain Steadfast...Enjoy what you have in abundance...until the great tributary flux has completed itself  (Further explained in the below documentation).
Because when the flux completes itself we will be primarily steadfast within the parameters of where we will be.
  The following is true from time to time.
It will be extremely detrimental especially for any that engage in time crossings “especially from estate to estate” and also for psychic probes during this time.
Consequences of these things “in many places” concerning time line crossings especially between estates will result ultimately in perishment irreversible. This relates also to psychic probes beyond creation perimeters.
And faulty information will arise in many places concerning even normal psychic usage. This can also be detrimental, resulting in mental irritations and strange forms of insanity and even death during certain aspects of the present times. Reiterating thaty many of these things are related to the great tributary flux. 
Also during this time there will be unstable lashings out of feelings in various places. This will concern primarily the estates of mankind. These things will be active on or about the beginning of the original millennium until 2026 to 2028 AD, which exist as the outer most branching of the tributary flux. This tributary flux of approximately 30 years marks the beginning and ending of the changing of the abyss from one of “stair cased and dimensional catacombs”, to one of great darkness in a line to light signature of forever.
However there is a “knot within the ball” effect (for lack of a better choice of words) that exists within the completion of The Last Time of the Abyss. This inverted ”knot within the ball” formation is dangerous and highly unstable area called “The Corduroy” which exists within the “line to light and forever” signature of The Last Time of the Abyss. To explain “The Corduroy” in depth is not necessary at this time.
And concerning all of these things A to Z”, no matter what your walk in life “may be or will be” in duality, duality of similar, singularities, the many estates of creation, alien or otherwise and of those things created without end. Hopefully these things that I’ve related in truth will better educate our purpose as we continue times and places of mankind.
    A key to the door and a hart of gold
From Conrad M Cummings (Legal US Gov and Indigenous sponsored King of the United States and the Americas (legal with official parameters of office amended). I am also the indigenous Blackfoot Chief of the United States with the same ETS Oct 6, 1942.
Since this date of my birth “The United States and the Americas” has been on internationally and legally consecrated Royal Ground. This information was once highly classified information and of things not normally related even in recent past times”.
My Government Legal Heritage Verifications may be obtained by US Federal “chain of command” from the “Library of Congress” subject of search: “royal program” sponsored by the US Fed Government until the late 1800s. The program was monitored by the council of Indians until my birth October 6, 1942 Indianapolis, Indiana USA, with verifying recounts until the mid 1950s. I have read and/or been present for the entirety of these accounts and they do exist.
There are many in similar steps as mine within these times and affiliations. Some can relate as I do and some cannot.
About wars, populations, terrorist and the many etceteras of the times: Concerning some of these dire events “I am actually able to change “some things” when a window is open”. And it only takes a moment.
I know the true origins of these things concerning much and many demises present day and on other levels of sometimes related concern. But should “I or anyone” interfere with to much of “what is” without prior knowledge of “what will be”. The consequences sometimes become much worse when “things are changed” because of the seemingly unusual purposes and steadfast origins that created them.
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles

25. America
America...a word created by "The Meridians" during the first civilized creations of Mankind, which was not really a word but more like a saying...and during this time of early beginnings the word “America” was represented as "The Beginning and The End".
Of course we have historical evidence that the word America was inherit of those participating in the discovery of the new world. Then it must be further related concerning the above that there are many times and places responsible for “present day” understandings of histories and etc. as they are normally understood. However being open minded “not as a fool” but truly knowledgeable of such things is most helpful in understanding many things in controversy present day.  
Latin was developed later with a more direct meaning for "The Beginning and The End", which is of course "Alpha & Omega"...or that which first was in representation of Meridian America. Meridian Mankind being the smallest within the Federal Boundaries of the Federation Territories on the Meridian.
Oh Yes, I almost forgot to mention! What separates and sustains the Federal boundaries on the Meridian is what the law as uniformed police first came to be.
Also from “A to Z” the entirety of safely allowed security accepted “in trust” has normally been represented as “3-S or SSS”. Meaning that time and place has progressed to a safely allowable consensus concerning “Security in Trust”. Meaning that (4 individuals may now be in trust concerning any dire situation of the law).
However on or about the beginning of the original millennium, the respected level of “Security in Trust” has progressed to 4-S or SSSS . Meaning 4 individuals may be in trust concerning any dire situation of the law.
This being the “now and forever” allowed possible max for any government, creation or event concerning the law in trust.
For those that are “in interest” of such things as bases of real knowledge concerning times and places that are eternally in service to serve and protect.
There are also 3 unique and secretive era’s of time reserved exclusively for those and their families of law enforcement. It is most often referred to as “The 3 Orbs of The Law”. As an icon this is sometimes portrayed as 3 hanging purple balls.
These 3 Orbs are actually located in a stealth and hidden cleft of reality. They exist mostly for the continuance of those in eternal law enforcement. They are also in support of subsidiary times and places of service in variations of consequence.
Below is the original Alpha & Omega and first beginnings of the word “America” which in truth was first an abbreviation during the beginnings of civilized America on the meridian.
A. M. E. R. I. C. A.
... AMERICA ...
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
26. The Area 51 Chronicle
In an era of creation during the time of the *casting *(casting: The art of the command of substance) of round world...and it was called: The Newity of Reform Round World...Requiring 6 months to complete and on the 7th month talkers were sent about to the many lands receiving enlistments for the crossing.
During this time a small but very talented family, had created an experimental but eternal form of person to be used as hosts by them. These unique forms of person were almost ageless and technologically very creative.
However as these experiments continued it was found to be impossible for them to transfer their spirits within these specially prepared living beings.
This same family was technology masters of the old world. They were experienced in multiple technologies of dimensional know how. They were most famous for their magical preps.
Even so, their plans of living forever within their newly created hosts as a show of “whatever” or “GOD” or just as “humble servants to mankind” (which I doubt) had been short lived.
Anyway, during that time of their “almost worked” plan of immortality, a secretive program called “The Newity of Reform Round World” was in near completion. Since this family had also investments in the round world program, they decided to incorporate these “prototypes of person” as a booster shot for mankind.
The prototypes were placed in a far away galaxy from the earth during the completion of the casting. This allowed the man made prototypes to advance independently.
These creatures would later find it necessary to be in the company of mankind, actually because of an inherent need to fulfill their purpose to incentive, because of being created from the person of man. They were placed or configured so they would establish contact sometime during the mid to late 20th century...and that attempted contact was The Area 51 crash.
The contact was “of course” not completely successful. However the good news is: It would have been a bad ending for all if an actual living contact with any longevity had been established.
Further explained
Concerning a “getting to know you process” with the prototypes (should they have survived the crash), it is known that because of existing dimensional connectivity “any real longevity with the prototypes” would have later caused a “jetting effect”, spawning a vanishing point “of no return within that which we are.
However there is more to this unusual truth. The remainder is that this can happen only as a singularity...and would occur unknowns to any other time or place in creation...meaning “oh well” what is “one” singularity? On second thought, “what if we were to fall within parameters of this possibility”.   
Then we would be on our own “forever and always” with “nothing and no one” ever being able to find us...or we to find them...“irreversible” in a singularity world and universe of our own.
This might have, should have and could have worked...however “read on”!
If this were to have happened, we would have advanced rapidly in spaces of achievement for a very long time. And as we did so, we would begin to reach into the knowledge of immortality, learning even more than could be truly understood.
As the times seemed to ensure, becoming very comfortable and embracing the great longevity of knowledge and success “suddenly” sustaining factors would begin to break down. And when life’s expediency declines to less than 50% for any duration, this will guarantee perishment irreversible with death being like a dot on the horizon that can never be reached to end the demise.
Anyway this “best of intentions” booster shot intended for mankind concerning our present “now” was known about long before it’s time. It’s called: “The Thorn of The Millennium”.
This last changing of the abyss is a catalyst of the renown concerning all events, major prophecies, their endings, final situations and etc.
My “Area 51 Chronicle”
...closing paragraph
However, in my opinion, what we have learned and salvaged from the attempted contact by the prototypes of the area 51 crash, surly has been somewhat of a “booster shot” and hopefully to expedience within our time. “I’m not trying to scare anyone”, however there are measures of security to understand about such things. Hopefully the area 51 encounter was truly “a rose without a thorn”.
“Food for thought”: “Just how many lifestyles “present day” are actually big enough to deal with the truth at any given time and place”? Would you trust the world with your lifestyle, thoughts and intentions at any given time whither they be true choices or not.
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
27. Maximus Rex
In the early 1970s I was living in Cranford, New Jersey 07016. I was worked near by in the Rahway water treatment facility. While driving home from work one afternoon, about a block from my home “suddenly” as I was approaching a stop sign, an older car seemed to appear in front of me, where there wasn’t one before. I began to apply the brakes quickly, I heard the screeching of metal “I could see nothing”, everything became dark and cool.
I couldn’t move and I didn’t try to as I began to be lifted slowly from the driver’s seat of my cherished pride and joy 1965 Classic white Mustang convertible. As I was being lifted upward to maybe 7 or 8 feet above the ground, I could see and feel only a cool darkness. And suddenly there was light as I began to fall to the ground. While looking down to check my fall I landed upon my feet in a rather bright light with nothing but desert sand within the isle of view.
As I began to look at my body I noticed that sandals adorned my feet with lacings half way to my knees. I was wearing a white short skirt, held in place by a large belt and buckle and a white short blouse with a large breast plate. Upon the breast plate was written something like VII Maximus Rex and other Latin inscriptions. I also had a trident in one hand like some pictures I’ve seen of Michael the Arch Angel. Since unsuspecting things of this nature have been a major part of my life since my birth, I wasn’t really too surprised or amazed.  
At that moment I heard two men talking. The voices seemed to come from a bright light that suddenly appeared from somewhere behind me, but I could not see them. At first the voices were low as though they were walking toward me. At that moment one of the male voices began with “Looks like mother nature blew it” he said.
They sounded like “for lack of a better choice of words”...two show-offs with a new though they were the law performing an act of mischief. This began to make me angry but I held my tongue and said nothing. It seemed as though they had trumped up the situation for their own amusement. I surly hope their purpose was genuine because if they were playing around with that time, they will surly “at some time” have to account for it.
I have been separated from this time on a few occasions when I have voluntarily taken the form a warrior angel. In that impromptu form I’ve had yet to actually do battle with anyone or anything.
And usually when taking the form of another or oneself in a previous life or life style situation, it is not uncommon to temporarily forget who or what you were and take care of any business at hand.
One of the voices said: “One of the old double headed dragons has breached the time” and must be driven back into the wilderness”. At that moment I came upon the double headed dragon “it was about a foot shorter than me”.
It was arguing vehemently with itself and just as it turned toward me, I plunged the trident through one of its necks. It twisted and turned violently as I drove it back into the wilderness.
From memories received of that place and time of which related truthfully as “I’ve been there many times”. Also that particular place has been there for a very long time and has remained steadfast because of its intended endeavor to keep certain times and places of creation in steadfast parameters.
Also within the memories of Maximum Rex or Michael the Arch Angel: “Death is not an option for the double headed dragon. Its home is in the wilderness of one of times more ancient eras. It can sometimes breach “a time” when an argument between itself becomes too dire.
And suddenly I was no longer in the white sandy desert of the ancient era. But found myself slowly being place “from above” down and back into the driver’s seat of my Mustang. Even before time had been fully reinstated, I was reaching for the steering wheel and the brake, remembering the car that had suddenly appeared in front me and the loud screeching sound of metal against metal just before my departure.
As my body touched the bottom of the seat, the light of day suddenly reappeared. The Car was rolling slowly forward, nobody was in front of me and I had plenty of time to stop for the cross street that was before me.
I thought about the experience for a few moments and continued to my home “it was only a block away” to watch some TV and await dinner.
Much later in life I was told that it might be beneficial if I were to document my experiences, making it possible for others to know that such things and much more does exist within the civilized aggregate of creation.
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
28. The 7th Estate
A very lengthy and reiterative account
Relating to the 7th and last territorial marker named Estate of Creation. This Estate is the mystery of the Biblically related “7th Sea”.l.
Most commonly referred to as The Tryne Spyder…The Estate Motto is: "May None Perish". It is located in the temperate area of "The Last Time of the Abyss", consisting of moderate to total darkness with light flack and occasional patches of semi-twilight. However, The Last Time of the Abyss contains many unusual and major characteristics of change other than those just related.
Known as the "Tryne Spyder Mag"...this Estate continuance:
In appearance, from a normal distance the outside looks like a mirage resembling a three legged starfish made of jewels and precious stones.
This is because the entirety of the Estate's physical security perimeter is "trine to reality". This in turn makes the Estate impossible to access from the outside and like a mirage the outside perimeter is visible from a normal distance of line to light. This signature being less accessible than a mirage with “entry and exit” accomplished only from the inside.  Entry and exit being controlled by a small but select number of Estate security having that expertise...and only from the inside.
However, these doors haven't been opened since the first boarding and primary activation of the Estate. And of an earlier time when physical vessels were used for a time as patrolling buoys and beacons to rescue any and all who might have been within a reachable distance of the rescuing vessels. Unfortunately only a hand-full of those that managed to escape the great wars and dilemmas created by the last changing of the abyss were rescued by the Estate.
Relating that the most “dire problems” concerning the changing of the Great Abyss were created by those estates panicking when nothing had physically changed with the exception of the abyss itself.
There were terrible "estate against estate" wars, because of the newly formed and unannounced "line to light and forever dark signature of the newly changed abyss. For many estates news of the great change was almost suddenly upon their doorsteps. Suddenly?...Well!...almost suddenly to a degree!...Meaning the seemingly immeasurable distances of the newly formed abyss taking only about 30 years to naturally complete itself...and...for something of that magnitude to complete itself in such a short time (It might be related to as very "Suddenly"!).
Discovering the presents of the newly-formed dark signature of change of which the estates had taken no heed to warnings of the coming change. Most estates were "disbelievers" saying the warnings were only a poor display of story telling at best. Some had heard the old tale of “The Green Arrow of The Millennium” (something passing once) and some knowing nothing at all.
Anyway, the continuances that were involved directly in the flux were mostly all steadfast and secure during the change.
The more traumatic events for some estates occurred after their time in tributary. Meaning the more dire situations concerning estates happened after the abyss completed itself.
Also because of the great tributary flux, some changes in communities of estate were greatly affected even with some individuals being placed at random in other estates. This signature of things remained in effect for many places of mankind as tributaries of the flux ended individually within an approximate 30 year span. After the flux completed itself, these random placements created because of the flux became irreversible because of the great and "un-reachable" physical distances created by the change.
The 7th Estate
The 7th Estate was "Cast" and projected forward to the "The Last Time of the Abyss. The "Casting and Projecting Forward" was accomplished well before the Original millennium year of 2000 AD.
However the Estate was not occupied until well after it had been projected forward. Relating also that it had to be physically boarded and activated by a group from the original time of its casting and projecting forward.
The consenting “Now” populations of the old world were transported by an older ion transport vessel with port modifications for the newer electromagnetic transport systems. Consciousness is not possible while in the transporter system during a voyage. Other than the crew, a small number of passengers were allowed within the normal parameters of the vessel.
Once again, the ship was powered by what was termed "An older version of the ion-drives”, configured to power a late version of electro-magnetic transporter systems. Much of this had to be newly configured to the power-source with only a few months remaining before departure.
These electro-magnetic technologies were important in creating the applications necessary for the “time-less” passengers during the voyage. These electro-magnetic transport technologies can easily compact and transport entire world populations, relocating them in their “same-same” parameters within another place. This was accomplished without disturbing those being transported and relocated.
Once the vessel breached the perimeter of the Old World continuance, it required almost 6 months to reach the Estate.
Traveling at full acceleration in a neutral elliptic curve for approximately 4 months...then...requiring approximately 2 months to slow down enough to locate and dock with the new Estate...that was indeed prepared before us. Yada! Yada!
This entire account will "of course" be related on some levels as "loony-tune-science fiction" at best. If not for my future knowledge concerning the validity of this letter I would surly question the contents. However we would not be "here and now" if those things had not been accomplished.
Once again: “For the greater majority of us, it occurred within the twinkling of an things were reinstated within identical parameters upon arrival in the new Estate.
About the newly formed Abyss
Concerning the scattering of estates because of the changing of the abyss “these estate continuances” after the great change had no real reason to destroy themselves or each other.
The biggest destroyer of all being created by "internal panicking” as believable word of the "great change" reached authorities and inhabitants of some estates.
However in some of those estates "informing their public" was allowed and sometimes even authorized. Concerning this, when information was related to the positive and received, dire problems were "of course" avoided. Other estates in more primitive levels believed that because of the change, eternal perishment was upon them and many perished. Because of the changing of the abyss some of these estates will remain crippled forever. Some being forced to settle for less than a 50% exchange within their replenishment factors.
To avoid eternal perishment an estate must maintain a 50% or greater replenishment exchange. Further meaning that when there is less than a 50 percent of exchange, “with any longevity” it will cause a continuing and irreversible retrograde, as it continues corrupting normal replenishment factors.
As the decline progresses below 50%, perishment becomes irreversible and death "itself" becomes like a dot on the horizon that can never be reached to end the demise! Indeed. All in all it's a bloody tale of great wars and Armageddon’s" satisfying almost to the letter, all the major prophecies and predictions of the previous times.
However in the multi-many times of "Our now Estate", very little has actually been known in real "truth" of our Estate. This is because we had to forgo many things because of a delayed activation of the Estate. Also very little has ever been understood as "fact" concerning an over all true picture of the aggregate of creation itself, even in past Times.
The following information being without question "fact" as things long standing in enduring realities of creation “beginning with” dualities, similarities, singularities, flat earth realities, catacombs and dimensional realities of the spirit, alien concepts and their histories, round worlds, universes and more! Accordingly most will never need to know more than just domestic concerns of their own lifestyles.
For those that can understand these things that I've mentioned as fact, truth and etc., all things of Place and Time do have accessible doorways of entry and exit. However, discovery of those doorways sometimes requires “hands on” related experience. Or you must be knowledgeable enough to create your own.
About beginnings of the 7th Estate
Because some of the necessary elite in command were not present in first activation of the Estate, leaving to a much lesser degree some of the knowledge and expertise needed for correct activation of the Estate. This included activation instructions of the two Estate Automatons TNT pronounced: Te &Tei’ a French spelling…and just as the name reflects, it was a very dangerous situation.
They are the prime necessity or catalyst for the beginning of continuances within the "Detheriel L" of the 2/3’s portion of the Estate. They (T & T) are Estate Controllers of the primary continuance grid of the Estate.
They are the Mothers and Babysitters of Mankind directly appointed within the main 2/3’s portion of the Estate.
Please do not be overly concerned in relation to physical dates and times as I continue to relate. This is because they cross in particular ways in relation to the before and after of time and place.
There is also another part of being "Blackfoot Chief" (American Chieftain & legal King of the USA) concerning the title of "The Peacemaker and Two White Buffalo. Concerning the two white buffalo, their names are pronounced “Te & Tei` a French spelling". They "Te & Tei`" taught me how to spell and pronounce their names among other things concerning them. This occurred in the early 1950's when I first met them.
I am a sign of the times but aren’t we all...The USA Blackfoot Chief...The Peacemaker & Two White Buffalo...Born "Lion hart & A Rose". In other words “government and internationally legal but unofficial King of the Americas...and Estate Chief and Consultant of The Two White Buffalo.
"We work for God"...they said when we first met..."We take care of the Children of Man"...They are living beings called "Automatons". They are Controllers of The Main Continuance Grid consisting of 2/3’s of the Estate.
Their first appearance was rather different than one might expect...first appearing in a white light with a blue tint that soon faded and normal skin tones appeared. Two nude, hairless, physically gender-less blue eyed children, of 7 or 8 years of age, being what's termed as smooth-around, with no ears and lightly tan and light complected.
Having small perfectly set quarter-crescent, shiny satin black horns, well placed just above where the ears should have been, with small black shiny satin hooves just below the ankle.
They first spoke to me in the same like style that I have chosen for my writings. For example their first words to me were: “We have traversed a great distance to see you”.
Later on during the conversation they related that it’s not to their liking to communicate verbally. Also they dislike putting anything into their mouths and they do not need to sleep. I have also been informed that they are "the two most powerful beings ever created...and that ever will be...and in relation to this Estate, Te & Ti were created without end. The continuance also being formed without end...and the more it's used, the better it functions.
They T n’T remind me of the biblical relating of the 2 Cherubim that guard the fires of mankind as depicted in the Old Testament. Actually that is what they do. Sometimes my writing relates as a bit mysterious. It’s just an old habit caused from avoiding direct confrontation of the truth…so the relating might be believed.
My title was directly confirmed "to me" by US Government Security during my time in the military. Not much of the history was explained concerning me. Because at that time other things seemed more important than delving into the meanings of the heritage!
I wasn't afraid of visitations, Time traveling or anything of that nature. As a
“matter of fact”, from the beginnings of my unusual experiences and visitations as a child, I most always remained calm and collected during such things as visitation & portal etc. etc.
"T & T" in their new beginnings of service as Controllers were having some dire problems with the creations in some of the early beginnings. Concerning this, they came looking for me during the early 1950's to ask for my help.
Anyway, I was a child during the time when they first came to me. And sensing the urgency of their request for help, I obliged without fear or question. And together, we did eliminate the problem". Meaning we eliminated a very-dire and permanently elongating situation of the hard-packed and knurly to "both" their space and to the times incorporated.
In truth I am the peacemaker and they are the two white buffalo. It’s just that simple!
Many Lifetimes to You, (actually, wither you want them or not…you need them)...
…ha! ha! ha!...this is not a joke!...Well, because you must continue in some fashion of free expedience…or only parishment irreversible awaits you.
…Compliments of The Peacemaker  & The Two White Buffalo T n` T…
The original activation of the 7th Estate
Some in authority of command for first activation of the Estate were not present in the beginning. Meaning the next in line according to chain of command “for fear of making mistakes” those in newness of authority "cut short" all things in general for that which normally requires a higher approval. This included dedications and renaming of the Estate itself.
This Secondary in command with their limited knowledge and a bit older expertise "named the Estate"..."The Scott Diamond Plaid Pastel Multicolored Trine Spider Estate". Because "they said" it related only to the outside physical perimeters of the Estate.
They said "because we have no, direct or official confirmation to do otherwise". Continuing on...they related..."Although there were other selections for "Official Naming" of the Estate...mostly involving names, like: "O Real Leo, Lion hart or Lionhearted, The Blackfoot Chieftain, American Chieftain, The Peacemaker & Two White Buffalo and etc”. So they elected to name the Estate using only things that related to its physical signature.
As this true account continues, they were generous in words with their combined selections because long names were popular in their time. They were ill- advised as to the use of heritage names concerning the newly activated Estate. They said "we did not want to offend by the possible wrong use of a group or individual name.
The before time officially approved name or selection was to have been a surprise and a grand event of celebration “it was said”. However some in authority and expertise were not present and most were in concern of quickly returning to their accustomed life styles that were now continued within the new Estate.
Time and Place
On or about the beginning of the original 2000 AD Millennium, being the marker for the beginning of the last and final changing of the great abyss, formally known as the "The Last Time of the Abyss". On or about this date, the great abyss did begin its last and final change. This affects mostly the estates of mankind, causing a great tributary flux between them. The tributary flux will last for approximately 30 years or 26 to 28 yrs to the outer most branches.
This being referred to as "The Green Arrow of Creation" because it relates to something passing once. Further meaning that time has no way of repeating itself because there is no returnable situation of time concerning the aggregate itself.
Of course once the situation has passed it’s possible to make what are known as
“Reconstructs”. Concerning this Estate the “Reconstructs” are even more real than the originals.   
The Tryne Spyder Estate contains almost unlimited options and diversities of times and places...and in a trine magnitude of time and things eternal. There are three segments to the Estate (shaped like a 3 legged starfish. The “L” shaped 2/rds (2 appendage portion of 3 appendages) are is in normal separation from the remaining 1/3rd segment (called the Quartermaster Area). This remaining 1/3rd appendage supports a variety of options. For example, the acquiring talents, learning or just personal selections "readied" in the form of small colored "chips" that fit easily into the palm of the hand.
Concerning the holding of chips for the individual, it is not wise to hold more than 5 chips at a time. This is not wise because of possible longevities in mental damage to person. This being a rule of thumb for even for the most experienced of travelers. This origin of the Chips is a place called "The Condos" in the 3rd segment of the Estate.
No money is required it’s simply for those who can qualify themselves for this service. Time reconstructs within the Estate are better than the originals. For example re-living the original millennium “as a reconstruct” without the event of perishment. There being of course multiple options of many things, times and places.
Chronicles within Chronicles
Speaking on life and death with it's assortment of talents in relation to our continuation in life: “Death “with its stop and go” being usually the true point of exchange that few have the expertise to remember (This being most always a rule of thumb concerning the “many”). Primarily in a direct sense of the word “death” is not only "what” but normally "how" and “why” we make selections related to continuance.
“Immortality” is when we can remember those things that we normally forget. This most always relates to a beginning choice after 5 or more times within the cycle of an individual continuation.
Mostly all, during these moments of death or exchange, we quickly choose to forget the experience and continue on as though nothing had occurred. However I know from much experience that unless you practice remembering a little at a time, learning this expertise will inflect great stress upon the mental well being.
As for the most of us, even when ask to select another life or place in time, most will choose to continue as they were, simply because "most" do not really want to change. Although in life “as we know it” many will profess that if they had the chance “they would go for the gusto”! Concerning this I have told you the truth on this account”. Meaning mostly all will choose to remain as they are. And surly life does goes on.
However there exist a very small but more experienced number of us that may have reason to remember the "how’s and whys" in reason to those moments of exchange. About the “how’s and whys”: “When those moments can be counted as many, as in many deaths, choices and eternities concerning ourselves and others. Mentioning that these things for some of us are deemed as "necessary to know common knowledge"!  
As examples of what may occur “Many trial and error situations can cause dire states of prolonged confusion”. It is sometimes likely to be caught in uncharted waters, being apprehended in another time line that may not be to one's liking.
These things I have encountered within some of my "first time" early experiences of getting to know the territory. And just to mention, no matter the longevity in expertise concerning these things "sometimes things go wrong from time to time".
Red & White and Black & White
The 2 divisions of Man
The "2" primary beginnings of civilized Mankind exist normally in accordance to where you are “relating to all knowledge of past times”. There are two distinct divisions of man...Black & White and Red & White..."Black and White" comprising by far, the greatest physical area of mankind with many multi-hundreds of thousands more in numbers than Red & White.
However and unfortunately "from the beginning", The Black & White portion of mankind were already "One step down in the Old World ‘s past times of mankind.
This is Why: "Red & White" & "Black & White" an example...relating to the story of Cane & Able...Cane of course becoming a Black & White because of slaying Able...effecting a separation from what was all “Red & White”. As an example this created a “cut off” situation of “forever” because of the spilling of blood. Making choices of what one could not knowingly afford in a space and time of detriment.
Anyway, rather than perishing because of those wrong choices “thusly” was the beginning of "Black & Whites". However, remembering that all first begin as Red & Whites sharing the same ground uniquely as “one”.
Where as Black & Whites being "of shorter footsteps" because they must die on their own ground or perish eternally.
Reiterating that most became “Black & Whites” rather than face eternal perishment for that which the blood could not re-join or pay the price to continue the flow.
The most troubling aspect is that many more were coned into believing a lie, placing themselves forever as Black & Whites where one step down is never a again a step up.
Many were deserving of their fate and many believed a lie and became that which could not be rejoined. However only a very few for now unknown reasons choose to be "cut off" of their own accord.
On the Brighter Side
Much to the positive it has been the salvation of "more than many" that became Black & White rather than face eternal perishment “no-matter the reason” as a second chance. Relating that once you are born into this life it is forever. And the word "Always", being in relation to the "now" of that which you have made...or for some "that which you have been graced”...and not necessarily what you would have chosen.
More explained
Relating to that "Great Majority of Mankind" meaning the "Black & White"...where a step-down can never be a step-up within their own parameters...the back door being "the celebrated entrance"...un-like that of a Red & White where the front door is "the celebrated entrance"!
Just to mention: The above is “beginning knowledge” however in times present “Black & White and Red and White” do co-exist in the positive. For example the hi-desert area of Southern California is a Black and White area but many Red and Whites live there. However the “Bible Belt” of the central United States “Missouri for example” is primarily a Red and White area but many Black and Whites live there. 
Just to Mention
There have been only a handful of souls in the aggregate of "The Children of Man" that have simply died or simply disappeared and that was it, no longer or ever again to exist...“just gone”!
However, in the 7th Estate, most all individuals are "now" combinations of "both" Red & White and Black & White. However the above is still a basic and factual account of that history.
Concerning religions
The Catholic Church is the only one that has remained Red & White throughout the ages. However this being true, the total positively of the churches expedience in present times is in much debate.
The knowledge of this has and will be used extensively as a grand ploy by those in leadership positions within the Church. A struggle for power to influence some places “even by force” will be on going for some things which the Church desires to control concerning the powers of the world.
Concerning the above “The USA” of course being a primary target and a most necessary ally in this seemingly questionable endeavor of the church for more control: “To wit, when much of this and other things are brought to light many Churches will be forced to take a step down and for some it will be a giant step because they will not adjust to the times”. Within this, most Churches will not bend or accept their true positions with any grace or positive understanding, although many facts will be present, most will refuse to acknowledge them.
Most leadership positions, especially in the churches have most always been occupied by the Black & White portion of mankind. Black & Whites are more knowledgeable in technologies, diverse talents, "medicine and drugs" topping the list as "The Very Best". Because of a greater longevity of time and endurance with less time spent in death with its closed door exchanges.
Black & White Time, being within the parameters of some spaces and places “approximately 2 & 1/2 hours” for the duration of a moment. Meaning: "The duration in time that substance will remain stable until reinstatement of the moment once again becomes necessary".
In Red & White areas normally time re-instates itself like an "up and down hill" or roller coaster effect, "about every 3 & 1/4 minutes" as an over all average. Further relating that a "Clock" for example will relate only to the norm, whither it’s fast or slow. When time is increased for example...time itself will appear to be slower...and when it is slowed will be experienced as passing quickly.
What are Churches?
The reasons positive for the event of the church in most times: "They were first encouraged as places of gatherings primarily to resolve "differences" between "Black & White and Red & White" fractions of the community, state and governments. This does affect by the congeniality of the gathering with a common ground "allowing the spirit to easily unite in a natural flow, thus resolving many differences in the community.
Reiterating once again, within the 7th Estate things are a bit different from our past times of Red & White and Black & White because in this Time of the 7th Estate, many are individually are combination of both Red & White and Black & White.
We mold ourselves in longevities of exchange for those things to person making expedient for that which we are.
May we all be blessed, for within The 7th Estate, as "a rule of thumb" you must always capitalize the "E" in "Estate" when referring to the Estate..."Isn't that being kind of blessed"?
For The More Advanced
In this Estate exist more offerings of Times, Places and Talents than can be singularly comprehended. Such as Diversity, Reconstructs, Times, Special Places of Learning and etc.
For those in first time acquaintance or that cannot remember these free services of learning or lifestyle experiences within the Estate: These select applications of experience are usualy in the form of hard jelly-like plastic Chips and you are the catalyst. They fit easily into the palm of the hand as you choose to navigate your consciousness in expedience to that which you have selected.
Actual Money as payment is not required for the chips or learning applications. However there are those that will solicit you along the way. Think about what you really want in concerns of a lifestyle to continuance from time to time. If you are truly interested in such an endeavor, this will enable you at some point to accomplish those things you seek. Although these related things are fact and they might seem too simple, you must still qualify yourself to guarantee your choice or selection.       
Services within the 7th Estate
Sometimes it’s necessary to increase Incentive
The Quartermaster-Condos of The Tryne Spyder Estate were established for those who might seriously wish to qualify themselves for new experiences of learning and changes of permanencies. This are a few of the things available in the security of the Quartermaster Area or 1/3 singular Grid appendage of the Estate.
Reiterating "For Those Who Need To Know"
These options are located only in the Quartermaster Area which is located within an even more segregated area known as "The Condos". Here it is possible to directly qualify yourself to experience the unending and almost limitless talents, diversities of lifestyle, literally like a large Candy Store incorporated into the Estate for those reasons of continuing knowledge to incentive.
This Estate was formally known in past times as "The Spyder" and was first thought to be a myth, Estate Motto: "May None Parish".
As earlier explained...all of each “7 major marker named territorial estates of creation” have at least one unique or outstanding characteristic...For example "The Tryne Spyder Estate is known as "The Most Enduring Estate of Mankind". It is the 7th & the last to be created of the 7 major estate continuances within the aggregate of Creation.
The 7th Estate was not made by hands as we normally understand it. The 7th Estate was in fact created by a "Casting" (The art of the command of substance) and projected forward to the “The Last Time of the Abyss”. This was accomplished in the same fashion as the original creation of round worlds and universes.
The first creation of our round worlds and universe was called "The Newity of Reform Round World”. It took 6 months for the "Casting" and on the 7th month "Talkers" were sent throughout all the kingdoms and estates of that era to solicit by sponsorship for those who could pay for the "Crossing" (To be physically transported and/or reborn into the new world...but only in relation to the form of mankind).
Saying once again, the event of the first and original Casting was called: "The Newity of Reform Round World". Of course there presently exists a magnitude of universes with round world signatures in many places. Relating that also within the 7th Estate, now called “The Tryne Spyder Mag” there are more than many times and places of selection. Also the 7th Estate was created with space enough to contain the entirety of the populations of mankind with room to spare. However and unfortunately for many, their estate controllers would not heed warnings of the change.
Concerning many existing predictions or prophecies
Many were in disbelief of the last beginning change of the abyss that affected mostly the times and places of mankind. And still because of further disbelief many of the elite did not elect from the old world made no concessions for the change.
However “All” concerning relocation to the Tryne Spyder Mag were given a quick screening (a type of stealth headcount) to establish their reality, thoughts and final decisions concerning the matter.
In any event concerning this time in the old world, some elected to remain saying they disbelieved or that they would take their chances. Those chances consist of a world with an 80% chance of perishment irreversible, soon to be on the horizon.
And Then!
As a well known marker by security prime during that time: “That marker being the event of the 800 Crash…because shortly before the 800 Crash “The Guardians”  (creation baby setters) had given us our freedom in singularity shortly before the 800 crash.
The creation guardians (a mothering constant) had just granted us our new freedom from grid to singularity. This change effected great lulls in some places. This was foretold as a temporary effect caused from the change to singularity. This effected great lulls especially in the Pacific Ocean between the US and Europe during that time. This played a definite role in the demise of the 800 crash.
The 800 crash was triggered by more than just the great lulls in the Atlantic Ocean…which by the way made it very dangerous to be in that proximity with anything under pressure. There are always lulls in the ocean areas, however the sensitivity of any lull would have been greatly increased by the “then” change from dimensional connectivity to singularity.
This is a natural effect of the change in relation to the change to singularity.
This also brought into close proximity “civilized foundations of underworld connectivity”. Their foundations are trine to the now. It was their choice to allow the 800 Crash, regardless of any claims as to how it may or may not have happened. All of this was possible because of their unusual closeness to the “now”, due to the new event of singularity.
They are more than the law in terms of an expedient continuance and it’s not possible to exist without them. They are prime issuer’s, of substance, also the controllers of money and worth.
I am wondering just how much might be brought to light in relation to knowledgeable accounts such as these.
…More food for thought: “I am also a member of the underground”!
Continuing with
The New Tryne Spyder Estate was created and projected forward well in advance of “The Last Time of The Abyss”. When it came time to depart and activate the Estate some of the key administrators were not present. This spawned desperate times and desperate measures had to be employed.
Therefore an actual Star Ship was appropriated “stolen because of necessity” and upgraded making the journey possible.
After stealing the strange but dimensionally qualified space time ship from old world earth security, making the voyage a real possibility…even so…crossing into an actual abyss and it being the last and largest one ever…and “in a physical vessel”…Is it even possible that this had ever been thought of?...Much less, to make an actual attempt at doing so. 
The vessel was inadvertently left behind for experimentation as a gift to our old world security by The creation guardians (a mothering constant) had just granted us our new freedom from grid to singularity. This change effected great lulls in some places. This was foretold as a temporary effect caused from the change to singularity. Effecting great lulls especially in the Pacific Ocean between the US and Europe during that time. This of course played a major part in the demise of the 800 crash.
With less than just two months to prepare for the voyage to the 7th Estate, many world preparations and difficult upgrades to effected concerning the older ion drive space time ship (star ship). For example: The upgrading of electro magnetic compactors necessary for transportation of the old world populations.
The most important was making possible the release of the ship from its stealth dimensional moorings which in fact are “The Two World Trade Towers” within two major but separate times and places. Please remember that the trade towers were supported externally.
About that last sentence in the above paragraph, well I’m most always somehow in the know about damn near everything “for lack of a better choice of words” so I'll make an attempt at explaining what I know about “911” concerning these seemingly shadowing events.
The destruction of the 2 towers was effected because they were in dire dimensional aspect to multiple matters of more than just life and death but perishment irreversible concerning the populations of more than just one earth.
The expertise of a very ancient and respected culture was engaged to destroy the world trade towers…
This was brought into play because linking information within the other times and dimensions was had corrupted and a safe stealth release of the star ship from its moorings no longer possible.
This was determined by researching of the matter well in advance of any decision. The ship being moored stealth by two separate dimensional dockings of similar times and places. In other words one of the dimensional planetary moorings that locked the starship stealth within the trade towers could not be accessed.
This in fact was how the Starship was stolen from the US Government in corporate participation with those in alliance from the original casting and projecting forward of the 7th Estate for activation within the newly formed “Time of The Last Abyss”.
The old world was soon to become a guarantee of perishment irreversible for the entirety of its populations if they were to remain.
As unbelievable as it might seem in this time without more sophisticated knowledge and space travel. The towers were purposely erected and used "not only as a business corner for world trade but were also in link as dimensional moorings, created to hide the great space ship that was given as a gift by The Guardian Force that watched over us for many times on time.
They gave us our freedom from grid “as requested by “actually” three leading men of our national security” shortly before the 800 Crash. The guardian force did not know how to operate the star ship they had appropriated for reason unknown from another culture and in truth they had little interest in it.
Some of the elite and those that chose to remain in the old world, these being informed that the old world "because of the coming change" was later to break down with a more than 80% possibility of perishment irreversible. However some not to believe, saying that they would take their chances.
The beginning of the original (I say original because later reconstructs) millennium being a marker for the beginning change of the abyss to what is known as "The Last Time of Abyss” (an ultimate and final physical reality of a newly and naturally formed aggregate containment.
The Last Time of the Abyss begins with a small ball within a large ball. The small ball consists primarily of great dimensional expanses and areas with characteristics that do not apply to normal standards of science…
This smaller ball supports the existence of the larger ball that in a fashion does encompass it.
The larger ball is in a line to light signature of forever with great variations of darkness, with dense expanses in heavy clusters of great globules of void and occasional patches of semi twilight with distances so great that psychic probes are corrupted.
The old abyss existed as one of mass catacombs in staircase time and dimension, similar to a tri-dimensional chess set.
On or about the year 2000 AD the abyss begins or began its very last and final change. The change was said to take approximately 30 years. However on better information it was determined to be 26 to 28 years at the outer most branching of tributary. The tributary will exist until the change is complete. Somewhat like a Sta-Treker worm hole.
This change will affect mostly the estates of mankind. This concerns a diverse relocation of creations and creation estates of mankind. In pass tense this included not only entire estates, but individuals of estates and many singularities as well. The change placing all involved within the "line to light" signature of the new abyss.
Because of the mega size of the new abyss with its great physical distances that will exist between estates.
These relocations of people and estates will be irreversible because of those distances.
"The Last Time of the Abyss" causing a great tributary flux, lasting 26 to 28 years. This being the maximum time durations at the outer most branches of tributary. And just to mention, for most estates and even isolated places "the change" was not normally discernable as fact concerning mankind until it appeared. Many creation estates were forewarned of the coming change but most considered it to be only a fictional story at best.
There are dire warnings to those concerning psychic probes beyond the perimeters of a continuance during the tributary of the changing abyss. This may cause insanity, death and possibly perishment irreversible.
And faulty readings within some times of the creations will exist.
Also after a time, most continuances that were directly affected by the change will developed a greater than normal display of negative feelings for a duration.
And for those who were able to do so, physical traversing, portal or use of a door during the changing of the abyss beyond the perimeters of a continuance will most always end in perishment irreversible for any and all attempting to do so.
The great tributary flux effected by the last changing of the abyss of which nothing or no-one could traverse without suffering dire consequences. Even normal psychic practices within many estate continuances were corrupted.
Great internal wars erupted in some estates because of panicking due to ill received knowledge of the change. There were terrible estate against estate wars and prophecies did come true. However, these mega-violence history briefs that I have placed here are only a brief outline of the horrors in many places that accompanied the change.
More about the 7th Estate
Because of internal problems to do with first activating this Estate, many things were necessary to forgo. Such as dedications of heritage and sensitive positions of Estate that have yet to be identified in most places. Anyway the knowledge in story related experiences that I have presented to the public for the past four years are more than enough to sustain that knowledge until it is "later" or better received. And from future viewing I know this to be fact.
My ending review of this chronicle
A small but active number of the old world estate where the only ones to heed past warnings of the final changing of the great abyss. And concerning the fates of some remaining estates of after the final changing of the abyss...Reiterating...saying...Because of this last changing of the great was said: "And prophecies will come true".
I am the 9th and last member of the original 7 men and one woman of the only eternal and successful Watchers society "The Voyeurs of Darkness". However, 8 members departed the normal time lines of mankind in the early 1990's to do their own thing “saying: "We have chosen to depart the time lines of mankind “because” we have learned more than we need concerning those things that we now desire".
Concerning my new 1993 membership, they (The Voyeurs of Darkness) said it had been over 1600 years since they had elected a new member. I was selected as a member for reasons of heritage and because of past experiences with other times and places. But mostly because they wanted to leave someone behind with the knowledge they had learned.
The Voyeurs said it’s a part of their “eternal way” in taking something of value and leaving something of equal value behind. 
They ask me if I would join them for 10 days visiting other creations, hearing and seeing what they had learned. I accepted their offer and became a close member for the duration.
Some of the knowledge I’ve received from them has helped me to accomplish things like repair of the past “ever enlarging hole”. I announced the repair a few weeks in advance on a UK “blather” affiliated Canadian web site, once known as Hotel McGillis) and to my immediate family and friends. That’s a lot of witnesses!
They said they had endured in many "times and places without end" just observing the perimeters creations that few if any have ever seen (even by those that had erected them). And of many things that mankind has never seen or knew existed.
...A key to the door...and a hart of gold...Saying: "Hopefully all things to expedience in Love for any and all that are able to receive these chronicles”...
The American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings      
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
Notes A to L
Additions and Reiterations
29. Summary Notes A
Greetings of True Accounts concerning present day Times and Places…!
This brief/letter/account is "the beginning skinny" of my ARR unpublished 30 chronicle account titled: The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles by The Blackfoot Chief Conrad M Cummings (A 6hr auto-read)...Copyright Reference: The Millennium Documentary by Blackfoot Chief Conrad M Cummings 12 April 1999 ARR...
I am The US Federal sponsored King and “The” US Indigenous Blackfoot Chief...
I was not raised as an Indian and I am not a tribal chieftain...however my heritage begins with the 1st citizenship Indians (The Blackfoot) on my Father's side "Conrad Ralph Cummings...My Mother's maiden name being "Onetta Corene Price"…
My DOB 10/6/42 Indianapolis, Indiana USA, for those interested in a genealogy confirmation…or you may consult The Monitoring Council (The council of Indians of the US sponsored “royal program”…
I am known as the "Black King" of creation (meaning creation knowledge)...Because I am the single most knowledgeable man of the aggregate of creation "in a definable round"...
I am also The 9th and last member of The Brothers/The Brotherhood/The 9 Horseman/The 9 Voyeurs of Darkness (The only real watchers society) and excreta’s...However my story relates a bit differently than the TV Highlander Series…even though I am acquainted with Adrian Paul of The TV Highlander…and many other entertainers…
I am also an Estate and Creation Chieftain, Great Red Crown King of the old world, US Government and Indigenous sponsored “United States Blackfoot Chief” and documented legal (but unofficial) King of the USA, EST 10/6/1942…
Although I've been around for a few "forever’s"...In this time I'm not an accomplished writer...However I’ve been encouraged to relate my knowledge and experiences during "1997" because of the present times...and because "new truths are seldom popular"...and because I've been in the background for a long accounts will not be popular or even acknowledged for some time...
Although it hasn’t been encouraged as matter of public record…We became internationally legal Royal Ground (EST 10/6/42) on completion of the US “royal program” initiated in the early beginnings of these United States…
The “royal program” was first initiated as a ploy for our acceptance in World Trade and Commerce so we would not to become a rogue nation.
Confirmations of my heritage concerning the US sponsored "royal program" may be legally validated by US Federal Chain of Command...and signature of the president…
Although I am still legal King and Indigenous Blackfoot Chief of the United States...Official parameters of office as King of The USA were amended shortly before my birth was to be a sure a final meeting with the us federal government and the indigenous (early 1940s) to determine the fate of the "royal program"...
MY accounts are Truth…Non-Fiction…No matter how diverse in nature…From many Time Travel experiences, Creating a major earthquake impromptu (like the Calif. 7.4) or when I announced “Repair of the Ozone Hole” a month in advance”…with many creditable witnesses…However their are more than many creation histories and accomplishments that are not mentioned in this document…
Continuing with
The world in general concerning present times has many problems…and then
As a marker…On or about the year 2000 AD the abyss began to change from a catacomb and dimensional signature to a forever signature of line to light in total darkness…
This last changing of the abyss has created a tributary flux (something like a giant worm hole)…This changing will not complete itself until 2026 AD or 2028 AD at the *outer most branches of tributary…*(relates to the times and places where a continuance or estate might appear “like a leaf on tree” into the newly formed abyss…
There are "7 Major Territorial Marker Named Estates" in the aggregate of creation…to include others that are not part of the original 7…and 3 changing’s of the abyss...We are now in the last and final changing of the abyss...
These estate continuances of mankind were warned well in advance of the coming change…And as my writings and those of the brothers “None took heed” not even the great Meridians…and I do know the past histories and fates of them all…
The 7th Estate is somewhat different than the others…as it was created without hands from a *Casting *(The art of the command of substance)…and projected forward into the last time of the abyss…
Continuing with
During the last meeting of the brothers…concerning “the last changing of the abyss” it was said “Because of these things “prophecies will come true”!…
However for some times and places things may be effected to lessen or change “a demise” as I have done a few times (Concerning all existing markers within my reach)…
There are 5 worlds of similar within dimensional proximity of present times and places…and we are among the 5…each having problems of concern in variable consequence of these present times and places…And in as much as possible I have set into motion or actually corrected those things in more dire consequence…For example “to survive the present times” one of the similar worlds will require an entire evacuation…
How do I know of such things?...Because I have multiple experience in eternal time and space…And just to prove that I’m truly insane, I offer the following “true” but usual information: “I am also the 9th and last member of the only successful creation watchers society”…
And…I’m sorry if “The Highlander TV Series” seems in conflict with this account…meaning that actually “The Highlander TV Series” was inspired as “Public Prep”…as are many things in present day media entertainment…Anyway: “New truths are seldom popular”…!
Some people seem really upset concerning this information...”jealous, disrespectful, arrogant and etc, etc”…For example…some will say to me “arrogantly”…and "You" take responsibility for that…! For example when I requested repair of the ever-enlarging hole
…Should I be permitted to send a lighting bolt to strike them on the hindered-bone…? Or possibly find a reason to effect another earthquake…like the Southern Calif. 7.4…calling it in advance…with witnesses…even to announce the 7.4 on the rector-scale with time and place in advance…
Afterwards however…the first measurement was changed from the original 7.4 to 7.1 to 7.2 and etc…each time the measurement was changed…the little town of Yucca Valley,  Southern Calif. would offer a multitude of new souvenirs to the tourists…
I thought the continued changing of rector rector-scale measurement was a great plan…meaning more money and publicity for the area…and it got me off the hook as a possible anti-Christ…
I am now relating it for creditability purposes because much time has passed and because some will remember…but mostly concerning the continuing contents of this letter…and to relate that many in these times and from other places often take part in effecting especially earthquakes and many other global catastrophes…some for various reasons and some just because they can…
Concerning myself “on occasion” I have actually been given permission to effect such things if I so desired…  
Just being honest…concerning the earthquake thing…It allowed me to stand up for my heritage concerning a few…and it bounced my house trailer around like a basket ball…
…And to further prove that some folks are just born to buck any and everything that doesn’t have their name on it…even when you bring thunder and lighting or shake the ground beneath them…!
30. Summary Notes B
My unofficial net worth is 0ver $50 billion
Un-officially I’m worth more than $55 billion…Un-officially because of a legal dispute with the U.S. Federal Government…concerning ownership of Angels, Texas and 2 hundred thousand acres surrounding it…it was purchased by my ancestors in the late 17th century for $250.00…
Much later the federal government built facilities making Angels, Texas what it is today…when they discovered that the estate was owned by my ancestors they contested the legality of the claim because the deed was written on an animal skin…because in truth they had already built multi-dollar federal facilities there (the federal government was very aggressive in older times)…
Later in a safer time it was brought to court by family on my mother’s side…Since then it has been appealed every year…represented by 50 lawyers that are paid from the interest of the estate…
…The federal government will not relinquish their claim because of the law…And the lawyers will not relinquish the appeal because of the money… 
I am one of the next in line for the inheritance…My Aunt Louise has been custodian “controlling intermediate” and recipient of the annual reports concerning the appeal…receiving a 2 ft stack of legal court transcripts in receipt “annually”…
I haven’t personally pursued the matter…because of love of country…and of past experiences related to the security and continuance of it….relating to this time and affiliations of yes” other times also…
…I’ve even written a lengthy 30 chronicle unpublished ARR concerning some of those experiences….They are sometimes received by the reader…but soon forgotten…
Meaning that my future viewing, assisted time travel experiences and more…seem to be more than correct concerning the nature of people…
I am not rich…I receive a monthly retirement…
However I have endless memories of times, places and technologies that are far beyond your wildest dreams….I have even granted wishes, made people rich from “time to time” just by saying so…
As an Example…should I reach out and offer “Al-qida” up to world authorities?...Meaning that some bad things exist only as confirmations of pre-ordainments of that which is…and pointing fingers at places where such expertise exist…and/or from which they have been purchased or otherwise “ordained”…least we corrupt our times from the direct practices of such things…
…and concerning the more fundamental truth of 911 relates much in the same way…to include “The 800 Crash”, earthquakes and etc…However telling it all might be more believable if it were classified as science fiction…
So you can read all about it now “as prep” wither you believe it or not…allowing enough information to be known until it surfaces as truth…The same as in the differences between the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker…
I can know all…I’ve lived forever more than a few times and in many places…but I still don’t have a Superman Suit or a Cape...and do know death…from burning at the stake to the crucifixion…but however as a man I must still put my pants on the same way as my brother…and abide in an acceptable routine of doing so…the remainder should be self explanatory…if not I can surly explain it…if that be necessary…and if I can’t then more than likely it doesn’t exist”…
As in the creation of different things…the type of person, persons or otherwise intelligence that it might take in the creation and maintenance of those things we desire always…
Relating that the closeness of that which we believe….may also be the same in nature of those things disbelieved…
All…relating to the longevity of expertise within ourselves for that which we choose…or as the “what not” to expedience of “why not?”…
...I am Conrad M Cummings "Promise of the Iroquois"...The only legal US Government and Indigenous sponsored royalty...which is legal but unofficial King & legal Blackfoot Chief of The United States and The Americas...The final conformational recount was in the early 1950s...
...This information has been suppressed and classified for almost 5 decades...I am at liberty to relate it...for legal verifications see the following paragraph...
...“For the Indigenous” perhaps an A to Z account might be verified by the old “Council of Indians” of the monitoring council of the Royal Program in the early beginnings of the United States. Or you might obtain legal US Government verifications by federal chain of command. See...The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles ARR...for the complete story...with 30 chronicles of true experiences of The Blackfoot Chief...sometimes called The Unpublished Books of Silence...
31. Summary Notes “C”
After being discharged from the Military (March 1963 to 1966 as a Public Info Specialist), I remained in Europe working as a foreign car salesman on military bases in Europe…I returned to the states in 1968…
Because of the ongoing scenario of the times I joined with the “hippy” movement and began experimenting with the new street drugs. When I first began taking the drugs I had no problem with stability because I did not abuse them…
However about a year later some friends and I were given some really bad LSD heavily laced with strychnine. It was said to be some of the purest strychnine ever created…
The people that created this “bad drug” had a vendetta for hippies and movie star VIP. This knowledge came about after the damage was done. It was the same LSD (actually strychnine) that caused Art Linkletter’s daughter to jump from a window to her death… 
I was hanging with the hippy and Hollywood VIP crowd during that time. This of course qualified me as a recipient in the vendetta. While attending a gathering in Laguna Beach, California, some people began passing out large doses of the poisoned L.S.D. to any all associated with the Hollywood crowd… 
The next day people were waiting in lines extending 50 yards or more outside some hospitals. The Orange County Hospital in Southern California was the first to treat the incoming patients…
They began treating the problem with “zine drugs” with much negative results. Later after obtaining and testing of the drug…they found it to be the highest concentration of strychnine ever documented “they said”…
These long lines at the hospitals continued off and on for a few weeks. The local news papers documented the event. Some people even died from the drug as a result of suicides related incidents.   
After taking the drug I continued for more than 20 years fighting the effects of it…being hospitalized more than 27 times in 17 major mental institutions across the United States. I was informed that few people “if any” have ever recovered from heavy doses of strychnine. I was most always diagnosed as having Catatonic Schizophrenia as an effect of the poisoning…
Although it isn’t documented (except for family verifications) I was also poisoned with a heavy arsenic/alcohol combination on a trip to Chicago from Southern Illinois (early 1980s). Although I had problems for a time…I did not seek medical attention…neither did I report the incident to authorities…
Hospitalization hasn’t been necessary for some years.
I am now “66”, a disabled veteran, I have a wife (legally blind) and we have children and grandchildren. I am in good physical health except for Arthritis problems, Hepatitis C and a severe case of hypoglycemia (body does not store sugar)…This was related as borderline but however will never cross the line to diabetes “they said”…
My wife and I have been working as a state and federal vendors for the past 10 years (government food services). We no longer work as vendors because my wife is still recovering from two shoulder cuff operations and a knee joint replacement…
Because of these things we moved to Springfield, MO from Jefferson City MO to be with our children and grandchildren…
However it is now 8/21/18 and my medical problems have been cured. However my wife died 12/20/2015…while I was visiting my sister in Florida. I choose not to return at first because of the grief I felt. However I did return later for closure. I found she was 3 times the legal limit at a moonshine party and she was playing with a pistol and shot herself.
32. Summary Notes D
The following is a little personal information
After I departed from Brighton to Southern California at the end of the school year…
I enrolled in an automotive electrical college…I became assistant manager in a Union Service Station chain…
The War was beginning…so I joined the Army for 3 yrs rather than being drafted…I begin as a supply room clerk in Portiers, France…I graduated to Post Artist which became part of the Post Public Information slot and a U.S. Government security clearance was necessary…
That was great until
A short time later when I was volunteered for one those “James Bond trial & error missions” (on jump status)…jumping from one of those old un-pressurized, ear-breaking, flying box-cars…doing back door work for Uncle Sam…
I elected to stay in Europe after being discharged, working as a foreign car salesman…selling foreign cars to the US military…I began working in the
Tours and Chinon, France area and later worked in Wurtzberg, Germany (the cathedral town where the masks of ‘Comedy & Tragedy’ began) selling Ford & then Chrysler Cars in the US Army Military PX at Wurtzberg Germany…
…I wasn’t getting rich so I returned to the states…returning to Southern California, I went to work as a shoe salesman…and later working for a few sign shops…moved to New Jersey…worked as an assistant water works manager for Rahway, N. J…and working for a few popular sign companies in the area…
…I then returned to Brighton, Michigan “the place of my youth” in the early 1980s…
However I began having reoccurring mental problems from strychnine poisoning that I encountered in Southern California during the hippy era…So I departed Brighton and went to stay with my dad in Southern Illinois…The “strychnine poisoning” effects have now been put in check…and life goes on…!
I received an art scholarship at Shawnee College, Southern Illinois…sometime after returning to live with my dad in the early 1980s…   
My Mom passed away at 57 in Southern California in the late 1970’s…My dad lived to be 99…DOB 1907…He lived in Southern Illinois…
More about “The Here and Now”
I do part-time advertising and computer art, I like to fish, go bowling and I’m a NASSCAR Fan. My wife and I have been Missouri state and federal vendors for about 10 years.    
I’ve had so many unusual life experiences and because of them I was encouraged to write a book…I am not an accomplished writer so I put together a bunch of glorified notes as: “The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles”…30 Chronicles (6 hours on an auto reader) copyrighted but unpublished…
My chronicles are a bit unusual to say the least…however they are quite true…I couldn’t explain everything totally as I constructed this information in “chronicles” because “the read” would become to involved with explanations…The things I’ve written are the things I've experienced...or learned as fact from others…and might I relate that "Yes" we have all been around for a very long time…and we are far from being alone...
I don’t know if your much of a science fiction buff or not?…and then there exist all the predictions, paranormal claims, UFOs, even Granny Goose Cookies & Milk “if you like”…?
And…I like being an American…and Yada! Yada!...

33. Summary Notes E
February 21/09
Dear History Channel…
About your I couldn’t help but notice you’re more consistent and truthful accounts for: “may I call it public prep”…?
You seem to be catching-up and/or/merging with my writings on a few things…as in other realities, dualities, dualities of similar…“The Science of the Dualities of Light” is the correct terminology as related by the ancient Meridians…
Anyway concerning dualities…they are much like sound waves ricocheting off everything…”just so you know”! 
I can sometimes establish, create, rectify from a long expertise of knowing things that otherwise might be impossible in any given day and time…like repair of the Ozone-Hole demise…I could have let it go!…and if I had done so!…the ozone-hole would have easily extended it’s perimeter to Australia and quickly skinned on back and into space…
And to survive this we would have to “of course” live in protective domes or under the oceans…
Anyhow and anyway I didn’t want to live that way…and because I’m a creation chieftain with much future viewing experience…I was able to correct the ozone-hole problem!…I’m still awaiting a gold magic wand for my services…(LOL)
This I announced to my immediate family and a few friends in advance…to include the announced “anomaly in space” reported by the media that accompanied the restoration...(as an accepted explanation or reason for that repair…
The anomaly was visible because of the close proximity of the passing continuance that I ask to attend to the problem…I also ask that a forthcoming meteor collision be corrected…and that has also been secured…and will need “hands on” attention when that time comes…
Relating to a little “must to know” information as fact…I was trying to be helpful in preventing a car collision involving friends “early 1980s”…and…Just getting to the point “I was allowed control of that time for the duration”…and because I am qualified in the art or expertise of that application…
I called time back five minutes into the same “now” past and related to my friends “in the first car” that they must not forget to stop at the next intersection…or become part of a horrible accident…
They thought I was nuts…and said so…!
Anyway the second accident wasn’t as bad as the first…if that was of any consolation…other than to me because no one was aware of the first one…
I was allowed to intervene…so I warned them…further meaning that my allotted intervention was indeed for me “A lesson learned” in many ways…
Anyway…Just who has cornered the market on science…and what shall be allowed and what shall not…?
About ME
I am Conrad M Cummings, US and indigenous sponsored king and blackfoot chief of the United States…(legal but unofficial because of the times)…
I am the single most knowledgeable man of the creation A-Z at its base…but not as a combined family…However there are others in more knowledge of different single variations of expertise …
However there are few that possess a complete round of knowledge concerning the aggregate of creation itself…
34. Summary Notes F
Greetings from the 9th and last member of the Voyeurs of Darkness
During the mid-80s while residing alone in Perks, Illinois…I went to sleep and did not awaken for some time…
I was awakened however but could not respond physically within the here and now…Although there seemed to be 3 or more present…and then suddenly their purpose was announced to me…
They explained to me that I had been placed in a deep comma and that my Dad and my Uncle were at my side but knew nothing of their presence…
Then they related that they had devoted eternities to secretly watching the times and places of mankind…Saying that in the beginning they had refused to offer themselves as volunteers to any of the continuances (estates without end) of man.
There were two/maybe 3 in the beginning of the “8” members…now there are “9” members including me…that were literally able to escape the forever continuances of man…(they did not approve nor would they accept the conditions afforded by those continuances)…where the forever consequences of being apprehended…were most often those of restricted, indentured, or parishment irreversible in many forms…
In other words they were and are the only successful watchers/or voyeurs of creation…(similar to the watchers in the TV highlander Series)…as such things are often inspired as public prep…and I’ve often wondered why Adrian Paul of the Highlander series came to visit me in Yucca Valley, California in the late 1980s…The answer now seems obvious and I’m sure the family had some influence on that account…
We didn’t talk much, he moved into an apartment across from mine…in The Hat Rack Motel, Yucca Valley, California…I repaired his TV on one occasion and helped him look for his run-away pet Iguana that never returned...He and an acquaintance would often practice with sticks and staffs in the back lot of the motel…
There were a number friends present awakening me from to much partying for to many days…as Adrian stopped to say good-by…He said “I came all the way to America to see The American Chieftain or perhaps the American drug addict”…
This statement really awakened me to what I was doing…and I’ve never seen him again…other than on The TV Highlander series…!
The 9th and last member of voyeurs of darkness
They said that one of their members had chosen me as a brother…saying they never question such a choice by another of their corporate. They said it had been over 1650 years since the last member had been chosen…
I could here and see them but I could not move…but I could speak when they ask a question…they further explained that it would be my decision if I joined them or not…also relating that those physically present (my dad & my `cousin) would be with me for a few hours or more…or until the safe return of my spirit to my “then” physical body…(once again my Dad & my Uncle knew nothing of the visitors)…
The visitors then ask me if I would attend them for 10 days “out of body” while they showed me places they had been and things they had learned about mankind. However the duration would only amount to about 2 ½ hours in normal time “they said”…
They related that my body would be safe for the duration or until they returned with me. Because my Dad & Uncle would be taking care of me “unawares” until that return.
They ask me if I would accept their offer, I agreed and we departed…
They said: “they had leaned more than enough from watching the times and places of mankind to sustain them selves in a manner accustomed to that which they now desire” (quote)…
They had observed the stars and their existing constellations for a very long time…Astrology being one of their more favorite pastimes. Later in 1993 they related to me because they were departing…and as a result of the joining…for some duration after they departed…I would be able to see lines of light defining all the constellations, each and every night for a few weeks…
Needless to say that I was both amazed and surprised to see this come true…and for a few weeks after their departure this continued night after night and then slowly faded away…
My time, times and places of travel and experiences were extensive before I joined with the Brothers…However after the joining I was able to make an actual “round of things” concerning my own experiences and that which I had learned from them…Which is the now aggregate and past aggregates of creation A-Z…
We are now passing into what is The Last Time of the Abyss…or the last time that the abyss will change…which will complete itself by tributary (something like a Star-Trek worm-hole…but much larger) to the outer most branches on or about 2026 to 2028 AD…
Within normal parameters the estates…mankind will not notice the passing or changing of the abyss…However there is much more to this reality of change…or as related by a beginning brother of “The Voyeurs of Darkness” during the last meeting…He said simply concerning this: “…and prophecies will come true”.
I am the 9th and last member of “The Voyeurs of Darkness”…they departed the time lines of man in 1993 to a place in creation called “The Wilderness”…saying that they are the only ones that know how to live there…
…This place is un-inhabitable even by those with the best of technologies…the wilderness territory being one of the most unstable expanses of the old world…bordering a very dangerous place called “the ditch” which borders “The Big Red Crown Territory” where most of us came from after the first creation of “round worlds and universes”…When first completed, the program was called “The Newity of Reform Round World”…
Creation is a rather big & diverse Place...I know because I’ve been enabled on occasion to visit many places...and also being visited by some...even some of the more renowned of other times and places...
In normal parameters (of this day and time 2009 AD) the inexperienced mind cannot really understanding what does exist. 
The remainders of reasons why we live and die in normal parameters...are found in my story Chronicle titled: The Great Smoothness”.
The Great Smoothness, normally referred to as simply the “plastic” which exists invisible and untouchable as a one way mirror “26 to 28 ft” above normal ground levels…This separates times and people from day to day, allowing life & death in normal parameters, the sky and the universe and beyond…Above this exists “The Neutral Zone”…unless breached it is only accessible only from the other side or top side of the plastic.
I have devoted eternities in the neutral zone above the plastic…the continuance security sheath in the repair and enlargement of it...
I completed repairs of occasional rips and tars in the last quarter by myself... eternally as a child of “6” from 1948 and returned to 1948...assisted for a duration by The Two White Buffalo *“Te’ and Tei’ (a French spelling)”.
There were no formal introductions at that time…However later they came to visit me at mid day in Brighton, Michigan when I was “7” years of age…
For the repair “My two friends, T & T or some say T n’T” supplied stack after stack of 2’ X 3’ sheaths of plastic that were added to the already existing security sheath...formally known as “The Great Smoothness” however it is most often referred to as simply “the plastic”.
The following is a brief documentary concerning my enchanted friends “T & T”.
Their first words to me were "Greetings, we have traversed a great distance to see you"! There was a conversation concerning what they were about, their reasons for finding me and what they wanted. I knew nothing of myself at that time. Concerning the heritage of The USA Blackfoot Chief or The Peacemaker (me) & Two White Buffalo (them) at that time.
when first meeting: ‘We work for God “they said”! We take care of the Children of Man! These “The Two White Buffalo” are living human beings..."Automatons"...Controllers of The Main Continuance Grid or what is the trine, reversed detheriel of the “L” shaped two appendage portion of the 3 appendage perimeter of the Estate, this being the main or primary 2/3rds portion of the Estate.
The 3rd appendage is referred to as the Quartermaster Area and is primarily for the more qualified in free selection of existence and lifestyles as one might choose for learning purposes and otherwise. (About this I cannot I say too much?).
…(T & T)’s or (T n` T) pronounced Te & Tei`(a French spelling)...Their first appearance to me in the early 1950’s was rather unique and a bit exciting...They suddenly appeared about 10 yards from where I stood, walking across the front lawn toward me...they have small perfectly set quarter-crescent, shinny satin black horns...well placed just above where the ears normally should be...with matching small shinny satin black hooves just below the ankle...It is not to their liking to communicate verbally, they dislike putting anything into their mouths and they do not need to sleep.
Appearing at mid-day in a white light with a blue tint that soon faded and normal skin tones appeared...two nude, hairless, physically gender-less blue eyed children, appearing to be 7 or 8 years of age...being what's termed “smooth-around”...with no hair, no ears...and slightly tan...but light complected...They were intensely reflective in a much more than god like ambient when they first appeared, however I remained calm, looking and listening and telling myself that I’d think about the brightness of the situation later”.
I have been directly informed that they are "the two most powerful beings ever created...and that ever will be!...and in relation to “The 7th Estate”, T & T were also created without end as Estate Controllers of the 2/rd’s portion of the main continuance grid, also being formed without end...and just mentioning that “The more the Estate is used ‘The better it functions.
35. Summary Notes G
Greetings “History Channel”…! I have written many of those on the History Channel concerning answers to those things of creation knowledge that they seek.
Nostadamus…he is much like me except that I am in the now…within these times I am in knowledge of ending chapters “even” those that have not been written”.
Below is the skinny of what is needed to form a complete round of what is already known and there is much more! 
In short the old abyss is changing, causing a 26 to 28 year tributary flux at the outermost branches…branching out like a tree as estates of mankind are randomly being relocated in many places of the newly formed abyss.
and it will be the last time the abyss will change…it will complete itself by tributary in 2026 to 2028 AD at the outer most branches...This change will not be detectable in normal parameters and will cause periodical attitudes of negativity in some places.
However the more dire problems will be caused by estates that panic when they learn of the change…some before and some after the change.
Are we big enough to accept such knowledge in this time or do we really need to know or knowing the truth might be a better thing? 
The elite TV History Channel commentators “and indeed they are” have a good start on understanding the now forces of things and things to come. However I have the remaining round of that information. Anyway I’m relating it freely to “hopefully” all that need to know.
Also, from knowledge and experience I have taken care of the more dire of the coming events. This includes the late ozone hole demise. I announced restoration a month in advance…saying also that an explanation would accompany the restoration…”that explanation” was the anomaly in space that accompanied the restoration…as viewed by scientist during that time…
Please receive these things now or remain in your present beliefs as time will confirm what I've related! “No disrespect intended”!
I have related just a small portion of what is the forever and always of the now and onward.
So possibly put two and two together ‘for example, what the 2012 marker might represent…represents only one branch of tributary as it  spreads out in particular times and places within the continuing newly forming “Time of The Last Abyss” or has departed already from past times until now.
Relating to natural or even controlled applicability of times and places in reference to the changing of the abyss.
Think of the now passing tributary flux, the reason for it and the duration of it…Meaning that different times and places will branch in tributary during the ongoing change of the abyss. the outer most branches of tributary ending on or about 2026 to 2028 AD…to include even: “The 7 Major Territorial Marker Named Estates of Creation”.
And yes I take responsibility in correcting the late ozone-hole demise…and also for a coming meteor event in which we will play a part in alleviation of the demise.
How?...because I am more than in knowledgeable concerning some things.
Why? Because I am obligated and because I care !
Many thanks to those appearing on the “History Channel” commentaries.
You have done more than just a great job of researching within the now markers of our time.
I don't relate these things for the glory of public recognition...I simply believe that these things should be common these times especially!
If you need to consult with me privately for more information, details and confirmations please make an appointment and I will talk with you.
36. Summary Notes H
Greetings “Children of Man”…!
…I am “Conrad M Cummings” US Gov sponsored legal but unofficial King and
The Blackfoot Chief of the United States…Concerning this title: “There is only one”…
Ha, ha…! You didn’t know the US also has a legal king…however with legal parameters of office amended?
I’m not trying to be funny, it’s all classified…However I am now at liberty to relate what I choose concerning it….”Take my Place”…but the US Federal Gov is not at liberty to do so…!
…Legal confirmation is by signature of the President through US Federal chain of command…ask first for info on the “royal program”, the monitoring council, name and dates of final birth confirmation and amendments…  
Greetings…once again…!
Please Receive These Things?…I am the only one in these times with the true accounts of this era…A-Z…and onward…
…I have many Masonic affiliations…lodge key holders beginning with my sister…and as for me I was honored by them at first meeting and given full access to Temple books…because of my secret/classified US Gov sponsored heritage of royalty…and other things not mentioned at this time…
Do you want to play a divine but expedient joke on the audience of this time and place…? “For lack of a better choice of words”…
…or how do you educate the public in “seemingly” dire situations without causing dire problems…and is it necessary to complete “for example” things in commentary like those on the TV “History Channel”…
Some estate creation continuances actually keep the public informed…either directly or through the entertainment media…However most do not…
to inform the public directly or indirectly through the entertainment media as stories, movies and etc. as “Prep”…preparing the populations to shift smoothly to that which is to come…
In Explanation
Beginning with…I am real…my accounts are real…(as related in the following chronicle)…
So maybe someone possibly in like understanding…might help me publish a book…Make a movie…or a TV Series concerning the truth of things in this day and time…It’s doubtful however…but that would surly be a win/win situation for everyone…within these times especially…
…The audiences will hook themselves on the subject matter…just as the event of a Star-Trek, Titanic or The Highlander TV Series and movies”…
Continuing with” Paranormal linking’s will become better understood and etc…as science shakes hands with continuance dualities, myth and fantasy…and even more excreta’s…   
You may call it induced public prep concerning this sometimes public upgrade…Anyway my true related accounts, save the world knowledge, talents and expertise are in fact the real thing…
My unusual and classified government heritage is also the real thing…and more than much “Yada! Yada!” in relatable knowledge yet to be revealed…
Public prep is a great plan for this day and time…preparing those on the journey with us…relating the truth in entertainment form…giving all the options to believe or just enjoy the entertainment…understanding the “now” and things to come “some believing and some not believing”…
However all have read it or seen it in some form or fashion….they are therefore prepped, informed, knowledgeable etc., etc., etc…as things change to accommodate that knowledge…
…so we upgrade on the sly…or should we create another “Orson Wells” spanking to the world…not as a lie…but directly as an arrogance of truth “ready or not” here I come thing…? Of course that would “no doubt” be an evil endeavor…however there are those that enjoy such an endeavor…   
Just as I’m “now” giving you prep with a “believe it or not option” as you read my introductory chronicle notes in the following...
Why “relate these chronicles”? Because it is applicable as informational prep in this time especially…no matter if it’s received or not….”
I can explain how almost everything that relates…and if you can’t receive it now…you will be in knowledge of it when it appears…
…”anyway I have been encouraged to relate these things”…and within these times especially…  
Many Stars to You (many lifetimes)
The Blackfoot Chief
37. Summary Notes I
A Random Informational
I am Conrad M Cummings…I am the 9th and last member of The Voyeurs of Darkness (similar to the TV Highlander Series)…
We being the only real successful voyeurs or watchers of creation…(8 men and 1 woman)…The others departed the time lines of man in 1993…I was left behind with the knowledge gathered over “the more than many centuries” as a part of being the last member…It is their way of taking something and leaving something of an equal value behind…
I am also the product of a once “very secretive” US Gov. and indigenous sponsored program. It was simply named “the royal program”…the completion of that program named me as US Gov. legal king, The Blackfoot Chief of the US …and established the USA legally upon royal ground…
However official parameters of office as actual king of the US were amended shortly before my birth of “10/6/42” was to be a sure thing…
…This article is written to convey knowledge as a must to know for those that have no way of its discovery concerning the times and creation today…
As a pre-related marker: On or about the year 2000 AD the great abyss begin it’s last and final change from a stair cased and dimensional signature to one of line-to-light in great variations of darkness…The “change” taking approximately 30 yrs to complete itself…
This change affecting mostly the territories of mankind…creating a tributary flux (something like a wormhole)…the tributary being like tree branches extending out at different times and places into the newly changed abyss as the changing of the abyss completes itself…
As many creations come about in different times: “such as , 20010, 20012, 2026 and etc.” in the completion of the newly formed abyss…relating that most creations are not equipped to recognize the change…Other than experiencing unusual and/or diverse mood changes from time to time “as confirmation”...(I have related the full account in my Chronicles)…
Relating to the best of information…the changing of the abyss begin on or about the year 2000 AD…and will complete itself on or about 2026 to 2028 at the outer most branches…
Meaning what estates or portions of them will find their place in the newly formed abyss as the branching of tributary continues…if it be 2012…or 2026 to 2028 at the outer most branches…
...This time of the millennium has been called "The Green Arrow of Creation (meaning something passing once)"...
...The Old or "now" passing abyss has no actual name...The coming abyss has been named: "The time of the last abyss" because it's the last time the abyss will change...
The Blackfoot Chief~Conrad M Cummings
38. Chronicle Notes J
A Book of Silence
Classified Information
…as related by my brothers…however after years of contemplation I have chosen differently…And that choice will be honored without question…
I am referring to what is called:
“The Thorn of the Millennium”
It was related that should they know of the ending demise that awaits them…it would devastate them…giving them no chance to enjoy the remainder of their time…for concerning this demise “only parishment irreversible” awaits them…
However I have chosen against the advice of my brothers “9” (including myself)…Yes…and Hello, how are  you”…?
Why?...because I have learned from dire situations that knowing the truth of a demise can be a chance given…
I have chosen to relate the truth and consequences of a dire event called: “The Thorn of The Millennium” in hopes that those accompanying this demise will indeed learn of their misfortune...and hopefully utilize their time in conquering it…
This being the one and only variable of dire events beginning shortly before or early in the millennium…This concerns one of the “worlds and universes” that will fall into singularity within these times…
The cause of this demise
This chronicle being steadfast knowledge “researched” for those that might later find themselves within this “Thorn of The Millennium”…and are knowledgeable enough to confirm it…and they will have enough allowable time and knowledge to hopefully change the course of their dilemma…concerning steadfast information for the beginning research in the conquering of the demise…  
This variable of circumstances being spawned from the longevity of association with the gravity of the man made prototypes from the old world…created and planted in this time by the old world master techs…planted in a far away galaxy of this time…when the beginning of round world and universes were first created…
”Yes Created” (created without hands)…created from a “casting” (the art of the command of substance)…
Think of the following concerning the simple mechanics of “the casting”
First of all: “The placing of substance within a place that doesn’t exist”…and then comes: “The magnification a small matter” times in longevity pass… established separately by dimension from the place of the casting…making possible for billions or trillions of years to pass in the completion of another place and time…
And when the recipe is complete you cut the cake into X-many pieces…and eat the pieces of the cake as common sense predicts…
In other words…“predefined” you enter into any steadfast time and place according to available technology as common since defines the moment…
Then the nature of things replenish within a more than 50% expediency from moment to moment…like links of a chain as they establish the past, presence and future…otherwise things began in retrograde after a time of 50% or less…
…as time spirals, appearing to go up and down like many hills continuing into the future…as you enter the spiraling barrel (like a corridor) you may enter any time and place without delay…as available technologies permit…
Relating also…that in the more technologically advanced cultures “time travel” or “the use of a door” is forbidden…except to certain segments of security…
However “for a price” this luxury may be obtained through underground sources…in some places…
And according to the replenishment percentage …the nature of things will abound in all aspects of love, light and life…concerning those things that we desire most…
In truth remembering that “readied and command-able substance” is like new money in a candy store…If you spend too much on your sweet tooth…then after the candy is gone…then the accustomed round of lifestyle will forever remain less enjoyable…
This is what happened to the “now” passing creation…However they were instrumental in the repair of our ever enlarging ozone hole…their presents caused the anomaly in space that accompanied the repair…that scientist viewed during the repair of our once “ever enlarging” ozone hole…
Their universal creation logo being “Many Stars to You (many lifetimes)…because their universe has such an unusual amount of stars and galaxies…
Squandering much of their substance on pleasures that do not replenish…Their only expedient option was to make space travel and exploration their forever and always “final frontier”…they said…!
I ask them to help with the ozone-hole demise because I knew they possessed the knowledge and expertise…and because I knew how to ask them…from my longevity in creation, creation knowledge and expertise in future viewing…
Actually that is what I did…announcing completion of the repair within two months as an educated guess…however the repair was completed in a little over two weeks… announcing the same in advance to my immediate friends and family…
And to a chat website in Canada named “Hotel McGillis” which was later sponsored by a UK web site named “blather”…asking that it be kept in low profile should I be correct…until some time had passed concerning the repair…
More information concerning “The Thorn of the Millennium”
I am relating the following things hopefully to the expedience of all that may “now or later” be caught within…“The Thorn of The Millennium”…
…Relating possibly to the Roswell incident…because of the stature similarity of the aliens as related from the Roswell incident …
“Reiterating”, not just about just the prototype aliens…but to the longevity of contact that might be established with them…by those in the singularity of this time concerning the gravity, time and place and association of the proposed singularity…
Also because of “alien man made prototypes” unique design and purpose as living beings created from the person of man…and placed in a far away galaxy during the creation of round world and universes created by the supreme technological masters of the old world…
Created from the person of man as super forms of intellect…created for procession by the spirits of a select few of the technological masters of the old world…And they were rumored to be somewhat ambitious in the honesty of their  purpose…
Created as vessels of supreme technological intellect to be possessed by spirit merging with the tech masters of the old world…These prototypes “created from person” being quite human when their need for being in the proximity of man is satisfied…
However the transfer or merging of their spirits with man was rather unsuccessful…relating also that this unsuccessful attempt was far from being the first…
Concerning the unsuccessful attempt of spirit merging…this was the last available attempt for the tech experts of the old world…because a new change for mankind was on the horizon…called: “The Newity of Reform Round World”…which was the first successful creation of round word and universes…
“Yes” concerning the first creation of round world and universes “ironically” it took six months to complete the casting…and on the seventh month “Barkers” were sent forth to advertise for the crossing to “The Newity of Reform Round World”…
Continuing with
Because the individual transference of spirit in merging with the new prototypes proved impossible…they were placed in a far away galaxy in the early beginnings of this time and place…and coordinated to later interact with mankind as a technological booster shot…because of their incumbent need to be with man to satisfy their spirit…that was created from the person of man…making their true reasons for living complete… 
However it was impossible for the elect few of the old world tech masters to cleave to their “person of man” creations…Relating that their evil intentions of their creators were more than obvious as they wished to possess the prototypes…to engage mankind as gods in supreme knowledge and authority though the ages without end… 
However from much longevity in stealth observation of the creations of man, to include future viewing…it was ascertained without question that any longevity of ailing with the prototypes in this time…would soon cause an irreversible jetting effect of that associated world and universe in A singularity...never to be found and no one can be returned…
But which singularity world and universe of this time might that be…?
When one world splits equally into two worlds of same/same…at that point they are the same/same in future destinies …However from that moment on they become separate in individuality as choices will vary from that point and onward…
There is a book of dualities called “The Talents of The Dualities of Light” coveted  by The Great Meridians from early beginnings…formally known as “The Crown of Creation” and The United States within Meridian is known as “The Rose of Creation”…
The story of their ironic end “being cut to 20% of their power and substance” relates to one of the 7 seals as foretold in Revelations of the Kings James versions of the Bible…The crowns and horns as depicted in the Biblical Book of Revelations relates to the territories that make up the great meridian…
The fall of the great Meridians was so great…simply because they became to haughty and refused to heed the warnings of the last changing abyss…so did 5 other estates of the 7 major estates…
The 7th and last estate is the only one that prepared for the change…and in essence “that is the mystery of the 7 seals” as biblically related in the book of revelations…
Concerning the Meridians of mankind…They will loose about 80% of their integrity because they would not take heed being fore-warned of the changing of the great abyss…saying that it was a great story but only one of fantasy at best…
…As they “The Great Meridians” awakened after one of their eternal sleeps within their usual cloud form…they found themselves stranded forever in “The Great Red Lands” and many perished because they panicked and could not accept a lifestyle of lesser comforts than which they were accustomed…
And…because their integrity was greatly weakened from the great size and gravity of “The Great Redlands” where they had awakened…they no longer had the power to manifest themselves in their accustomed cloud form and depart to another place in creation to sleep for a few forever’s and possibly recover…
The Great Redlands estate having the greatest land mass by density…and is also one of ”The 7 Major Territorial Estates of Creation”…The Meridians long sleep overlapped in to the changing of the great abyss…of which they were had been forewarned but disbelieved…being relocated at random because the abyss had completed its changed…and the old abyss was no longer in existence…
The Meridians being great show-offs, braggers and the supporters of religions and miracles…and because of these they were unknowingly the sponsors of their own ending.
The Meridians being first in knowledge of the “The Talents of The Dualities of Light”…beginning with: “Dualities are like sound waves ricocheting off everything”…
“The Thorn of The Millennium” and those that become a part of it
…from longevity of association with these “planted man made aliens” created without was confirmed that any longevity of association with the alien element in this time would soon cause a jetting effect…to a non-existent place and time…which will be impossible for the main body of creation to relocate in natural sustainment…in any event creating a lone singularity and universe forever within a “come what may” no-win situation…
However they will have much time to find a possible saving grace…and in some way they should chance to know before or even after the oncoming demise…utilizing their almost forever remaining time and great forthcoming technologies…in a global uniting to find a possible solution to the impending demise...
My chronicles will accompany them directly or in some way with their duality of singular…whither I “per-say” be with them or not…
Continuing with…after the impending jetting effect to a stealth place and time…as much time passes “almost “A” forever” they will become more than knowledgeable…
Then suddenly and without warning their sustaining factors will began to break down…catching them unawares…caused from the gravity separation of the main body of creation…
And just as their knowledge almost begins to reach that of immortality… sustaining factors will begin to break down the entirety of their place and time…leaving them to continue “without end” in retrograde of “ a less than a 50%” return of their sustainment factors…
And death will not be an option…but will become like a dot on the horizon that can never be reached to end the demise…
Although this ending is written in stone…It is sometimes possible to change the future of things…Because I have done so twice within my own remembered existence…
The Blackfoot Chief~Conrad M Cummings
39. Summary Notes K
While I’m thinking of it “Yes” electromagnetic technologies are the future of things that exist without addition to this are the crystalline technologies of a small and very secretive group of independents…for example a small crystal in an application the size of a human hand can wirelessly supply energy for an entire household. 
In relation to the above…There can be no practical reason for technology to progress farther in any recognizable and stable parameters.
However, concerning “the final say” in technology…or rather those that do have “the final say”!
There exists: “The Masters of Unstable Variables”
This constantly researched knowledge is known only by a very secretive and independent creation (The Enochey) ‘known as the related to ‘Why Not’…They are located geologically in creation, at the farthest and most uninhabited end of the Great Meridian Territory…in a forever continuing time and place of the highest instability…which is in the final 1/6 of 1 % of the aggregate…the actual space where numbers run out and cease to exist. They are friends of great importance. 
The AmericaChieftain
~Conrad M Cummings
The Blackfoot Chief Chronicles
40. Summary Notes L
Spirit, Immortality, Forever and Always!
Biblical Reference Example: Mark 9 verse 44
”Where their worm turns and the fire is never quenched and their worm never dies”
This is an actual physical reality…I am attesting the truth of it…Because I’ve been there and done that (more explained in the following).
That which inspires, the first thing to move "once again" the rock of offence, the thing, the nudd, sex, death, desire, a matter of life and death. What goes against "in the exchange"! The beginning & the end, the alpha and omega! Further meaning “the senses” in recognition to that which makes possible the corporate of “one”.
For example like a car without a battery “we do not function without a power source”! Our power source being the spirit as it rises and falls within the small and the large of things “like a wheel". This is our worm and is usually defined as such because of its beginning appearance. This beginning of the spirit is also referred to as the thing or the nudd. The Spirit: “That which most have neglected to research as necessary information during these times.
They are called Hymies, the infinite living definition of "the small and the large". These are the prime catalyst of all motion, substance and power of that which quickens. The Hymies are a beginning recognition that numbers reality within any corporate and otherwise to its base. What opens the door to the show of shows, the light, the senses in relation to the body and its desires? And there is no more in the beginning to the root of all that is, was and shall be!
Relating that many of the “indigenous of spirit” have become men in the “now” civilized times of the late 20th century. Or this is where many have for "the first time" been newly incorporated into the longevity of the normally accustomed human form. They no longer solely exist as just partial positions of the spirit.
These which are the many positions of the spirit are formally known as the Hymies. They create by forming in civilized corporate of expertise that which is and that which is not.
Concerning the Hymies (the spirit) "I served 2 tours of duty as a Thunder Wheel from this time. Completing two "back to back" eternal enlistments as “a stealth guardian of the skies of creation” of the more cherished times and places of Mankind.
I know the bible very well and I was there physically for the ending and beginning or what is "BC & AD".
Concerning a very memorable past exist
I was working in a newly appointed federation security position for Creation Federation Security with a seasoned partner, viewing selected times and places in what was called a “Time Corridor”. We worked in pairs, our jobs were basically to watch and preserve selected portions of history according to parameters set by the laws of the Royal Federation in that era. (Mostly referred to as the ‘federation)
More about the spirit
“Where their worm turns and the fire is never quenched and the worm never dies”
...The "Pit""...Hell...
...Literally...where the soul first becomes aware'...where we all first consciously begin...recognition...first touch of life...
And beyond this, the farthest reach of the soul “in relation to it’s base” where it does not move or show, this being an immeasurable distance even from the pit itself...and this is what it looks like: "It is in appearance like a "knurly grain of sand' with a small peace of silicon like plastic that wedges within the smallest parts of it.
Depending upon how this silicon like plastic is wedged within the points of contact and concerning how they touch according to the number "of them", defines the individual promise of that personality. These spiritual DNA's usually exist in 4 to 7 actual points of contact. This ultimately determines the true characteristics of personality beginnings of the soul of an individual (As a “DNA” form of representation for lack of a better choice of words). There being more than many of these individual un-aware and un-activated “souls”. Meaning that few will ever touch life as you or I have.
I am in knowledge of many creation facts of which are and will remain in controversy for most. However and relating to actual death “as in” just gone and that’s it”...there have been only 5 or 6 who have ever just died, no memory no nothing and that’s it. These being the only exception’s to this forever rule of thumb concerning life and death within the forever and always. As in: "Once born into is “Forever”...because once the soul has been made aware, “forever” will be the road...and where you place your feet shall be "The Always" of that or any forever!
This next portion relates to how I re-discovered this place of first beginnings and some of the experiences that accompanied that visitation.
The following relates to a time when I wandered off into a temperate area of the deep (a dimensional area beyond the surface of time as we are accustomed. This is a temperate cool, dark, separate area of creation that seemingly goes on forever. Anyway I became lost in this particular area of the deep for a great length of time...and this is what happened.
I call this portion of the story:
"The Judgment"
This story relates to one of my many experimental crossings into the deep.
In the late 1960s while lost in the deep...I was apprehended by a guardian angel while wandering about a golden castle with satyrs at its gates. This was within a temperate portion of the deep. The satyrs were asleep and everything seemed as though it were dead. So I entered through the gates and into the castle. Before this I had gone searching for any new signs of life and somehow I got lost. However finding the castle was indeed a special treat and a great sobering effect for me during that time.
While looking about l found some materials that I knew "from past experience" would convert to useful substance once I returned to this time line. So I was pleased because l had something to bring home that would be worth my lost and endless wanderings in the deep. It was a kind of eternal bonder that would add to “and more” for many things that make life as we know it a better place.
In short I had found some easily activated but powerful substance enhancements that related as compatible within this time line.
However just as I was turning to leave the castle with my newly acquired "find" tucked under my arm and wrapped in brown paper, "suddenly" a large angel grabbed me and I was taken into custody. Within a number of hours I was brought before a judgment bar and it was made impossible for me to speak.
The judgment was not for steeling from the castle. However it was attested that I was not a man, but a wandering spirit. It was a very intimidating and humiliating situation and it took some effort to maintain a little calmness for the demise that was suddenly upon me.
It was first declared that I was a wandering spirit and these are the exact words of the judgment as I stood before them that judged in the fashion of that time and place...saying: "You have been condemned to hell-fire and brimstone...forever and ever...and the Sparks fly up they said. "This was “of course” related in loud definition"!
Just then "in my defense" An angel that was with those that were first guarding me began to speak from a distance to those in the judgment seats...saying: "We believe that possibly he is not a wandering spirit but a man from another time. The angel continued with: "But we do not know from what time"?
Anyway, because of this new exchange of information, I was informed that a new judgment was to be pronounced...and this 2nd judgment was much the same as the first except for the ending.
An elderly grey haired man from the judgment seats said: "Because someone believes that possibly the accused was once a man, a change in the judgment will be as follows: “You are condemned to hell fire and brimstone for ever and ever and the sparks fly down.
This meant that "fire and brimstone” would be rained down from above instead of coming from beneath.
This meant that I could dodge most of the smote-ting or possible even escape. Anyway it was a “far better thing” than having the fire entering the body from beneath with no chance to end the demise.
And just to mention that very few have ever returned from the pit after receiving a final damnation. Just ask anyone that’s been there? "Ha! Ha! Ha!" However, I can afford the laugh a little, I’ve been there, I’ve returned and I’m now quite well versed concerning this ending”!
Of course I later escaped the demise or how else could I have written this letter? The times and places that lead me to my window of escape during that experience “back to this time” is a diverse account encompassing more than just a few lifetimes!
The first judgment quote was: "And the sparks fly up!". This means the condemned will be below the fire line where hell-fire mingled with brimstone is allowed to flow up into the spirit of the accused and the vessel cannot die because it is in a place where the spirit cannot escape the circumstances, physically, in thought or otherwise.
Also, the vehicle or body for the condemnation is not always human in appearance “but is in the form of the true “Rock of Offence” or as the beginning of life itself. This form also makes possible the occupation of any past times and memories. These forms of the spirit are called: "Hiemies". Most all being uniform in appearance but not in purpose. A smooth round worm, 4 and ½ ft in diameter, approximately 10 ft in height, the bottom joining equally to the ground or firmament like a plant growing up from the ground as though it were also the ground.
The top of the worm is similar to the head of a man or woman. The nature of the dimension of that spirit is much different than we are accustomed. The process of movement from place to place is by turning...usually with 2 or 3 of the same form, turning about one another, twining in unison as 3 in 1 turning or three in one purpose for the turning.
Meaning that each soul involved in the twinning of two or more will open times and places as doorways in multiple selections as life continues.
In other words you can return to the many times of your life and continue as usual “again and again” from this basic form of the spirit! However if you have been put there or damned as such it means that your base has been reversed. And you will continue to awaken in the pit as your base of awakenings.
So that’s how we truly began!...Hummm! Yes indeed that’s how we all truly began as the spirit of man! And “for lack of a better choice of words”…this is all very correct information. 
The following are some of my thoughts while in these situations of the pit.
While in the pit, having nothing to do but stare into the darkness becomes very boring. So in some way you must began the dream again that once was your accustomed reality. You know you’ll never return to being a man again and you hesitate to think “in depth” of just what is forever concerning where you are. Of course you really don’t want to know, because you know there is no death to end the demise.
As we sometimes speak of the spirit as possibly an illusion of the mind or “maybe it does exist" or “maybe it doesn’t”? And then just what are we using to think “with”, is it spirit? And what is spirit in essence? Is it a pit worm or Hiemy? Is the brain simply a dimensional fortress of connectivity spurred by occasional consciousness? Can you move about your normal parameters simply by feeling?...Well sometimes!
Can you stop thinking and listen to your own thoughts and know they are yours. When you truly listen you might discover that they will continue for a space as though they are you. Or they might reflect someone you had listened to previously. And if you are in command then these things “of course” will be your choice.
More about the Spirit
"Hiemies"...they are all basically uniform in shape. In appearance they are like a large smooth worm. The head of the worm or Hiemy is similar to the head of a man...having eyes, sometimes hair, no ears with a mouth and a shadowy expression for a nose. And just to mention, the first and most important orifice of all the senses is without question “the nose”. In essence it is the beginning of all or the first reservoir of feelings of what is the base of the senses.
The beginnings of the spirit "The Hiemies" or that which guarantees those things that we are able to select within the illusion of mankind. or just which do you prefer as the illusion...angels, devils, starships, god, humans etc.?...
However there are many more worlds and/or life styles of "The Hiemies" in this very final place of endings and beginnings that would take a great amount of time and space to explain the round of mechanics involved.
For example: Different forms of the spirit to their base, having different plans and purposes. Knowing that while in this form it usually requires three in twinning to create the illusion Man. The spirit does not spin by itself or turn without another.
Instead of simply "one to burn"...meaning, if at first you are alone in these places of spiritual beginnings you will no doubt experience "nothing but" fire and brimstone raining upon you for a duration. At least until you become a little savvy in ways to survive in this related place of primary beginnings. There are crazy politics in these places and many lifestyles to accommodate the form…and many forms and divisions to accommodate the many times and places of mankind.
After an endless amount of time alone in the fire and brimstone of the pit, I learned to avoid the brimstone and sulfur fires that stick to the skin until they burn themselves out...and there is no death as an option to end the demise.
Once learning how to deal with the fire, I was still a long time in solitude, sleeping and waking until more options presented themselves.
I remember endless amounts of time experimenting on ways of finding or creating a little company. After applying an application I researched for the conjuring of others within the pit area...anyway, after a lengthy duration “one came forth and then another.
 How I managed to return "again" to this life is another very, very long and involved story of catastrophic battles with forces of the deep…and many of those past things and battles have touched many “now” times and places of mankind...and I’m happy to say that those things relate to the positive of our now times and places.
Concerning the above paragraph and after first escaping the pit worm...I recreated myself as “Angel King of The Deep” with a great fortress and many powerful and loyal neuter gender angels. I accomplished all of these things from scratch during my exile in the deep. As for the title “Angel King of The Deep”, it was a name that many creations within that federation era used to identify me and my angels...because we fought many wars for many creations and we always prevailed with room to spare, no matter the odds!
We fought wars against evil forces like “Ghouls” and other strange forms for entire estates continuances and creations. We used only broad swords and hand weapons. Our fortress was “almost” totally secure from the outside populations. There were only a few people in the entirety of creation that were ever allowed to contact the fortress directly.
I had created myself as an 8&1/2 ft angel of light with a 6ft broadsword. I became knowledgeable in the creation of my own angels and we built a grand fortress in the deep. We were the best and most popular fighting cadre in all of creation.
And then one day in an emergency I was summoned quickly to the castle gates where I encountered the same pit worm from which I had escaped.
Then destruction came
To make a long story short the pit worm from which I first escaped returned and destroyed the entire fortress and all my angels within a few minutes. At first I thought slaying the giant pit worm would be no problem.
I remember saying to my chief angel “cut it down” and he was upon the worm almost before I finished speaking. However the great pit worm literally ate him up like a small piece of candy.
I still had a great deal of knowledge concerning the pit worms and I knew this one truly wanted to posses me again because I had escaped him…to explain further “it wasn’t the pit worm that wanted me”…it was the one that was in the driver’s seat of the pit worm that did (pit worms of themselves are like cars without drivers).
I first escaped the form of this particular pit worm when I discovered a way to make it toss me unknowingly into the deep. It was a chance I took not knowing what would befall me later. I hit the soft dirt “rolling” in the form of the man that I was before I left my time of the late 20th century.
When I first escaped the worm and built my angel kingdom I was thinking of it possibly returning! So I instructed my angels to hang a great bell within the space where I had originally escaped from it. They built the bell to toll loudly if the worm ever returned. We wanted to be able to defeat it before it could take us by surprise. However we had no idea of the unusual power of the pit worm as it effortlessly destroyed everything, the angels and the fortress within a few minutes of its return.
I knew it wanted me back and it said so. I stood before it defiantly within my last moments as Angel King of the Deep. As I’ve already related in part, it destroyed all my fierce immortal angels like swatting flies, and soon afterward it had me within it’s grasp, taking back to the pit!
However I had great knowledge of the worm and it workings. I knew that there would be a momentary “red flash” while it was taking me back. Just as the red flash began I knew it had to stop for a moment to secure me once again. When this happened I fell quickly to the controls of the worm, remembering that I had spent eternities as one of these. While momentarily in control I bowed the worms head to its own mid-section, forcing it to literally bite and rip itself in half.
I was able to endure the pain longer than the unsuspecting possessor of the worm, as I tightened the large teeth, locking them like a vise and ripping viciously. There was only a foot or two remaining as I passed out from the intense pain. I had ultimate control of jaws and I knew they would remain locked. Suddenly I became conscious again and I finished ripping it in half with its own teeth.
This action tossed me from the clutches of the worm as I began rolling end over end in the soft earth of the deep! I stopped rolling just in time to see the worm as it was “then” ripped in half. There were bright yellows, reds and sick looking greens flowing from it. Then it began to catch fire, snapping like a whip as vicious flames emerged from its ripped carcass. It was easy to understand that death being less of an option to end it’s irreversible perishment.
This caused a chemical reaction within the area, creating great colored orbs to appear here and there in the darkness with some of them exploding viciously! The area began to light up and catch on fire in blazing vehement displays of more giant orbs began to land and explode.
After my causing it to 'bite itself into' I was immediately tossed back into the deep. In The same form of my thin 27 year old hippy body which was quite frail in comparison to the 8 &1/2 ft commanding warrior angel of only half an hour before.
Because of the sudden change of bodies, it took some courage and a lot of effort, because I felt so weak in my old form, but I managed to crawl partially beneath one of the large 80 ft orbs, where I waited for it to explode. Well, because I preferred dying rather than to stick around for the remainder of the fiery damnation of the pit worm...of which I
was soon to become an
    eternal part of that area.
As the large orb I was hiding under exploded 'I remember flying endlessly through the darkness, there was nothing for a very long time and suddenly I emerge in the same place as when I departed.
However my return should have been directly “back” to my body as the usual consequence. However, my body was about 10 yrds away. It had self imposed another me to take my place. I watched my body walking as I hid myself in a tree.  As I have learned from other situations 'that the body can keep a cadre of the same-same spirit. And this it is not uncommon for the body to replace the spirit when need be. 
I was away for a very long time, although my body continued as though nothing had happened. However the place and time was the same.
My other same-same spiritual occupant was not aware upon my out side presence of re-entry” as I stopped to rest within my spirit within the leaves of a tree just above a sidewalk, near to where I was previously walking before I departed without my physical body.
Please understand that thinking and knowing what to do in the spirit is us more profound and exact than  in the physical body. Especially just after living a few eternities in hell to include the diversities of 'other places' and sometimes in different bodies. Then suddenly your back in your before time and your physical body of that time is already occupied by another of yourself.
I had often walked under this very tree that I was using to keep my spirit from burning up. I waited for duration and then I saw myself walking from the corner store with a bag of junk food in the direction directionas my spirit was within the leaves of an overhanging tree. It made me angry because of the circumstances and I could hardly wait to reclaim my body. Saying that the body can easily continue when the spirit departs and the body is untouched and easily replaces itself with same of spirit. 
As my physical presence passed beneath the tree “I (in the same spirit) fell upon my body”! It took only a few moments to locate the center of my being and as I merged with my body.
There was a bit of a struggle at first with my other self, so with no thought I suddenly dropped the bag of junk food “I or We” was carrying and made a hard run 'grabing tightly' for about 30 yards “stressing out with each stride” making sure there was only one remaining “me”.  As I had learned before that if there is more than one of yourself in command of the physical it soon causes dire problems. Saying why we have mental institutions.
This settled the matter concerning the repossession of my much needed body from the duality of my old spirit of self. I was away for a very long time and therefore I had to play it by ear for a few weeks. I was even asking questions about normal everyday things until I was able to catch up on my memories and normal current events.
Angel King of The Deep
 Angel King of The Deep are documented historical events of the more renowned stories in many of the eternal federation times and places.
This was because of our great courage, strength and endurance “in battle”. that me, my cadre of angels possessed in that time and place of the deep. We fought seemingly impossible wars for many of the creations of man that were unable to protect themselves in dire circumstances during times of puerile.
We easily won every conflict with much room to spare. We are the very best of the best.
Many legends and historical accounts of “The Angel King of the Deep” still exist as the most powerful and courageous angelic cadre of the creations of man.
With cherished memories of many good things that we accomplished in the protection of mankind as “The Angel King of The Deep”! This was the name first given to us by a red haired psychic woman that is still queen of her own world. She was in conflict and could not save her world, so we as brothers vanquished her enemies 'The Goals. And she became our friend forever. Later on she acted as an intermediate to other times and places that also needed protection.
 Many Stars to You (many lifetimes) Dear Reader!
These Chronicles are written in truth as an inspiration of love for all in these times and onward.
American Chieftain~Conrad M Cummings…
41. “Life’s Rose”
...We come from the menagerie
of masters...
the moments of man...
...Not Seeking
But forever establishing...
...The definition
Of Creation
and. “The Toll of Man”
Many songs that rhyme...
...will come to us in time
With needed diversity...
...the entwining vine
Needing love to change... we continue
Loving constantly...
 ...adding to the menu
Oh god... great, gracious and good
Our lives...
...relating for sustainment
The Tac of Mankind
...Talent, Diversity & Entertainment
Many Stars to You (many lifetimes)
 Copyright Reference:
 The Millennium Documentary
 By Conrad M Cummings Blackfoot Chief 12 April 1999 ARR